GET READY! THE NEXT REVOLUTION IN TV STARTS LABOR DAY WEEKEND! ManiaTV!—The World’s 1st Internet Television Network — Launches Monday, September 6th, 2004

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The World's 1st Internet TV Network Launches Monday, September 6th, 2004. ManiaTV! is delivering free TV on the Internet. ManiaTV! is the best mix of music videos,action sports, cartoons, short films, and more.

Bill Paley, with CBS, gave birth to Network TV. Ted Turner, with the CNN, took on the big boys to give us Cable TV. Now, ManiaTV! is delivering the next revolution in television—Live Internet TV! No, this isn’t more dot-bomb hype. It’s happening. For real…

Broadcasting live, 24/7, and solely over the Internet, the revolution begins this Labor Day Weekend (cue tough guy Vanilla Ice music here). So get ready (maybe more dramatic music here, but like old school—you know, mid-90’s stuff).

ManiaTV! is easily watched on your computer from anywhere in the world. Just click on the home page and launch the “picture-in-picture” show. So all of you slackers can keep surfing the web, instant messaging, downloading, emailing, and pretending to study or work. And, for those who really need a fix, you can watch ManiaTV! via wifi in the campus quad, Starbucks (if you believe in paying for access), your local outdoor park, toilet, closet, or wherever you usually get online. Try that on your cable box.

ManiaTV! was founded by whiz kid Flounder (circa Animal House 1976) in a dive cheeseburger joint in Palo Alto known as “The Dutch Goose”. Flounder loves the Internet and loves TV so he set out to marry the two. And, unlike Bill Gates and 20 other really smart guys who are trying to deliver Internet over your TV, Flounder is naively focused on delivering TV over the Internet. Crazy huh? But he kinda believes (mortgaged his house) that the Internet is the favored medium of the future—at least among those born after the Thriller era. Assisting and creating alongside him are a team of wicked smart interns (who write luminous documents like this one—is it any wonder that the word “genius” and the word “intern” have the same number of letters?)

So enough hype, what is ManiaTV! broadcasting exactly? And 24/7? Keepin’ it simple. ManiaTV! delivers you Internet addicts the best mix of music, short films, action sports, video games, cartoons and news with a four-legged twist. So tune in. All hosted by our wannabe “CyberJockeys”. And viewers can rap with ‘em in real-time via webcams, Instant Messaging, Skype (not a disease, but free VOIP—get with it already!), chat, and more. Still with us?

Plus, you the viewer can submit shorts, cell phone films, dedications, and requests to interact with the network and influence what gets aired. Tell us what you want to see from our rapidly growing library of thousands of music videos, hundreds of short films, hours of animations and more. ManiaTV! already has dozens of programs to keep our viewers entertained and addicted like A.D.D Afternoon, Politix, Shiny and New, 1080, Arcade, MOP and more.

In case you think this sounds like an eBay scam from a kid out in Long Island, here are some bigwigs who believe in ManiaTV! Our advisory team includes leaders like Carat CEO David Verklin, 2Fast2Furious director John Singleton, King of Queens creator David Litt, Softbank’s Mike Perlis, Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard, and many others. Our partners include major music labels, action sports DVD creators, as well as top animators like the Simpson’s creator Klasky Csupo. Advertisers include offline and online leaders like DaimlerChrysler, Norelco, U.S. Navy, Princeton Review, eBags, AllPosters, Dell and Intel. And we still have a lot of people to tell about ManiaTV! That’s why we’re ending our stealth period with this hatchet-job PR release.

So let’s recap:    

· ManiaTV! is TV broadcast 24/7 over the internet and anchored live with CyberJockeys.

· ManiaTV! is free everywhere and can be watched “picture-in-picture” while surfing the web, IMing, emailing, blogging, downloading, freeloading or whatever.

· Viewers interact with and influence the network via Webcams, IM, Submissions and more.

· ManiaTV! delivers music, short films, action sports, video games, cartoons and news.

· With a video library of over 5,000 clips and countless marquee programs, ManiaTV! satiates your Internet video appetite keeping you entertained, involved and connected.

What else is there to say? ManiaTV! is the first Internet TV Network. It’s free to watch. It has over 30 entertaining programs. It has interactive capabilities. It’s the first network viewers can participate with in real time and control. It has endless growth potential. It is giving birth to the next revolution in TV. Flounder started it. And it is going to change everything. Get addicted this Labor Day Weekend at . (cue dramatic music again, but good dramatic music maybe by that composer guy who wrote the score for all those Harry Potter movies).        

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