Meditating While High on Pot

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Zen and business expert Lee Godden advocates meditation in the company bathroom...but only as a last resort.

With a nod to the ‘he who stands on toilet is high on pot’ joke, business trainer Lee Godden says that the company bathroom stall may be a perfect place to conduct a stress-relieving meditation while at work.

In his new book, ZenWise Selling, Godden explains the benefits of brief in-the-office meditation breaks. Godden says, “A short, one-minute meditation enables stressed-out business professionals to relax, to prioritize the demands on them, and to more easily see solutions to problems.”

After a twenty-year career as a sales executive with Compaq and other large companies, Godden—a longtime Zen practitioner—now trains corporations on how to boost customer retention and profits while lowering employee turnover and dissatisfaction.

“Meditation is simple,” says Godden. “Find a private place, get comfortable and slow down your breathing. Count to four on inhalations and to five on exhalations. You’ll notice that interruptive—often negative—thoughts are gradually replaced by a more natural awareness and calmness. It’s at that point that clarity emerges. You’ll be amazed at how energized and alert you feel afterward.”

Godden doesn’t recommend meditating in the bathroom stall as a first choice. “It’s better to meditate in a private office, sitting straight-backed on the edge of your chair. Next best is a vacant conference room, or perhaps a bench in an outdoor courtyard. As a last resort, there’s always the company bathroom. The emphasis is simply on finding a private spot.”

So next time the person in the stall next to you seems to be awfully quiet, realize they may be mentally recharging themselves before an important presentation to upper management.

A frequent guest on television programs, Godden is available for media interviews. He can be reached directly by calling 866-ZenWise (866-936-9473), through the website or by emailing Media inquiries can also be directed to Telsius Public Relations: Tel. 562-986-5163, Fax 562-986-5164, “ZenWise Selling: Mindful Methods to Improve Your Sales…and Your Self” (2004, Telsius Publishing, ISBN 0974007609, 215 pages, $16.95) is available in bookstores nationwide and at .

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