Black Exgay group condemns hate speech against Black Gospel Artist

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African American exgays call for an end to vitrolic speech and threats made by gay activists against prominent black gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. Group says gays attempting to silence Christian voices against homosexuality.

Powerful Change Ministry Group International, an Atlanta based fellowship of 14 Christian ministries offering the choice to change to homosexuals today expressed outrage and condemned actions by misguided gay activists who are attempting to silence the voice of one of America's most well known Gospel singers, Pastor Donnie McClurkin.

McClurkin, author of the book Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor often speaks candidly about his own struggle with homosexuality and how he overcame it through an experience with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Darryl L. Foster, Executive Director of Powerful Change said, "At the core of these gay activist’s fear is that millions of people who may have never heard of Donnie McClurkin will know now know that homosexuality is not a fixed sexual condition. They are deathly afraid that the message of change will get out and ruin their carefully planned ‘born gay’ party."

McClurkin has become a lighting rod of controversy since being scheduled to sing a five minute song Thursday night at the Republican National Convention tonight before the keynote address by President George W. Bush.

Homosexual activists, infuriated by McClurkin's primetime appearance promptly accused him and another prominent African American, Bishop Keith Butler of Detroit of " false, discriminatory and inflammatory language". Butler had led a Michigan state drive for a constitutional amendment and a national coalition of African American pastors who opposed homosexual marriage. McClurkin had made comments in 2002 and 2003 on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN 700 Club) in response to threats made against him.

"Pastor McClurkin is absolutely right. Telling any child that he or she is born gay and cannot change is a death sentence. Gay activists and their blind allies in the mental health, medical and educational professions have blood on their hands for condemning young people to a life mined with such suffering and disease." said Foster.

“The Human Rights Campaign and the National Black Justice Coalition are up to their old tricks again. This time they are rolling out a totalitarian agenda to silence the voices of exgays who can refute the lies they have foisted upon the American public,” said Foster.

Although gays and lesbians have been the main supporters of “hate speech” laws, exgays say that some gays have no intentions of playing by the same rules.

Stephanie Boston, who heads Restoration Ministry in Newark said “Donnie McClurkin is a former homosexual like myself and countless others who believe in the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Having received such a spiritual blessing compels us to share this good news with others who struggle with their sexual orientation. We are simply letting people know that through Christ they have another option. We are not silencing your right to choose, your right to voice your opinion, or your right to live as a homosexual. By the same token we are asking for the same love, tolerance, and acceptance with respect to our right to choose, our right to voice our opinion, and our right to live free of homosexuality.”

McClurkin said that there have been bomb threats against his church, his personal address was publicized and homosexuals had publicly ridiculed his testimony of change from homosexuality in an attempt to intimidate him from speaking out. Leaders of two gay rights organizations even wrote to President Bush demanding that he “repudiate” McClurkin’s remarks.

Members of Powerful Change believe this is exactly why Americans must stop so-called hate crimes laws. Armed with these over the top laws, gays will seek to destroy anyone who voices their opposition to the gay agenda. The rights Americans have to freedom of speech is under severe attack.

Powerful Change along with other national exgay groups such as Exodus International call upon African American Christians around the country to rise up and publicly condemn these despotic actions. Donnie McClurkin's gifts and talents have enriched this nation and he has every right to voice his opinions.

“This is an appeal to stop the vicious statements and threats against Donnie McClurkin,” said Boston.

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