PrivateOffer.Com With It's 50% and up Profit-Returns are Breaking Investment ROI Records World-Wide

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PrivateOffer.Com , It's Owner And Staff Say They Are Proud To Be Recognized As The World's Number One Source For High-Yield Short-Term Notes Paying Up-To 50% Plus Profit Returns In As Little As 30-Days.

Rate A Note Investment As Being In The High-Yield Category When The ROR;(Rate Of Return)Is 25% Or Better, PrivateOffer.Com Ask's That You

PrivateOffer.Com has proven to be the world's number one source for high-yield short-term notes paying up-to 50% plus profit returns in as little as 30-days, they do this all with a money back guarantee. PrivateOffer.Com with it's 50% and up profit-returns have been breaking investment ROI records world-wide. After careful research here's what were found to be the Top-Ten Reasons why these types of high financial instruments are taking the financial markets by storm.

(1). Why Are High-Yield Notes Formed?

Why and when do we use "PRIVATE AND INTRASTATE OFFERINGS NOTES, When a Quick Property Buy and Flip-Sale Is Viable, When tax delinquencies occur and mortgages default, To help finance community development corporations CDCs, To facilitate urban development groups, municipal governments To provide ready cash for other Real estate Developers requiring immediate, fast finance, and/or very low-risk Seed Capital.

(2). Who Has These Type Notes For Sale?

PrivateOffer.Com Owned By Robert H. Fox International Investor/Financier, Provides front-end financing. In multiple ways, Mr. Fox provides alternate sources of seed capital, with high rates of "Return On Investment," ROI's. His Business Ventures extends up to and includes the secondary finance.

(3). How Are These Type Notes Guaranteed?

Security via Private Offerings:

Mr. Fox invests only in transactions wherein related Qualified Buyers and Qualified Sellers are identified and committed to the specific transactions. (This Means That Mr. Fox Has Pre-Qualified Buyers With Pre-Approved Financing In Place On 99.9% Of His Transactions.) A very high percentage of Contracts and other Closing Documents are prepared in-house by FDG, Inc. Also, Mr. Fox's Agreement With Note Buyer States, "If 'Return On Deposit' is not received by "Depositor" In the specified time frame, Said "Depositor" shall receive a "Full Refund" of deposit plus current "Prime Interest Rate "Compounded Monthly".

(4). How These Type Notes Are Backed?

How Your Deposit And Deposit Backing Works:

When you send in a deposit for a Private and or Intrastate Offerings Note/s, this note is held by You the note holder as security and guaranty of Return On Deposit amount paid for note, All parties (You and Mr. Fox) will agree that the sum paid for this note is received as a "Deposit" into a "Private Offering" and "Intrastate Offering" on a real estate property purchase, Renovation and resale by Robert H. Fox t/a FDG, Inc. aka Fox Development Inc., Return On Investment: Any and all returns received by you the Depositor are paid out on a per Individual Transaction Basis. Thus profit percentages may vary (Review Your Note Contract For Details)All property selected solely at the discretion of Robert H. Fox t/a FDG, Inc.

(5). Their Average FV's (Face Values):

Face Values Vary With All Notes Of Any Kind, On Private Offerings Notes The "Face Value" (FV) Can Go As Low As The "Guarantor " (Person Guaranteeing The Note)

(6). Their Average ROR's (Rate Of Returns)

We Consider A Note To Be Classified As High-Yield When The "Rate Of Return" (ROR) Is 25% Or Better, On Average These Type Notes Run From 25%-70% And As High As 100%.

(7). Their Average ROI's (Return On Investment):

Typically, Your "Rate Of Return" Mirrors Your Return On Investment" (ROI)

Since Your Average (ROR's) Run From 25%-100%, This Is Generally The Profit- Range The Depositor Should Expect.

(8). Their Average Terms:

Terms Vary With All Notes Of Any Kind, On Private Offerings Notes The "Terms" (T) Can Go As Low As The "Guarantor " (Person Guaranteeing The Note) Wishes, These Type Note Usually Carry A Minimum 30-Day Term With A Maximum Of 30-Years.

(9). How To Contact The Source/s

FDG Inc. Publishes the Number One Publication

on the market that explains the High-Yield Short Term Notes marketplace and it's viable exchange services including Notes Profit Projections and actual Profit Pay-Out Examples in full detail, It's called the "Fox Development Group High-Yield Notes Source Directory" It's Priced At $19.95 US and can be ordered via Email or phone at Email: Or call:

1-804-716-0009 and the Number One Source For The Highest Yielding Notes Currently Available World-Wide Is: FDG Inc. PRIVATEOFFER.COM Private And Intrastate Offerings Exchange. They Provide Full Term, FV, ROR, ROI Information On The Most Profitable New High-Yield Notes Available, This Information Is Available On-Line At:
By Phone: (804)-716-0009


(10). Best And Fastest Ways To Buy

A Variety Of Purchase Payment Options Are Available, You May Use Bank-Wire Or Cashiers Check Available Through Your Local Bank, Yahoo PayDirect Available Through, PayPal Payments Systems Available Through

*NOTE: Remember! "Rate A Note Investment As Being In The High-Yield Category When The ROR;(Rate Of Return)Is 25% Or Better, PrivateOffer.Com Ask's That You "Please" Do Not Solicit Them With Listings Which Do Not Meet This Criteria".

Chuck Taylor, NC A&T University

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