George Bush and John Kerry, Cousins! New book showing candidates related now available.

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George Bush and John Kerry, 10th cousins! Bush related to ALL the other presidents. Bush, Kerry and their running mates descend directly from the prophet Mohammed, as do about 70% of all Americans! John Edwards more closely related to Elvis than his cousins Bush, Kerry, and Cheney. And thousands of other fascinating relationships with kings, queens, horse thieves, and just plain folk.

Alexander Books a publishing imprint of Creativity, Inc.—Western North Carolina’s largest locally owned book publisher—announces the national release of Bush/Kerry and Their OTHER Cousins! by Ralph Roberts.

“Humanity,” Roberts says, “is a lot more closely related than most people realize.”

If you were to trace your own ancestry back a mere 20 generations, he explains, you’ll find that you have (and everyone has) 1,048,576 20th great grandparents, spread out over a wide geographic area, through many countries and over several continents. That would be people living around the 1400s for most of us now alive. Follow the lines of their children, their childrens’ children, and so forth back to this present time and you have tens of millions of cousins!

He calls this concept Full Genealogy, as opposed to traditional genealogy, which tends to focus on just ancestors, and thus misses the fascinating branches coming back up from the past.

Roberts, in his book, shows how using the vast family tree records now on the Internet, you can prove just about anybody related to anybody, but even he was surprised at how closely related Bush and Kerry are.

It’s easy for anyone, to do, he says. “You can proudly show your lineage from the Emperor Charlemagne and descent from a thousand years of kings and queens, knights and barons, dukes, and counts.”

One chapter in Bush/Kerry and Their OTHER Cousins! shows how about 70 percent of all Americans descend directly from the Prophet Mohammed. This means that any of the many millions of Arabs living today across North Africa, in Saudi Arabia, yes even in Iraq are no more distantly related to most of us than somewhere around 40th cousin! Bush and Kerry are both about 40th great-grandsons of the Prophet, as is documented in this book.

Take current events, for example, such as the recent conflict in the city of Najaf in Iraq, where the Islamic fundamentalist cleric Al-Sadar had taken over the Iman Ali mosque—Ali being the founder of the Sh’ite branch of Islam. Ali married Mohammed’s (or Muhammad’s) daughter Fatima, but he was also the son of Mohammed’s uncle, Abu Tabid. Which makes him the 1st cousin 40 times removed of both George Bush and John Kerry, not to mention being their great-uncle by marriage as well (38th of Bush, 37th of Kerry).

Ralph Roberts is the author of over 90 books for national publishers, including two editions of Genealogy via the Internet, the leading guide to Full Genealogy.

Bush/Kerry and Their OTHER Cousins! (Alexander Books, ISBN 1-57090-237-2, 160 pages, 6 x 9inches, trade paper, illustrated) is available through most bookstores for $12.00. To find your closest store, call the publisher at 1-800-472-0438, or send an inquiry via e-mail to

Alexander Books ( is a division of Creativity, Inc. Located five miles from Asheville in Alexander, North Carolina, Creativity has already published hundreds of books nationally under the imprints of Alexander Books, Blue/Gray Books, Elephant Books, Farthest Star Science Fiction, Land of the Sky Books, Mountain Church, and WorldCommÒ. As aBOOKS Distributing, the company also distributes the books of more than 60 other publishers. Ralph Roberts is CEO.

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