New Genres Create Quite the BUZZ! American Entertainment – The Web Newsroom kicks it up a few notches for new artists.

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ItÂ?s Griz baby! The cutting edge American rap and iron metal genre mix, has people more than talking. We also have more on Chip Ritter as his Â?Hemi MetalÂ? camp lets you know why his first CD is more than Â?just buzzÂ?, in a Web Newsroom exclusive. Rounding out this weekÂ?s featuresÂ? Anita Baker is back after ten years, plus new releases from Eminem and Brian Wilson, with news and venues from F5, Eddie Nichols, and up coming soul vocalist Anna Warr. Members can also look forward to this seasonÂ?s Survivor Vanuatu and American Idol Results in their email, and if youÂ?re not a member of this hot newsletter, now is the time to sign up at!

Is it a bird, a plane… no, it’s GrizRock! This is what those listening to the eccentric mix of rap and hardcore iron metal are calling it, due to the fact that the artist simply known as “Griz” will be kicking butt and taking names on his upcoming mid-west tour. This street-smart, New York City native following the influences liken to those of Rick Rubin, made something even the most eclectic ears probably have never heard, but are sure to love. features a sample of Griz’s debut album entitled, “My Evolution” due to hit the ground running in October, and be sure to keep tabs as will be bringing you an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Along the lines of these breakthrough genres, yet also in a class of its own, is world renowned drummer, Chip Ritter ( with his first solo CD entitled “Thunder Machine”. This more than “just buzz” CD features tracks such as “Hemi Metal” and The Web Newsroom got an exclusive on what it sounds like. It’s sure to make even the most musically unsophisticated people start rockin! Ritter will begin an even more regimented schedule as the celebrity staff writer for 22nd Century Rock Magazine and American Entertainment - among other music related publications. Follow Chip’s exclusive columns to include, one on one interview’s with famous drummers such as David Small of David Ellefson's (formerly of Megadeth), new band “F5” -

American Entertainment – is helping artists create cash flow – that’s right starving artists – Cash Flow! “American Entertainment – is the cutting edge of American Entertainment Buzz on the Internet.” says Jeffrey Wilson of Edwards & Wilson Entertainment; “The blog has created tremendous exposure for our new talent. The Web Newsroom is a great influence on the American Entertainment Industry by promoting those artists who would not typically get in front of a worldwide American Entertainment audience. Many new and extremely talented acts coming out of places such as Tucson, New York, Tampa and even Los Angeles itself have been inundated with calls from record companies, record studios, independent record owners, and independent filmmakers. Even major studios have been picking up the phone in an effort to use those cutting edge songs in their films and thus keep up with America’s demand for newer and cooler tunes. This is where American Entertainment, TheWebNewsroom is stepping up to help. Artists who typically rely on that elusive (Serving Tables) income to pay their bills can use to get more exposure for their music. With The Web Newsroom at new artists’ fingertips, they have just as much opportunity as others to have their work seen and heard by major decision makers worldwide with results, not just talk.” Were further comments from Jeffrey Wilson of Long Beach, CA.

Creativity is becoming sparse in the entertainment industry – nothing but remakes of cartoons into real world movies and Reality TV – it is pretty clear that major entertainment players have been ignoring the American Creative Spirit. In fact, it is even more evident when you look at artists like Griz and Chip Ritter – two ultra-talented musicians who were not afraid to build on their own genre mixes and because of that, have taken America by storm and added hundreds of thousands to their listener base. Whatever you call it, “GrizRock” or “Hemi Metal”, the best club bands and genre benders in America aren’t afraid to mix their inspirations in order to express their new genre voice.

In Other Music News:

The pioneer of the now past swing craze, Royal Crown Review’s Eddie Nichols is single handedly recreating the 1950’s with his new vocal styling arrangements of a sound they used to call doo-wop. You can catch The Redondo’s (with Eddie) at the Palms in Las Vegas on the night of Friday, September 17th and at the Derby in Hollywood, CA on Saturday, September 18th.

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