ACSA announces it is endorsing President George W. Bush in the 2004 Election: "The Right Man at the Right Time with the Right Stuff."

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The American Computer Scientists Association endorses President George W. Bush for 2004. The Association of computer industry workers and Information Technology businesses casts unanimous support for President Bush. ACSA also calls for Labor Unions to shift their traditional Democratic Party line support to President Bush in 2004 "for the good of America".

The American Computer Scientists Association inc indicated that the outcome of it's electronic poll of members was unanimous: it has endorsed President Bush in his bid for re-election, "The Right Man at the Right Time with the Right Stuff."

ACSA also issued a broad political statement in opposition to Senator John Kerry Campaign's practices and platform -which it has dubbed: "irresponsible and potentially fatal to Americans".

The ACSA indicated it does not believe Kerry understands Terrorism, has no idea what needs to be done about it. ACSA labeled his campaign platform 'without merit: an empty bag prolific with demonstrable misinformation and the belief that Americans are easily fooled.'

The Association also asked it's millions of friends among the many labor unions to change their traditionally pro-Democratic stance and shift their support to President Bush "for the good of America", placing past business circumstances aside for the upcoming Election.

The full text of ACSA'S Endorsement of President Bush may be read at:

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In recent weeks this normally middle of the road association of computer professionals, industry workers and computer scientists, has become increasingly critical of the statements of John Kerry. ACSA even at one point accused Kerry publicly of engaging in blatant Election Fraud regarding the issue of John McCain's withdrawal from the 2000 elections. ACSA took responsibility for causing McCain's withdrawal as part of it's ongoing public advocacy of the Human and Civil Rights of the Navaho of Arizona and other First American Tribal Nations around the USA.

For more information about: "Kerry Accused of Election Fraud - 'Am I My Brother's Keeper?' ", ACSA's public statement from two weeks ago, please read the Press Release at:

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and follow the links within it.

In casting it's group endorsement ACSA has pointed out Kerry's involvement in supporting Genocide in Arizona, his failure to vote in 99 of the 100 votes before him in the Senate, his flip-flop posture on most issues, his failed proposal regarding being more "sensitive" to terrorist causes, his failure to recognize that America only buys 15% of it's oil from Opec and Saudi Arabia and that by holding back further expansion of American oil exploration on our continent, he and his peers' are blocking America's ability to reduce that dependency directly. ACSA also commented on many other "Kerry-esque" issues. Read the entire text of ACSA's Endorsement of President Bush for re-election at

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ACSA is a leading non-profit computer science association with a public advocacy and private research foundation orientation. It's website is It's sister organization, the American Computer Industry Association represents a group of thousands of small, medium and large Information Technology businesses in the computer and communications industry.

Among others ACSA publishes "Advances Magazine" - an e-pinion, news, history and technology publication found on the Internet, the "Journal of American Computer Science" issued as a Digital Library Journal on CD and maintains an electronic proficiency University for professionals: ACSA University. It's membership including computer scientists and companies was approximately 2.5 million in 2003 and included members among the general public possessing a common interest in computers, numbering about 5 million who'd joined since about 1999.

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