Web Search Garage – The Definitive Guide on How to Best Search the Internet

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Tara Calishain, co-author of Â?Popular Google HacksÂ? shares her techniques for masterful navigation of the increasingly complex Internet in her new book.

Tara Calishain's new book, "Web Search Garage," is for the Internet user who wants to be a driver, not a back-seat passenger, on the road to information. Drawing from her ten years of expertise, Calishain provides more than 200 pages of advice and sample searches. "Web Search Garage" was published in mid-August by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference.

In “Google Hacks” (2003), Calishain showed advanced Internet power users how to use programming tricks to get the most out of their Google searches. Web

Search Garage ups the ante, covering a larger amount of the Internet. The book focuses on search technique to demystify the process and empower all readers regardless of their technical ability. Calishain provides information-rich resources that Internet users will want and need to know, as the Internet becomes bigger, more unwieldy, and more overwhelming.

"There will doubtless be updates in the world of Internet research, but for now, Tara Calishain has written the 'bible,'" said Tom Peters, best-selling business author, most recently of "Re-imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age.” Moreover, the lucid and jargon-free style of "Web Search

Garage" means that amateur searchers-researchers like me can benefit immensely. This is not theory: I've known Calishain for years, and used her services continuously; she is the Master!"

In the first part of the book, Calishain talks about the pros and cons of several search engines, including when it makes sense to abandon the darling of full-text search engines, Google, for an engine such as Yahoo!, which indexes less of a Web page, but can return more targeted results.

Within Part II - the true heart of the book- Calishain unveils her "Principles of Web Searching," her proven best practices for structuring Internet searches to ensure optimal results. Employing engaging chapter titles such as "The Principle of Onions," "The Principle of Every Scrap," and "The Principle of Salt Grains," Calishain centralizes all her pedagogical know-how into this one book, an invaluable contribution to the notoriously patchwork nature of Web search help documentation.

As an example of her signature wit, Calishain challenges the reader within one of these chapters: "There is nothing more frustrating than spending

hours and days teaching people how to implement syntaxes and use carefully-chosen keywords, and then watching them plunk general keywords into search engines like they were feeding dimes into a parking meter... but I persevere. I believe that once you understand how much better using special syntaxes- and mixing special syntaxes- is than straight searching, I'll have you hooked."

The final parts of the book present some of the most relevant and urgent search topics (i.e. news, career, medical and finding images and audio files), and provide the best methods for getting at this information. Throughout the book, Calishain helps casual computer users become confident in accessing all available resources, such as the "tech-sounding" Usenet mailing lists. She also shows how to get the most mileage out of the Internet Explorer browser, while introducing lesser-known browser options, such as Mozilla, that have their own unique advantages.

"Web Search Garage" (ISBN 0-13-147148-1) includes helpful screenshots and has an accompanying Web site: (http://www.phptr.com/calishain). The book will be available through major chain and independent booksellers nationwide and through online vendors at a suggested retail price of US $19.99. "Web Search Garage ' is one of the two flagship books launching the Garage Series, a new street smart series of books about technology built on the premise that technical books don't have to be boring, or be written in the impersonal voice of an all-powerful narrator.

Also publishing from Prentice Hall PTR this August is "Java Garage," written by Garage Series editor Eben Hewitt. Hewitt is the author of several other Java books for Prentice Hall PTR, including "Java for ColdFusion Developers." He has several years of web-based programming experience in a variety of languages, and works as a senior programmer, architecting and developing J2EE applications for an Arizona state government entity. Other Garage Series titles, to be published later this year, include "Web Design Garage" by Marc Campbell, and "iTunes and iPod Garage" by Kirk McElhearn.

About the Author

Tara Calishain is the site owner and editor of ResearchBuzz, a free weekly newsletter on the topic of Internet searching and online resources. It started in 1998 and has more than 15,000 subscribers. She is also author or co-author of other books including "Spidering Hacks" (2003), "Google Pocket Guide" (2003) and the "Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research" (1996). She is a regular columnist for SEARCHER magazine and has written for other magazines including PC Magazine and Maximum PC.

Her Web site is at http://www.researchbuzz.com

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