Synthesis CEO to Address the Urgent Need for Enterprise Integration and Alignment

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Each year, the senior IT leader in a $1 billion enterprise invests between $20-70 million in technology. High-performance organizations trace each dollar back to the strategy, business, and value drivers of the organization Â? achieving integration and alignment.

Chicago, Ill., September 13, 2004 -- Synthesis Consulting Partners, Ltd. (“Synthesis”), an innovative management consulting company and provider of enterprise strategy and engineering management software solutions, today announced that the company’s CEO, Mark Benyovszky, will show senior IT leaders how to achieve alignment and integration between the business and Information Technology (IT) in a forthcoming workshop.

Entitled ‘Optimizing IT: Aligning and Integrating the Business and IT for Maximum ROI and Optimal Resource Allocation’, Mr. Benyovszky’s workshop is designed to show how companies can benefit from achieving alignment and integration, and will shed light on what it both means and takes to accomplish this objective. Attendees of the workshop will learn how a multi-billion dollar company has benefited from Synthesis' best practices approach to enterprise integration and alignment.

“There’s a lot of talk in the industry today about alignment and integration. What’s missing are the key steps that an organization needs to take with respect to achieving this objective and making it an integral part of how an organization moves forward”, commented Benyovszky.

Synthesis’ approach and methodology helps companies achieve full traceability between the business strategy and the technology strategy, and shows how individual programs link back to the organization’s strategy and value drivers. The methodology includes practices and methods for integrating strategy, enterprise architecture, initiative management, governance, and performance management – all of the key areas that senior IT leaders need to address on a continuing basis.

“If there’s anything that the past few years have taught us, it’s that every part of the business needs to be involved with generating and realizing value creation opportunities. This is especially true for IT organizations, where annual budgets typically range between 2-7% of revenues. A billion dollar enterprise spends between $20-70 million on IT technology and services. We believe that senior IT leaders need to articulate how every dollar invested ties back to how it addresses challenges and opportunities reflected in the key financial statements of the company”.

“When you do the math, you can immediately see the urgent need for enterprise integration and alignment. Generally speaking, an investment effectiveness rate of 70 per cent is considered to be respectable. By this we mean that for every dollar invested on IT, .70 cents of the dollar directly benefits the company. We challenge our clients to consider the value in the remaining 30 per cent of the dollar, which for a billion dollar company can translate anywhere between $6 to $21 million dollars in unrealized opportunities for additional value creation. We’ve got a smart approach to extract that value and help IT drive it back to the business”, added Benyovszky.

Mr. Benyovszky is a respected leader in the management and technology consulting market. He was appointed to the CEO position at Synthesis in 2003. Prior to Synthesis, he was a senior vice president and general manager at a rapidly growing (900+ consultants) consulting company, where he helped a number of companies achieve higher levels of IT strategy and operational performance. Immediately before this role he was the CTO of a $5 billion public distribution company, where he led the company’s technology initiatives and was part of a group that managed over $500 million in revenue. Mr. Benyovszky has been consulting and working in the industry for more than fifteen years.

The workshop will be presented at the IT Investment Planning Conference in Las Vegas on September 27, 2004 from 5:45-8:45 p. m. at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel – an IT Management IQ event.

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Synthesis Consulting Partners, Ltd. is an innovative management consulting company and provider of enterprise strategy and engineering software solutions. Synthesis has designed a comprehensive management approach and methodology to help companies achieve and maintain continuous integration and alignment between their business and technology strategies and operational platforms. Synthesis has offices in the United States and Australia, and has strategic alliances with companies in South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

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