October is Put Old on Hold Month - Ten Tips to Look and Feel Younger in 30 Days

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Anti-aging expert offers unique tips to help Boomers look and feel younger.

Barbara Morris, anti-aging expert, pharmacist, and 75-year-old author of Put Old on Hold says 40 year olds can stay a “rock n’ roll” young for 25 years or more. She has designated October as Put Old on Hold Month and invites Boomers to begin to Put Old on Hold by following 10 of her stay young rules:

1.Donate donuts to the trash and don’t look back. In 30 days, you will have slimmer hips and flatter abs.

2.Know that you are an ageless god or goddess, so don’t ever call yourself an “old broad” or “old geezer.” You will be reported to Judge Judy who will sentence you to associate with real old broads and old geezers. It won’t be fun. You will regret having misrepresented yourself.

3.Be a juicy plum instead of a dried prune. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day instead of coffee and sodas. Caffeine sucks water out of your body and makes your skin look and feel like crinkly crepe paper.

4.For men: Shave all the hair off your face so others can see and appreciate the good-looking guy you really are. Nothing ages an over-40 man more than facial hair and long locks. And one more thing: The “t” in tattoo stands for “trash” so don’t trash your body with permanent images. Think ahead: “I’m a stud” emblazoned across your biceps won’t impress caretakers when you are in diapers in a nursing home.

5.Instead of fast food, have homemade protein drinks. Keep them in a cooler in the car or office. Take a multiple vitamin at least once a day to boost energy and replace nutrients lost in processed foods.

6.Eat wild salmon at least twice a week. The Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will brighten and firm your skin.

7.Switch to whole grain bread. It doesn’t clog your gut like pasty white bread. A clogged gut makes you look gray and feel old and cranky.

8.Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Get a treadmill and put it in front of the TV. Walk through your favorite programs while fat, flabby thighs tighten and tone.

9.When asked, “How are you?” always respond “terrific” even if you feel lousy. At the end of the day, after ten “terrific” responses, you will look and feel better.

10.Men and women: Work with an anti aging physician to get your hormones in balance with natural bio-identical hormone replacement. It will rejuvenate your love life and make you feel ten years younger in no time.

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