New Marijuana Home Drug Test Concept Sends Urine Down The Toilet.

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In the beginning, a blood test screened for drug use; then, there was the urine test; and then the hair test. A junior challenger in the drug testing arena is the saliva drug test - and it's already making its way into the home drug testing market. But will saliva win the home drug test market competition without a struggle? Being “pee shy” no longer eliminates the home drug test option.

Introducing itself into the drug testing arena is the saliva home drug test. But should the proper salutation be more like, “Welcome, Mr. Saliva Home Drug Test. It’s about time! But are you really here or are you a figment of our imagination? And are you a friend or foe of the marijuana tester?”

Let’s start with some marijuana testing basics. After marijuana enters the body, it biologically breaks-down into a metabolite called THC. Until THC is almost completely eliminated, it can be scientifically detected in our urine and in our saliva and in our blood. But, THC performs an interesting trick as it performs its slow but steady disappearing act within the human body.

THC hangs around the kidneys of an occasional marijuana user for up to two weeks, more than a month in the kidneys of a “die-hard stoner.” (For remedial biology majors: kidneys means urine drug test.) These duration estimates are known as “detection windows.” The window for detecting most drug metabolites in urine is considerably longer than saliva. But for marijuana, the detection window is upside-down. THC seems to make itself quite at home in our kidneys. But it leaves our mouth at an amazingly rapid pace: one to two days and it’s gone. Bye-bye. Adios. Au revoir!

The THC has left the mouth – but not before leaving a conundrum for the brain: Urine test or a “spiffy new, no-pee” saliva test? Consider a saliva home drug test for marijuana if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

•    Can a saliva specimen be obtained within 24 hours of last marijuana use?

•    Would the integrity of a urine sample be questionable (i.e. chemical specimen adulteration, specimen switching)?

•    Could a urine specimen be difficult to obtain?

•    Is your test objective is to predict the results of another saliva drug test (vs. a urine or blood test)?

As with any home drug testing, there is the possibility, albeit slight, of a “false positive.” Saliva specimens rendering “positive” test results should always be confirmed with a more specific testing method i.e. professional laboratory.

Despite its considerably shorter window of opportunity, and its steep price tag (as much as five times higher), the saliva home drug test is still making its way towards our welcome mat. So, perhaps the more cautionary welcome to “Mr. Saliva Home Drug Test” is more appropriate.

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