Atomic Betty - The New Canadian Hero

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Canada's newest T.V. toon hero, Atomic Betty, recently blasted off in Canada and France and now has her sights set on U.S. animation broadcaster, Cartoon Network.

Canada's hero, Atomic Betty, recently took flight on Canada’s premier specialty animation channel, Teletoon. Her official maiden broadcast voyage began Sept. 6, 2004 at 5:30 PM but she was actually created four years ago in the nuclear-powered idea labs of Atomic Cartoons, based in Vancouver.

Atomic Betty was created by the four Atomic Cartoons founders, Mauro Casalese, Trevor Bentley, Olaf Miller and Emmy Award-winner, Rob Davies.

“Atomic Betty sprang to life virtually as a sketch on a napkin. We wanted to create an iconic Canadian character that embodied all the design styles, sensibilities, and character traits we like and believe in, something that represented Atomic," explained one of Betty’s proud ‘papas’, Mauro Casalese. “We pitched Betty at length and after much interest from broadcasters, took the next step to animate a short trailer that we also took on the road. In 2001, our short demo was the third most viewed property out of over 700 entries at Mipcom Jr. in Cannes. Teletoon got behind the idea in a big way and we then began our search for good co-production partners. We’re extremely proud of our little creation and amazed that it is now poised to air in over 95 countries!”

Atomic Betty is an action-comedy set in Moose Jaw Heights, Saskatchewan, and ‘space’. Each episode is a thrill ride from Earth to the wildest reaches of space, and back. Betty is a normal 12-year-old girl, and in fact, she’s extraordinarily ordinary. To her friends and family she’s the sweet, brainy girl next door, but in reality she’s a Galactic Guardian, sworn to uphold an extremely high code and defend the universe against the vilest, most nefarious villains. Her main antagonist is Maximus I.Q. who would like nothing better than to find out the location of Betty’s ‘secret’ home planet.

“Betty is not part of the in-crowd on Earth, she prefers to read comic books or skateboard and just do what she wants to do. She definitely dances to the beat of her own drum. She’s a leader, not a follower,” explains co-creator Rob Davies, “But Galactic code forbids her to ever reveal her secret identity or use her space powers on Earth, so it’s challenging for her at times. However, in space he sheds her Earthly persona to become Atomic Betty and is no longer just an every-day 12-year-old…she’s an interstellar hero who can kick robot butt when called upon. In true Canadian fashion she quietly moves ahead and makes big strides.”

The series is predicted to be the biggest success story for a Canadian animated production, already with unprecedented pre-sales numbers. Cartoon Network US, the Turner-owned specialty channel is set to air Atomic Betty on Sept. 17th. Cartoon Network is watched by 80 million viewers / month. Prior to the U.S. broadcast premier, the broadcast giant has been aggressively promoting the series, showing trailers before movies in the Turner-owned 5000+ theatre chain, Regal Cinemas.

The little girl from Moose Jaw Heights is also expected to be a licensing juggernaut with deals already in place with such merchandise giants as Playmates Toys, Mead school supplies, Sara Lee for packaged girls underwear products, Jacques Moret for junior intimate apparel, girls and junior's hosiery and loungewear for juniors, Kids Headquarters for girl's pajamas, Ripple Junction for teen specialty apparel, Wiesner Products for slippers and footwear products, and A.D. Sutton for travel bags, cosmetic cases, backpacks and luggage products.

“Our co-production partners Breakthrough Films and Television have done an amazing job of rounding up the pre-sales and merch deals,” says Trevor Bentley, Atomic Betty co-creator and Executive Producer. “They’re fantastic distributors and the success we’ve seen thus far couldn’t be better! We’ve been on a long up and down road since the early days when we initially came up with the series idea. Hooking up with Breakthrough along the way was a fantastic stroke of luck. They’re great partners and we’ve worked hard together to bring this fantastic Canadian hero to life.”

ATOMIC BETTY, on Teletoon Canada, Mon-Fri at 5:30pm ET/PT and Sat/Sun at 9:30am ET/PT, and on Cartoon Network US starting Sept. 17, from Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Animation Inc., and TeleImages Kids.

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