Police, Security and Correctional Officers Feel The Need For Better Non-Deadly Training! (CDT)

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Excessive Force causes deaths and law suits costing lives and thousands of dollars, sleepless nights and loss of jobs. So, police officers, correctional personel, security guards and even the enforcement officers for the Toronto conservation authority have certified in the "CDT system" of Justified Use of Force training!

In the last year the increase of members of the law enforcement and security community have decided to participate in the CDT system of personal protection.

"Last March, in Manatoba, two doormen killed patrons by using excessive force instead of proper and safe techniques like CDT", says Christopher Doyle (40) Canadian Representative for the CDT system.

Doyle said the CDT system was designed after studying 600 excessive-force lawsuits against police. The system relies on technique not strength, Doyle says he has had a 150-pound student take down a 250-pound former football player.

Police officers like the system because it is less than deadly force." said Ron Yates (Police officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Hamilton Police Services)a CDT student. "It's more bi-lateral nerve centres and buffered and braced joint manipulation."

Ron Yates (Police officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Hamilton Police Services), Paul Nowak (Enforecment Officer for the Toronto Conservation Authority) Mike Ramble (Head Correctional Officer for the Brantford Correctional System)and Glen Miller (Security Guard) and others have certified in the CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown) system of hands on justified use of force training on their own time and with their own money because they see the necessity of the training in these days of "Easy Sue" mentality!

"And in September 1999, in the Agincourt Mall Loblaws, Patrick Shand died after two security guards "restraned" him." added Doyle.

"In Ontario alone there are 50,000 security guards with NO use of force training!" Reported Debra Black of The Toronto Sun newspaper.

Alex Illechenko, Lawyer and CDT student adds:

"Civil litigation is all about the search for a deep pocket, so a disproportionate or careless use of force by you in defending yourself, can actually assist your attacker to access your assets"

"We do not live in medieval Japan, but in a modern litigious society, so any method used to defend ones physical well-being, must also take into account ones future financial well being."

"Once you make the choice to use force, you take on the legal responsibility to use reasonable force, appropriate to the attack you are facing."

"If you apply force disproportionate to the attack you are facing, you may end up paying for your attackers long term medical care, despite the fact that you were initially the person attacked"

Since receiving a US Patent Pending in 1992 no person trained in CDT has ever been tried or listed in a court of law anywhere in the world.

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