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Wholesale-Telecom, is now offering one-way high speed satellite internet access to underserved areas where DSL and cable donÂ?t reach. NetSat, a subsidiary of Wholesale-Telecom, is now offering broadband satellite internet access at comparable prices to DSL and cable. Tier 1 tech support included free with service.

The satellite internet service NetSat offers is one-way, download via satellite, upload via dial up. The download speeds are consistently 400 Kbps, 800Kbps, and 1.5Mgs speeds, depending on which package you get. The service can be used anywhere in the Americas (North or South) as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky and use Windows PC as your operating system. Equipment for an internal modem and dish is $210 with a $20 activation fee. Installation is usually under $130 and takes about 2 hours. No other start up fees. Rate plans start at $23.50/ 400Kbps a month for low end traffic users and go up to T-1 (1.5Mgs) speeds for small business use. All plans can be bundled with dial up service for $10 more and include 5 email addresses. Also all plans include for free, tier 1 tech support for fast and efficient help.

Unlike one-way satellite service, two-way satellite service is very inconsistent with latency issues. Two-way does not guarantee speeds because satellite was not built for upload. DirecWay and Starband services often do not get speeds over dial up and are very inconsistent.

A quote from Broadband : name: "bschuler", from Franktown , CO : "I am a DirecPC Satellite Return System (SRS) subscriber and am very dissatisfied with this service. My upload speeds have been about 1/4 that of a DIALUP! Yes, about 13Kbps. My download speeds seem to jump between super fast 400+Kbps down to almost nill for minutes at a time!"

NetSat’s service has also been proven to work with Cisco and Microsoft VPN software, for business applications. Equipment costs with two-way are between $500 and $600 and monthly charges $60-$100.

One-way satellite service can offer consistent broadband speeds at a reasonable price, comparable to DSL and cable, to underserved areas. Equipment costs for one-way are very reasonable compared to two-way. Now NetSat can get underserved customers high speed internet access that they can afford. NetSat also offers satellite phones through Globalstar and local wireless internet service through Ricochet.

Wholesale-Telecom's mission statement is to sell you what you need not what we have. We have a sincere commitment to help our customers to manage their telecom needs from finding the best fit up, to committed support after the service is up and working. We want to give customers their time back to improve their business by letting us do all the leg work in interviewing carriers and leveraging them against each other to come up with the best price. We want to make the entire process of ordering telecom products and services as easy as possible, at no cost to the customer.

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