Protest at Alabama Capitol

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For Immediate Release

On September 25th at 11 am Loretta Nall, Roberta Franklin and Family Members of Inmates, The Drug Policy Alliance and The Justice Policy Institute will march on Montgomery Alabama to protest the Habitual Offender Law and current Alabama drug policy. Please attend this historic event and lend your support. Loretta Nall will be giving a speech on the steps of the Capitol that day. Read on for further info.

Hello friends, we are busy making sure Alabama does not forget the fight we launched to help the inmates in Alabama Prisons. September 25th, we will march to the capital steps. This march is about the Habitual Offender Act and the way lawmakers have become the lawbreakers. The Act was revised and made retroactive but judges are still ignoring it and still sentencing people under it. The law says that if you have a third nonviolent offense, you cannot be sentenced under the Habitual Offender Act. Representative Demetrius Newton is the author of the bill and he has agreed to lead the march. We are also protesting the unfair drug laws here in Alabama. We need your help and your support.

We cannot afford to be afraid. We must stand and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. They have tried everything to stop this movement. Well, it will not work. We want to fill the streets with family members of inmates, children of inmates, advocates, and ex-felons. Please help me get the word out. I want this to be one of our largest turn-outs. We need all of you and your friends to help us. Remember, there are 28,000 inmates and they have family members who can stand in the gap for them.

We will meet on Dexter Avenue in Downtown Montgomery on September 25th and then march to the capital. Whatever your concern is, medical abuse, death penalty, drug laws, overcrowding, unfair treatment, wrongful convictions, long and unfair sentences, etc. No matter what the problem, come and march with us and speak your peace at the Capital Steps. I am asking friends from out of state to come and be a part of this march. I am even inviting famous people to come and stand with us. I need you to be there. Bring your signs and your banners. We are sick and tired of Alabama treating inmates like animals and stuffing them in prisons. We have come too far to turn around now. Please see the attached articles about the prison phone boycott.

We thank the Birmingham news for taking the stand with us. We do not expect the newspaper and TV stations in Montgomery to support us. They never have. They have a right to their opinion. All we have ever asked is that they be fair. We did not contact the Birmingham news, they contacted us and I am grateful for them getting the word out about the unfair phone rates. Lets continue to "shine the Spotlight of Shame" on Alabama. We need your help to do this.

Help comes in many forms, writing letters, passing out flyers, getting the word out, and donations. You make the choice. Most importantly, I need you to be at the march. There is power in numbers. We can be one of the most powerful voting blocks in Alabama if we all come together. Demetrius Newton recently stated on a radio show that Family Members of Inmates are the reason Bob Riley is in office. I agree with him. We will continue to mobilize and increase our power. Pretty soon politicians will ask us to attend our meetings. Many have already started doing that. 28,000 inmates and at least 20,000 of them have two or more family members. That's 40,000 men and women strong.

We can talk all we want but we have to show them that we are tired of being used and abused. Stop Paying Your Captors. Send your loved ones some stamps. Take care and Be Blessed.



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