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Students are turning to college-focused Web sites for real-world advice on college life. provides information on student driven topics including: freshman guidance, choosing a major, getting better grades, meeting people and more.

With much to figure out about college life, students are turning to college-focused Web sites for the inside scoop. StudentNow® College Life ( ) offers students real-world advice and resources. Student interests and concerns drive the topics on the site, which include freshman guidance, choosing a major, getting better grades, meeting people and more.

The Freshman Demotion

Becoming a freshman seems like a step backwards of sorts, from campus king to wide-eyed newbie. For StudentNow writer Tiffany, it was “not a demotion although sometimes it seems that way”. She discovered that many friends had similar feelings. “Every one of us is nervous, but we're also excited,” she wrote. Challenges abound in the uncertainty starting in college. Students must pick classes, setup living spaces and gear-up for the intensive workload. To get the most out of college, students should seek out good advice from other friends, parents, professors and also relevant Web resources.

Big Decisions

Picking a major is one of the first difficult big decisions that students face. For StudentNow writer Carly, starting her freshman year as an “undecided” meant that whenever she was asked about her major, “it seems as if another ten bricks have been added onto your shoulders.” Her advice to others: “simply to take a deep breath, look inside yourself, and discover your passions and natural talents.” This approach gave her the space to figure out that she was more interested English than Biology. Those who are undecided can rest assured that their experiences and instincts will guide them towards the right decision.

Tools for Success

Many students don’t realize that adhering to a few good habits will help boost their grades. Obviously, going to every class is important. Every hour of classes missed means several hours of catching-up. Sitting in the front of the class, especially in big lecture halls is no-brainer way to improve grades. This works by increasing focus and retention of the material.

Participating and doing all of the assignments on time seems obvious. But sometimes students don’t realize the importance of keeping-up until they are far behind. Unlike high school, a few missteps in the beginning of a class can easily impact the final grade.

Meeting People

Many students complain about how hard it is to meet people. Either they are shy or they lack the social skills to meet new people. Students must take an active role in developing their social network. For some this will mean building upon existing friendships, others will meet people in the dorms, classes and clubs.

Having the courage to break the ice and start a conversation is half the battle. The secret is to start by talking about obvious shared interests. For example: ask fellow students about assignments or for opinions about a shared class. Students should put themselves into places where they will have to interact with other students, whether it be clubs, study groups or a daily visit to the coffee cart. Bottom line, they need to learn to start conversations with other students.

Getting Help

For young adults in college, there is much to learn about making academic decisions, effective studying, meeting people and even new ways to have fun. Nothing takes the place of good advice from experienced friends and professors. But Web sites such as have a definite role in providing real world advice, information and resources to students through each phase of their college life.

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