295 million Americans have No Health Care

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Contrary to popular opinion, no Americans have any health care. It is so easy to solve the health care crisis and give every American health care. And at almost no additional cost to the government or the individuals.

Most places say 40-50 million Americans have no health care. But the actual truth is, every American has no health care. We do not have a health care system in the US. What we have is a Symptoms and Disease Care System. There is absolutely no system of helping people become healthy.

It has been assumed since the inception of the medical system as we know it that the absence of symptoms and disease will leave people with health. But there is one fatal flaw with this theory. It assumes that symptoms and disease are a thing.

You see, nature works mostly on the principle of thing and no thing. Light is the thing and darkness is the absence of light. Heat is the thing, and cold is the absence of heat. Sound is the thing and silence is the absence of sound. Energy and no energy. Health is the thing, and symptoms and disease are the absence of health. But the medical symptom and disease care system has had that mixed up for the last 100 years. They think symptoms and disease are the thing, and once you treat away the symptoms and disease, you will be left with health. This simply is completely wrong.

If there are shadows in a room, the only way to get rid of them is by increasing the light. No matter how many ways you can measure and quantify shadows, you cannot sweep them under a rug, cut them out of the room, or invent some chemical to get rid of the shadow. The only thing you can do is turn on the light.

Health is the thing. And no matter how many ways you can measure and quantify symptoms and disease, the only way to get rid of them is to add health into your body.

A system that added health into your body would then be called health care. The medical symptoms and disease care system does nothing to add health back into people’s life. All medication, all surgery actually decreases your health. It may temporarily cover up a symptom, but does nothing to add to your health.

In fact, most natural health care systems are not health care either. Most chiropractors, acupuncturist, homeopaths, massage therapists, and others are also treating symptoms and disease. It is just their method doesn’t decrease the health of the body. And sometimes, accidentally, coincidently, adds health into people’s body.

There is a way to give every American health care, at almost no cost. Almost no cost to the government or the individual people. The old saying that the best things in life are free is so true. Health is free. You can do many things for free that actually add to your health. The problem is, there is no money in telling others what they are. Learn How to give every American True Health Care

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