$1,000,000+ Tree House Huge News Campaign Under Way for Hurricane Ravaged Florida and Other States - Daniels Wood Land Donates Tree House to Family, and Initiates $1,000,000+ Request to the Public

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Huge News! It started out as simply as seeing the story on the internet. The next step was for the folks at Daniels Wood Land to do what it could to take the tears of sadness out of the eyes of children and replace it with tears of joy, happiness and excitement. Please call 805-239-2832 or 416-948-8526 to donate to assist the residents of hurricane ravaged Florida and other states

Huge News! It started out as simply as seeing the story on the internet. The next step was for the folks at Daniels Wood Land to do what it could to take the tears of sadness out of the eyes of children and replace it with tears of joy, happiness and excitement. Please call 805-239-2832 or 416-948-8526 to donate.

Fuelled by that, Daniels Wood Land is attempting to raise $1,000,000+ over the next two weeks to give to the charity of the television station that first broadcasted the story. Like any television station, it has to the potential to feed any local story to be picked up nationally and Daniels Wood Land hopes that this story is considered compelling enough to find its way onto the national circuit where it can do the most benefit.

The tree house is set to leave Paso Robles, California on September 20th and make its way to Ponte Vedra by September 25th.

People are encouraged to call and show that "America Cares" from coast to coast and can assist hurricane ravaged Florida and other areas of the country. Any business that is growing has to be able to keep in mind its core values. For Daniels Wood Land, our mission statement is:

1)To give back to the community

2)To be environmentally friendly

3)To make families happy with the timeless magic that Tree Houses provide

4)To go from the current small, entrepreneurial, fledgling company that Daniels Wood Land is to a large and stable company so that we can repeat steps 1-3 at a higher level

On the internet, a major huge news story aired about a family in Florida that lost their tree house to Hurricane Frances. After just being hit by Hurricane Charley and now with the potentials for Hurricane Ivan, it put into perspective how important family is and Daniels Wood Land had to do all that it is capable of doing in respect to turning the tears of sadness from the children to tears of joy, happiness and excitement.

Daniels Wood Land was going to use the funds for another project, but instead, is placing it where it is much more worthy and that is making people happy. It is donating a Tommy's Turbo Terrace, the shipping, and the installation to make it happen for the family: "white glove treatment". It also is absorbing the flights, hotels, cars, and living expenses of its employees. The truck is leaving Paso Robles on around the 20th for an arrival in Florida on approximately the 25th.

This story has great national importance, as it shows how coast to coast or sea to shining sea the country is sound and caring and most work together to stay strong. It is such a compelling story that it is hoped that the television, radio, newspapers, newswires and other media in the area are able to pick up the story and allow other people and businesses across the country to know that you can make a monumental contribution to society no matter at what stage of the business growth cycle that the company currently resides

Full of what people would describe as "infectious enthusiasm" Daniels Wood Land upped the stakes and has initiated a "$1,000,000+ Tree House Telethon" for people to phone in their donations so that they can be given to the reporter who did the story and give that money to the company's charity to distribute to the residents of Florida and other areas where hurricanes have ravaged their lives.

Daniels Wood Land has always been a "pioneer" in projects and this is no different. The family is still receiving the tree house for their children. The $1,000,000+ drive can very easily be obtained, but it is going to have to rely on two equally important things: the ability to get the story out and the emotional reaction of the general public to call and donate.

Daniels Wood Land feels confident enough that this project will indeed be successful and that the country will exceed the $1,000,000+ asked to help the people of Florida and other areas where the costs of lost business over the last month continue to add up in the billion of dollars.

What is also important is that Americans take care of each other and the environment on a regular basis as well as when required for an immediate call to action. Today's businesses have to conduct themselves in general as good corporate citizens as well as environmentally friendly operators

Daniels Wood Land uses recycled trees that otherwise would end up in a landfill: as trees are dug up during new developments, ravaged in a forest fire or rot. There is a cost to finding and bringing the tree to Paso Robles, California after which it is hollowed out and completed to make the "Home Of The Tree House That Comes With Its Own Tree".

Daniels Wood Land is a profit business attempting to expand so it can create more employment opportunities, values the ideas and dreams of its employees and believes that a working environment should be fun.

What else can you call an environment where you are making fun things that possess both a magical and timeless component that are purchased by families of all ages to be used by the parents, children, grandparents, and grand children. Please do not exempt great grand parents and great grand children. The company ships world wide and recently started a sales office in Toronto

The company has always had a history of giving back to the community. It appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and has done a tree house for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has also won the 2003 Grand Marshal's Award at the Rose Bowl Parade. The methods used to raise the $1,000,000+ is by word of mouth, use of 21st century communication and by our own press releases.

Because this is such an awesome community involvement story, it is hoped that this is the type of excellent news that will propel people through the beginnings of the fall season and the school year as they head towards Thanksgiving and then the December holiday seasons.

Daniels Wood Land has other plans to build on the success of the country's generosity by initiating more charity projects in the future. It want to place its awesome tree houses in Times Square and then give it to the charities of the major networks. It is coordinating with a major show in Chicago in order to be able to donate tree houses there also. The goal is for large companies to think "Wow -- the public expects to see the name there and they will". The goal for small companies is "Wow, we didn't think we could afford to give, but with all this excitement, how can we afford not to give". The goal for medium size companies is "Wow, if we give then we can become a large company. Otherwise we are status quo and will become small again or remain status quo at medium: and we do not want to do that".

Tell everyone about this huge news.

To donate please call 805-239-2832 or 416-948-8526. Please also visit http://www.danielswoodland.ca

For media inquiries please call 416-948-8526


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