New Sinus Buster Bottle Hits Big With Physicians and Consumers

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Last Friday, SiCap Industries, makers of Â?Sinus BusterÂ? the worldÂ?s first hot pepper nasal spray, launched their long awaited metered dose bottle. Within the first week, SiCapÂ?s new bottle has boosted Sinus Buster sales by more than 40%. The new metered dose applicator is a big hit with consumers and physicians alike.

Last Friday, SiCap Industries, makers of “Sinus Buster” the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, launched their long awaited new metered dose bottle. Within the first week, SiCap’s new bottle has boosted Sinus Buster sales by more than 40%, but SiCap officials say the new bottle has had little impact on sales of the original stream spray bottle which continues to be a hot seller.

“It’s seems like many of our wholesale accounts – especially doctors and health food shops are ordering both bottles now. For instance, many of our existing accounts who regularly buy sinus buster in bulk quantities are now buying double their regular orders instead of ordering less of the original bottle to make up the difference. That’s a very exciting start with the new bottle, and best of all people are getting the concept right away. They realize that the new metered dose bottle and the original spray bottle both work together for many people depending on the symptoms they’re experiencing,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

Perry says the new bottle has many advantages over the original bottle, but the original bottle also has its’ own advantages over the new one. For people with chronic allergies and sick sinus symptoms, the metered dose bottle is more effective as a daily preventative tool that can alleviate chronic sinus and allergy symptoms within a couple weeks of regular daily usage.

“The new metered bottle delivers a regulated dosage in a super fine mist pattern that really lessens the bite of the pepper without decreasing the effectiveness of the product. This metered bottle works best for daily preventative use because the dosage is strictly regulated so it cannot be over used due to variable doses. The metered bottle will still stop a headache better than anything else out there, but when it comes to a full fledged cluster or migraine attack, many people find the original stream sprayer bottle is more effective. So just like I do, many people are now using the metered bottle as their daily regimen, but they keep the original bottle around for headache emergencies and severe bouts with sinus infections,” Perry adds.

SiCap’s new Sinus Buster bottle also increases the shelf life of their “all natural” pepper formula since less outside air is introduced into the bottle during each use. Furthermore, the new bottle is easier to use than the original for most people since it spreads the formula out, thus lessening the length and degree of that infamous Sinus Buster bite.

"The new bottle is great with your morning cup of coffee too because it really wakes you up with little pump, and it doesn’t run down the back of your throat the way the original bottle can when it’s squeezed too hard. It’s the first thing I do every morning – a couple shots of buster and a big mug of coffee. A lot of our customers don’t even have sinus or headache problems, they just use sinus buster for the burst of endorphins it gives you when take a squirt. Who knows, it’s probably a safer way to wake up in the morning than a cup of coffee. It definitely works for people whether you have sinus and headache problems, or you just want to get some quick wake up power,” says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

Another fan of the new Sinus Buster bottle is Steve Fellows, webmaster of the popular pepper website, ( ). Fellows says he’s very impressed with the metered bottle, but the original bottle is still his favorite.

“I got a chance to try the new bottle before sicap started marketing it since they do sponsor parts of our site. They wanted my honest opinion of the new bottle, and I told them it’s definitely a winner, but pepperheads like myself gotta have the original bottle for that big blast of pepper. It’s only been a week since they quoted me in a press release for the new bottle, and I’ve already heard from dozens of visitors to our site who got their first metered bottle and loved it. The thing people seem to like the best about the new bottle is that it doesn’t allow the formula to go down the back of your throat, and it lets squeamish people get an adequate dose of pepper without squeezing out too much formula at one time. I’d say the new bottle will be their best seller ever, but hopefully SiCap will keep selling the original bottle also,” says Fellows.

Fellows and other “pepper heads” like him will be happy to know SiCap officials say they will continue to sell the original Sinus Buster bottle along with the new one. The management team at SiCap recognizes many chronic headache sufferers need that powerful soaking stream spray during certain major headache emergencies, and they believe both bottles will fill their own niche in the multi-billion dollar sinus, allergy, and headache market.

“We also know the metered bottle levels the playing field for us when it comes to competing with the big boys in the retail chain stores. We’ve had so many people begging us to get into to chain stores so they can get sinus buster whenever they need it, but we’ve been hesitant to pursue that since many of our competitors already offer a metered dose bottle on chain store shelves. Even though the original bottle will continue to be a big seller, it’s just not as well suited to the big chain stores as the metered dose version. We have lots of small health food shops and health practitioners carrying sinus buster in the original bottle with great success, and now they’re starting carry both versions. But these small shops move smaller more controllable quantities of product than the big chain stores, and they don’t have the same issues to face as the big stores do when it comes to the overall presentation of the bottle on store shelves. In the chain stores, especially pharmacies, any of our big competitors tend to promote a metered dose bottle of their own. So in order to compete on that level, we need to promote a metered bottle over the original stream sprayer so that we can out perform the competition on the chain store level,” adds Perry.

So with their new metered dose bottle, Sinus Buster nasal spray offers something for everyone at a far more reasonable price than their competitors. Of course Wayne Perry is quick to remind us that Sinus Buster has no “real” competitors because it’s the world’s first and only nasal spray made with “Capsaicin”, the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. “Our sinus buster is the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray so there is no real competition for us. And best of all it works circles around anything else out there claiming to spell relief for chronic sinus, headache, and allergy symptoms. We get thousands of letters and calls from people who say this product has changed their lives when nothing else ever could – including prescription drugs. And just think this is a completely all natural dietary supplement,” says Perry.

Indeed the strength of Sinus Buster sales is completely attributable to the incredible reputation this innovative product has built through a constant stream of media exposure. Early on, this product was considered to be some sort of gimmick, or even “snake oil”, but now the Sinus Buster formula is being touted by dozens of physicians and thousands of users as a true breakthrough for relieving a multitude of chronic sinus, headache, and allergy symptoms.

In truth, the medicinal power of hot peppers has been shown in many well regarded studies as having the potential to relieve various symptoms of pain and swelling – from sinus and headaches to arthritis, but the Sinus Buster formula has taken it one step further showing that natural pepper extract is a real cure for thousands of people who suffer from chronic headaches including migraines, clusters, sinus, hangovers, and menstrual headaches. Furthermore, the Sinus Buster formula has proven to be a champ when it comes to relieving chronic sinus congestion and Sinusitis, and even Rhinitis and other related infections.

The anecdotal evidence generated by the long list of Sinus Buster users is perhaps the most important and broad reaching study ever conducted concerning Capsaicin because although it’s not a controlled clinical trial, it is based on the records of real world sinus and headache sufferers. The thousands of testimonials from satisfied Sinus Buster customers are undeniable, and the increased acceptance of this innovative product within the medical industry is further proof that hot peppers may soon be considered the cure for what ails the more than one billion chronic sinus and headache sufferers throughout the world.

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