John Joseph Kennedy Presidential Candidate 2004 To Appear at Willie Nelson's Farm Aid 2004 in Seattle Saturday, September 18

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John Joseph Kennedy is running for President of the U.S. and he will be in Seattle this weekend. Mr. Kennedy is running as a write-in Democratic candidate in the General Election on November 2nd and Americans around the country are very excited about this! John Joseph Kennedy, along with his Vice Presidential running mate, Daniel Robert Rezac, was invited by Willie Nelson to the Farm Aid 2004 in Seattle on September 18.

John Joseph Kennedy is an outstanding community leader, humanitarian, champion of children's rights, environmentalist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is a man of extraordinary vision who has stepped forward to "right the wrongs" in America. John Joseph Kennedy is bringing more to the table than any presidential candidate has in a very long time. He is generating a lot of excitement and hope across the country, something the American people really need right now.

As the only two Presidential candidates chosen to commemorate 9/11 at a vigil, John Joseph Kennedy and Daniel Robert Rezac came to San Diego on September 11 to commemorate the firefighters who lost lives on 9/11 at the Wake Up... Succeed Success Summit 2004 convention. Following a video presentation by Rebecca Joy, a 22-year firefighter from Phoenix, Daniel Robert Rezac began the discussion around the Kennedy-Rezac Platform. During their speaking engagement, Mr. Kennedy said prayers and a meditation to commemorate all of the souls who sacrificed their lives that day. They received standing ovations, were welcomed graciously with open arms, and were kept three hours after their engagements had ended. Many attendees and guests took pictures, requested autographs, and gave gifts including books and music cd's. Mr Kennedy and Mr. Rezac were deeply honored to preside over the evenings events as guest speakers.

John Joseph Kennedy and Daniel Robert Rezac were interviewed last Sunday on San Diego television networks. The Assignment Editor from KUSI television declared that he was very impressed with the two and was pleased with the interview. Following the first interview, KSWB television interviewed Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Rezac and afterwards, the producer called to say that they, JJK and DRR, have a great message to share and that all of the television networks need to know!

That afternoon at the San Diego airport with the 22 year firefighter from Phoenix, Rebecca Joy, in attendance, John Joseph Kennedy and Daniel Robert Rezac held a press conference to commemorate the firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. During the press conference, Mr. Rezac displayed a t-shirt gift which they had received the evening before. The gift was given to them by a woman who was at ground zero to help the firemen and had been given these by the fire department in New York. The television crew of Fox 6 News was first on the scene to cover this event and they too stated that Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Rezac's message needs to get out on the news.

On September 15, John Joseph Kennedy spoke at the San Diego State University in the Atzec Center Free Press Speech area, the SDSU School of Journalism Press Conference, the San Diego City College and was the guest at a conference on the preservation of the oceans and whales in Southern California. Additional details about this and other events are available on his website at

From the desk of John Joseph Kennedy

More Press Release info:

John Joseph Kennedy declared himself a write in candidate for the President of the United States of America on July 20, 2004. The following is information on the platform of John Joseph Kennedy for president. Additional information can be found at

Dear Friends and Fellow Americans,

The most critical truth is that the four primary candidates for the highest offices in our land, Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Dick Cheney, Senator John Kerry and Senator John Edwards all voted for the war in Iraq. Period. Each man had an opportunity for greatness and they failed.

John Kerry and John Edwards are followers. They are not leaders! They failed the American people and the world. Their names are forever etched in history along with Ms. Hillary Clinton and all the so-called leaders who voted for the war in Irag and for the Patriot Act, thus raping the American people of our Constitutional Rights, especially our rights to personal privacy.

I am just one man; one proud American citizen with a political legacy that began 125 years ago. Although many American's were afraid to speak out, or were crucified for standing up against this war, I strongly spoke out against it as loud as I could. I warned of the perils it would bring to all of us. I sent letters to the Oval Office, Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, Senators and members of Congress. I had it circulated to more than 10,000 people around the world and to the media. I appeared on television, “Voices Over Violence” and warned of the danger to America if Mr. Bush proceeded with this evil war.

I called for a prayerful vigil in hopes he would see the light of truth; yet he did not.

I have now been called to serve God and my country as the TRUE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE for the Presidency, to right the wrongs of America!

America First and children our highest priority!

We are a family and we must take care of our own...first. As President of the United States of America I will begin rebuilding the infrastructure of our country by allotting back to the citizens of the United States of America, dollar for dollar, what has gone into the war in Iraq. This is only a start, a good start. It is a start in the right direction to begin the healing of America.

The future of America is literally in your hands as it has never been before. I ask each of you to support me and write-me in as your next President on November 2, 2004, John Joseph Kennedy & Daniel R. Rezac.

May God Bless Each of You Abundantly, and May God Always Bless the United States of America!

John Joseph Kennedy

America First... Right the Wrongs!


This is my highest priority...America first! It's an inside job! At the highest level on down, I will see that those who are really responsible for the insidious acts of terrorism in our country, and around the world, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all domestic and international laws. Right the Wrong!


U.S. occupation of Iraq to cease as a Bush family Nazi-esque imposed "Concentration Camp". As President I will insure that our military and the TRUE SPIRIT of the American people join forces with the United Nations as life-giving humanitarians to rebuild the mass-destruction created by the murderous Bush family in Iraq and other parts of the world. This insanity is going to stop! Period! Right the Wrong!


As President I will support and initiate a total economic reformation to include balancing the budget, laying the groundwork for a return to the Gold Standard and many other solid programs to free Americans from the bondage of debt and fear that has enslaved them for many years. Create new jobs with fair and realistic wages and benefits. Right the Wrong!

(For more on jobs see *Spirit of Entrepreneurship-item 11)


Non-Violence in Schools. Non-Violence in children's television programming, publishing, games and websites. Criminal prosecution of everyone that violates or contributes to this abusive violence against children. Far-reaching child abuse programs for Prevention of Child and Domestic Abuse. Healing of innocent children who are victims of child abuse. This is of the utmost importance and lies at the very heart of the spiritual malady plaguing America. I have worked for the last 20 years as a citizen, Board Member of San Francisco Child Abuse Council (1985-1986), an activist, writer, motivational speaker, and producer on all of these issues. I have a profound awareness and understanding of these issues, and a comprehensive, non-negotiable plan to remedy them. Right the Wrong!


As President I will initiate an ecliptic program to end the prevailing violence in the media, which permeates every aspect of our lives and mind. Mind is one of the greatest powers there is. Thought is our use of this power. We must order our minds to think positively and constructively at all times. End the fictitious scripting in the news media! Truth, and only Truth, will set us free! Right the Wrong!


Rebuild the infrastructure of America First dollar for dollar what has been allotted for the war in Iraq. We must begin with the homeless, the poor and the tens of millions of Americans who are only a few paychecks away from being homeless! Right the Wrong!


It is appalling that the richest nation in the World has 44 Million Americans without Health Care. Affordable Health Care for All! As President, I will also fight to find a cure for A.I.D.S. I will support and promote the ultimate care of A.I.D.S patients and those afflicted with the HIV virus both in America and globally. I will lift the ban on stem cell research. Right the Wrong!


As President, I will totally repeal the fraudulent “Patriot Act”, with a special focus on individuals Rights to Privacy. I will institute constitutional law, restore all individual rights of privacy and autonomy that is the birthright of every American citizen. We must never forget who stripped these from us! It was not only the Republican Bush family administration, but also masquerading Democrats, including Senator John Kerry, Senator John Edwards, Ms. Hillary Clinton, et al. I will re-design the abusive Social Security system (there is nothing "secure" about your SSN) with its criminal and flagrant abuse of our individual rights to privacy, by issuing every American citizen a new Personal Security Number (PSN) and abolishing the SSN as we know it today.

I will start with a clean slate. Every American deserves this. Furthermore, I will continue to expose the secret government and black box budgets and make the government transparent, accountable and responsive to the US citizens. I will stop the intimidation of US citizens. I will stop the fear tactics by the Bush family administration and US government. I will re-direct military spending to domestic programs of health, homelessness and create a new infrastructure to support and finance humanitarian programs for the handicapped and under-privileged.

I support all civil rights for ALL people and whole-heartedly support the legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Simple solution: Equal rights for ALL humankind. Right the Wrong!


Protect the oceans and her inhabitants! Permanent ban on Low and Mid-Frequency Sonar Testing and international whaling. Strictest enforcement of the laws to prevent toxic waste, toxic dumping and toxic industries. I will restore and enforce all environmental protection laws that have been stripped, raped and illegally destroyed by the Bush family administration. As I have always done, I will make a life-long commitment to the environment and protect our wilderness areas.

I will stop the Bush family's manipulation of the elements of nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes) which have wrecked insurmountable havoc on our environment and disturbed the natural-flow of all life on this planet. They (especially Bush Sr.) have done this for personal, political and financial gain and greed. I have already begun to expose their "stalking and looting of the American people" with their vast environmental insurance scams and other seemingly benevolent programs and will continue to do so until the insanity stops! And it stops at the front door of the maniacal Bush family and their control over the White House. Period. They have no real power. Only control. There is a difference. It is time the entire Bush family, and all environmental polluters, are held criminally, socially and spiritually accountable! Furthermore, we must no longer be held hostage to oil!

We must create long overdue development of renewable energy resources and alternative technologies, universal standard of fuel economy and renewable energy technologies. Right the Wrong!

REBUILD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Repair the damage that the entire Bush family, and their criminal administrations in Washington, D.C., Texas and Florida have perpetuated onto the world. Restore America's dignity and integrity in the eyes of the world. Heal international relationships, fix broken treaties, declare peace and institute a Department of Peace and a Junior Academy of Peace for Children. Right the Wrong!

SPIRIT OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP: In each of us is a creative spirit! As your President I will restore the Arts in schools. I will also encourage, support and finance the Arts and the bright ideas and business ventures of the American People. Renew and rebuild the American Dream through creativity, the Arts and Small Businesses, thus creating unlimited American-conceived and initiated job opportunities for our citizens. Americans are our greatest asset and we must always celebrate the successes of all Americans; not tear them down once they have achieved it like they did to Martha Stewart; the personification of the America Dream! Right the Wrong!

Daily quote from JJK

"There is a resounding, widening gap in this election. There is something that is profoundly missing, something that is not resonating with real people in both parties and across the board. There is a hunger for truth, honesty, strength, compassion and real leadership. The American people are intelligent and we can hear what is true and what isn't. That magical spark is missing! I have the vision and the plan for a new America; a New Humanity that will ignite that spark. It is the spark of life borne in the human heart. It is the flame in the heart of every American, young and old alike; all races, all religions, all cultures, all sexes, gay or straight, democrat or republican and it is America's responsibility to enkindle that spark and universally ignite the world!"

John Joseph Kennedy

July 2004

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Copyright 2004 Friends of John Joseph Kennedy

John Joseph Kennedy's Bio

“Mr. Kennedy’s environmental and humanitarian work and inspiring, life-giving messages and motivational speeches have reached television, radio, newspaper and live audiences of more than 50 million people in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Africa, and other countries…”

A man of letters, literature and language, Mr. Kennedy began his illustrious writing career his Junior year in college when he won the prestigious invitation to attend Harvard University's Creative Writing Program based on the first short story he wrote, entitled “Chad Jarman Is 40 Today!” He was invited back to Harvard the following year for another poignant short story he scripted, entitled “Johnny”, however, he declined the invitation and has pursued his love of writing in many mediums throughout his esteemed writing career.

As a journalist, Mr. Kennedy has many published articles and bylines to his name and wrote for The Daily Law Journal Record (currently owned by the New York Times). He also freelanced for Beverly Hills People and continues to write freelance articles when commissioned, and time allows. Mr. Kennedy is currently editing a novel trilogy mystery he wrote entitled, “Prince D'Arcy de Montebello/The White Party/Monstrance”, based in part on his life and his investigative research of a true crime mystery.

He has also been involved in entrepreneurial, creative and public service endeavors for many years. He served as Designer and President of Façade of New York, Ltd., a fashion parody on Ralph Lauren's popular polo logo. His timely and clever parody/logo, labeled Façade, combined with his innovative advertising campaign, was directly responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of the Façade shirt label to more than 250 upscale boutiques throughout the United States.

In 1984, Mr. Kennedy created “Richter Duck”, a fun and educational cartoon character and earthquake preparedness program entitled "Richter Duck's Operation Quake-Quake". The objective of the project is to promote earthquake awareness and safety for children in a fun and non-threatening way. He served as the public service spokesman and Executive Director of the “Richter Duck” Earthquake Safety Program based California until 1989.

He was responsible for all creative aspects of the project including writing and designing the “Richter Duck” coloring books, instructional brochures, T-Shirts, stickers, safety kits and life-sized costume. Sponsors and patrons of the “Richter Duck” program included the Kennedy’s of Charleston Benevolent Trust, San Francisco Unified School District, the Honorable Cyril Magnin; Chief of Protocol for San Francisco, Mrs. Frank Sinatra, the NFL, and other private and public foundations.

Mr. Kennedy also worked part-time as a high-profile print and runway fashion model for such prestigious accounts as Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ), Ralph Lauren/Polo, Armani, Oxxford Suits, Ungaro, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Fun Ed (Cover), "Oh That Smile!" Dentistry ad campaign, Bridal Fair, Roses Dept. Store, Foley's and many others. He was named "The Face" by Document Magazine. Today he is as celebrity/model spokesman for a number of charitable causes and a new line of JJK brand products including fine fragrances; Charisma! Pour Homme and Imperial Parfum for women.

As the Creator, Writer and Executive Producer of “The Royal Critters/Whale Magic Project”, Mr. Kennedy has also served as President and CEO of John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. The corporation was formed exclusively for financing the research, developing, marketing and licensing of his Intellectual Properties--The Royal Critters.

A visionary of extraordinary creative and marketing talent, Mr. Kennedy has created and conducted all aspects of this ambitious project including, writing, research, fundraising, marketing and public relations for “The Royal Critters/Whale Magic Project”. As Executive Producer, he has raised $1 million dollars for the Project through stock equity, personal contributions, sponsorship and in-kind services.

Mr. Kennedy (John Joseph) has served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Child Abuse Council and is a member of various other organizations. He is a certified television producer and a 2001 member of N.A.T.P.E. (National Association of Television Program Executives). He is an honorary marine biologist and was recently elected as Honorary Board Member of Save The Whales Organization. He was named Who's Who of International Professionals for 2003-2004, (Top 10% of Professionals in the World).

He is a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker and advocate for such worthy causes and topics as Restoring the Dignity of America, Living the Dream Within, Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property, building self–esteem, non-violence, child abuse issues, the homeless, criminal justice, Tsarist Russia, preserving the oceans, and especially the plight of whales and dolphins.

His environmental and humanitarian work and inspiring life-giving messages and motivational speeches have reached television, radio, newspaper and live audiences of more than 50 million people in the U. S., Latin America, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Africa, and other countries.

Mr. Kennedy's favorite quote: To God Be the Glory!

The Kennedy’s of Charleston, An American Dynasty

“The Founding Kennedy Family in American Politics”

John Joseph Kennedy has drawn from his wealth of life experiences, professional and otherwise, to craft his life’s work for the highest good of humanity and all living beings. He has used his unique and rich heritage, with its historical and social influences in his motivational speeches, writings, projects and endeavors.

John Joseph Kennedy is descendant of ancient French and Spanish royalty and a member of the aristocratic Kennedy bloodline, the founding Kennedy family in American politics; the acclaimed Kennedy’s of Charleston. His family immigrated to America seven generations ago from their ancestral home of Tipperary, Ireland and settled in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mr. Kennedy is the great-great grandson of John D'Arcy Kennedy (Ancient French House of D’Arcy-of direct royal descent of King Charlemagne, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) and Caroline Marguerite de Rodriques Kennedy (de Rodriques lineage of Caracas, Venezuela), landowners and civic patrons of Charleston, South Carolina.

He is the great grandson of South Carolina statesman and philanthropist, Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy Sr. and Margaret Hand Butterly Kennedy of New York City. A Civil War Rifleman in his youth, Congressman Kennedy was the first of the Kennedy family in American politics, serving two-terms in South Carolina’s House of Representatives from 1882-1886. Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy was also the Grand Dictator of the Knights of Honor of South Carolina, Grand Master of the Ancient Order of Workman, Grand Dictator of Rights of Humanity, President of St. Patrick's Benevolent Society, President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and a member of the Irish-American Historical Society of New York. He also served as County Assessor of Charleston County for 25 years, Founder of M.F. Kennedy and Brother Real Estate Brokers, President of Kennedy’s Fine Auction House, Board Member of Dime Savings Bank, Secretary-Treasurer of Hibernian Mutual Fire and Life Company, and Founder and Chairman of The Kennedy’s of Charleston Benevolent Trust. In 1882 Congressman Kennedy co-organized and attended the Irish Land League in Philadelphia, Pa. creating laws and regulations to protect the personal and tenancy rights of poor Irish immigrants in America, especially in New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

John Joseph Kennedy is the great grandnephew of Congressman Patrick Henry Kennedy (South Carolina’s House of Representatives 1923-1925) take our son of Congress..), and the grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Michael Francis Kennedy Jr. (Caroline Christy of the Christy’s of Atlanta, Ga. Caroline was the daughter of John and Cora Christy. Mr. Christy was an editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the late 1800's).

John Joseph Kennedy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Francis Kennedy III (Phyllis Marie Bartles). President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s branch of the family, are distant cousins. They came to America and settled in Boston two generations after The Kennedy’s of Charleston arrived.

Today at this momentous turning point in the history of the world, John Joseph Kennedy’s courageous fight for the rights of America and humanity mirrors that of his Great Grandfather Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy, his Great-Great Grandfather John D'Arcy Kennedy and his D’Arcy ancestors. Three of John’s ancestors, Baron Robert D'Arcy, Lord Norman D'Arcy and Sir Thomas D'Arcy were major feudal barons who initiated and enforced the Magna Carta against King John of England. They were present at its signing in 1215, thus initiating constitutional law and government and the legal system of England.

The Magna Carta has withstood the test of time for constitutional law protecting the rights of humanity in many parts of the world, and is the precursor of the American Constitution. In the 14th century the D'Arcys were appointed to the highest positions in Ireland and Sir John D'Arcy was appointed Justice of Ireland by King Edward II in 1323. The Countess Jane D'Arcy was lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and her nephew, another John D'Arcy founded the town of Cliften, Ireland. Joan D'Arc, the famous French martyr was a member of another branch of this noble family.

It is unquestionable that John Joseph Kennedy was born at this time and place in American history to stand up for the constitutional rights of America and defend the very laws that his ancestors fought for, and successfully initiated 800 years ago. This is John Joseph Kennedy’s rightful destiny!

John is one of ten siblings and the beloved brother of the late Cecilia Madeline Kennedy, 1964-1997. Also true to her Kennedy and D'Arcy heritage, Cecilia died fighting for the rights of humanity and many Americans falsely imprisoned in foreign prisons. The day she set them free, her life was tragically taken. Her heroic mission on earth, completed.

Her overwhelming love and sacrifice....always remembered!

John Joseph Kennedy

Democratic Write-in Presidential Candidate 2004

To Appear at Willie Nelson's Farm Aid 2004 in Seattle Saturday, September 18

Write-in Democratic candidate, John Joseph Kennedy and his running mate, Daniel R. Rezac will be appearing at Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid 2004 benefit outside Seattle, WA on Saturday, September 18, 2004. Farm Aid 2004 is Willie Nelson’s annual benefit concert to assist family farmers across the US. The concert will take place at the White River Amphitheatre on the Muckelshoot Indian Reservation in Auburn, WA. This year’s performers include Neil Young, John Mellencamp, the Dave Matthews Band and Willie Nelson himself, among others. The Farm Aid web site can be found at

Mr. Kennedy announced his intent to run for the office of the Presidency after the Democratic National Convention on July 24, 2004 with a formal press release.

More information about John Joseph Kennedy can be found at his “Official” campaign web site:

Or contact Scott Mowry at or Chyrene Pendleton at for further information.

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