Traffic School Online / Defensive Driving Online: A Consumer Report

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Traffic School, defensive driving, and driver education are the hottest new ways for people to take care of their traffic school and defensive driving school requirement online. There are hundreds of these traffic schools online, many are not even approved by the state agency that requires the courses to be taken. How do you choose the best one? Here is the skinny on the cheapest, fastest, and easiest traffic school and defensive driving school online.

Getting a ticket used to be a real drag. Not only did you have to pay some ridiculous fine to the court, you had to waste a whole Saturday sitting in a hot classroom with a group of people that you couldn’t relate to if your life depended on it and listen to a third rate teacher, supposedly an expert on traffic laws, lecture to you about statistics and traffic laws. Everybody, even the judges that sentenced you to the traffic school, were well aware that the real lesson was not to actually teach offenders traffic laws, but to punish the traffic law violators so that they would never dare commit the same offense. In response to this punishment, people did various things to get out of spending a precious eight hours in that classroom. Mainly, they either paid their way out of the ticket by simply paying for the ticket (an option best suited to those who could afford to pay higher insurance rates), opted to pay their way out of traffic school by bribing a traffic school owner with money in exchange for a certificate of completion, or paid someone to take the class for them. For those who didn’t fall within the above three categories, we had to waste that Saturday undergoing the scenario described above.

In today’s world, the above seems like the dinosaur ages because now you don’t have to be rich to buy your way out and you don’t have to give up your Saturday. Anyone who has received a traffic ticket and wants to dismiss it, anyone who has been ordered to take a traffic school or a defensive driving class or anyone who wants to get an automatic insurance discount can do that without sitting in a classroom and without paying a high fine to the court. Thanks to the internet, this task can be accomplished in a cheap, painless, quick, and convenient manner by attending your traffic school and defensive driving class requirement online. It is fun, easy and best of all; it can be done at anytime of day, from any location of your choice, as long as there is a computer and internet access. Yes, it can be done in your bed or at your work. And best of all, you can do it in either one sitting or ten sittings, as you set the terms.

Perhaps the most difficult question is how you find the right online traffic school or defensive driving school online. When doing a simple search on Goggle, hundreds of these online traffic schools pop up, and many of them are not even approved. From the wording of the website, it is very quite hard to figure out if the company has really been licensed by the state to offer the traffic school course. Some of the schools that have just been started claim to be approved and one only learns that they are not after paying them, getting the certificate and presenting it to the court only to be rejected. And when you attempt to get your money back they point you to some fine print text on their website where you supposedly agreed that their certificate may not be accepted. To ease the pain of parsing through hundreds of traffic schools, we did our own investigation.

We used five criteria to choose the best online traffic school and defensive driving school online. Those five criteria were: cost, ease of use, accessibility, customer service support, tech support, interesting text, longevity in business. Based on these findings we found three websites:,, All of these websites are approved by the states, provide a 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied, for whatever reason, and best of all, they provide 24/7 customer support. This feature is perhaps the most important because computers are not a perfect science and as you are working on the program you can have a computer glitch. It is important to be able to call a company so that they can help you. For more information on these websites call 1-888-329-7069.

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