TERRORISM KEEPS GETTING WORSE BECAUSE OF DEFECTIVE BUSH POLICIES. Anyone can see it: terrorism keeps getting worse and worse each day.

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Political Commentary By Rev. Bill McGinnis

Before 9/11, terrorism was confined to a small number of extremist individuals, loosely linked by radical Islam and hatred of Israel and its protector, the USA. But now, many more moderate Muslims have become radicalized, world-wide, willing to kill innocent civilians in order to achieve their purposes. And the major targets have expanded to include civilians in Russia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Spain, and elsewhere, as well as Israel and the United States. Who does not remember seeing the murdered Russian school children on TV? This never happened before. Terrorism is getting worse, not better!

What has happened? Why is terrorism getting worse, not better?

Two defective Bush policies are mainly responsible, it seems to me: 1) Trying to stop terrorism by killing terrorists, and 2) Starting this idiot war in Iraq.

Trying to stop terrorism by killing terrorists only makes things worse, because when you kill one terrorist, you radicalize all his friends and neighbors and relatives, and you end up creating several new terrorists for every one you kill. So the more terrorists you kill, the worse off you are.

The idiot war in Iraq has been a total disaster from start to finish (if there ever is a finish). First, it was based on pure deception, supported by phony "intelligence" from God-knows-where. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. There never was any tie between Saddam and anti-American terrorism. (Yes, Saddam did support local anti-Israel terrorism, but that is certainly no reason for the USA to start a war with Iraq. Israel hates its neighbors; they hate Israel in return. It's their feud, not ours. We should never have gotten dragged into it like we have been.)

There never was any actual threat to the USA from Saddam. He was completely under control, stifled by the UN investigators. His earlier Weapons of Mass Destruction had all been destroyed, and all he had left were dreams and vague plans: no actual WMD. We could have kept him safely under control forever. But, NO! We had to invade and screw things up completely, for no good reason. Disaster. And it's not over yet.

The idiot war in Iraq has united most of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world against us, plus much of the rest of the world. They think we are dangerously insane, unfit to be the sole remaining superpower in the world. It looks to them like like we are trying to steal the oil in Iraq, or at least control it. It looks to them like we are backing Israel in all things, right or wrong. It looks to them like we do not care at all about the thousands of innocent Iraqi deaths and injuries we have caused, neatly dismissing them as "collateral damage." It looks to them like we are planning to impose Secular Capitalism on them, in clear opposition to their religious and cultural beliefs. (We call it "Democracy" and "Freedom," but they see it as putting the Will Of Man over the Laws Of God, and allowing all kinds of sin and deviant behavior to run rampant.) And sure, Saddam was a bad guy, and if you opposed him you were in big trouble. So what? That's life in all dictatorships, including the many that we have always supported. That's no reason to start a war.

Naturally, they are now opposing us. What else would you expect?

Thus, the idiot war in Iraq has worked against us in every possible way, making us far less safe than we otherwise would have been.

Bush supporters will try to say, "See! We are safe now, because there have been no terrorist attacks in the USA since 9-11. Our policies are working!" This is like saying that Hurricane Ivan won't hit Mobile, Alabama because none has done so in many years. But the weather map shows the hurricane heading straight for Mobile. Not very intelligent, but what should we expect from policy-makers who are blinded by ideology, and would not recognize the truth if it were standing in front of them!

True, the USA has not suffered a successful major attack since 9/11, but this does not mean that we are safer. The terrorists could strike any time they choose, through any of the numerous loopholes so well reported in our media. But they have chosen not to attack, perhaps because they are waiting to produce an effect even greater than the 9/11 attacks, so they do not appear to be losing strength. What could be more spectacular than the 9/11 attacks? Nuclear! Or massive bio-chemical attack! And I think this is what they are waiting for. All of our frantic preparations may have had some effect in preventing small-time casual attacks, but they cannot stop a serious planned attack, any more than a mere door lock can stop a serious robber who really wants to get into your house.

So the Bush administration can keep claiming that we are safer now, under their defective policies. But this claim is merely feel-good propaganda, intended to keep the neo-cons in power. It cannot withstand clear-headed scrutiny. The fact is, the defective Bush policies have failed completely even to diminish terrorism, much less defeat it. By trying to "stamp out" terrorism by killing terrorists, Bush has made things infinitely worse for us: more dangerous, not safer. And the idiot war in Iraq has made everything worse for us, by any rational measure. And proof that Bush has failed may come at any moment, explosively, with one big successful attack here in the USA.

How can we get out of this mess? We must change Presidents. Bush has gotten us into so much trouble, he can never get us out.

May God help us all.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director



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