Election Scandals Causing Much Stress and Anxiety

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Recent political scandals have been taking their toll on peopleÂ?s health, experts say

Laura Bush said. “The Democrats think that some of this dirt is going to stick. Well, nothing gets by a good scrub with a loofah brush.

With all the turmoil surrounding swift boats, forged documents and “flip-flopping”, the election process has been taking its toll on people’s nervous systems. In the latest CBS/Gallup Poll surveying adult males between the ages of 29 and 39, 65% have been viciously chomping on their fingernails at the rate of two fingers an hour. But it’s gotten even worse for women between the ages of 31 and 41 with 77% saying they have been eating whole jars of pickles even though they aren’t pregnant! “People are taking this race way too seriously and that's been driving up the national blood pressure,” said Dr. Harry Lesstense of The Relaxation Institute in Washington DC.

So the inevitable is beginning to happen. People are looking for an outlet to unwind and chill out. The MoveOn.org people are seriously pursuing the art of reflexology. Nothing rubs it in like a good old fashioned massage. John Edwards was seen brandishing a manicure kit recently at a campaign stop in Missouri. "After you've been shaking hands all day and carrying babies like I’ve been doing, there is nothing like a wonderful manicure to set things right," he was quoted as saying.

“After Memogate, the Kerry campaign is really getting into this yoga thing," said Joe Lockhart senior aide to the Kerry campaign. “People need to meditate a bit on what’s been going on over the last couple of days." Rumor has it that Dan Rather was caught reading Undress Your Stress while waiting to apologize on the 10 o'clock news. First Lady Laura Bush was seen packing the President’s brown sugar body scrubs as they were leaving to New York for the U.N. meeting. “With all the mudslinging lately, George has been exfoliating more than ever before," Laura Bush said. “The Democrats think that some of this dirt is going to stick. Well, nothing gets by a good scrub with a loofah brush." So while the President is exfoliating and John Kerry’s trying to meditate, hop on over to http://www.RelaxDepot.com for your ticket to relaxation. Go ahead create your own personal spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Because if there is one cause that surely deserves your vote, it’s your health!

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