We Will Vote for John Kerry

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Lifelong Republican and Pennsylvanian urges other moderate and conservative Republicans who believe Bush has led the country in the wrong direction to speak out and to persuade others with facts.

Lansdale PA - September 20, 2004 - Tom (who prefers his last name remain anonymous to protect his children and family from reprisals) is a lifelong Republican. This year, however, he and most of his extended family will vote for John Kerry. Tom urges conservative and moderate Republicans who believe that the country is going in the wrong direction to help out. “Talk to your family, friends and co-workers and learn the facts about John Kerry and George W Bush,” Tom suggests. Tom’s elder son and his daughter, who has just turned 18, will vote for Kerry, and Tom has persuaded his very conservative Christian sisters, who were Bush supporters in 2000, to vote for John Kerry as well.

Tom is supporting John Kerry because of issues of national importance, and others that affect him personally. “George W Bush and his administration have turned our nation into one of distrust, hate and fear,” he says. “I want a president who unifies the country not divides it; I want a president who is honest, has integrity and takes care of the welfare of all Americans not just the elite; I want a president who puts the needs of the American people over the profit of the international corporations; I don’t like secret meetings that set our energy policies; I don’t want trillion-dollar deficits that will break the backs of my children and grandchildren; I don’t like billion-dollar no-bid government contracts going to a company in which our vice-president still holds stock options.”

Tom’s elder son Matthew is currently serving in the US Army. Mathew spent a year in Iraq and was there for months before he received body armor. His vehicle was never equipped with armor. “The summer days, the temperature could reach 130 degrees in the shade, and yet many times our boys could only get one or two bottles of water. They are working 12 to 16 hours days, 7 days a week.” Tom acknowledges that war is never easy, but his question is “Why are we there?” “Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11 and it has distracted our efforts to capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan,” he says. “The billions and billions of dollars we have spent in Iraq, we could have secured our ports, increased our border patrols, increased protection of our nuclear and chemical sites, and increased funding for our firefighters and policemen. Over 1000 of our young men and women died and over 10,000 have been injured, with no end in sight and no exit plan.”

John Kerry is Tom’s choice for President because Tom believes that Kerry has the sense to listen and to change his mind when confronted with realities and facts. He believes Kerry will be able to improve America’s damaged relationships with our allies, and will better be able to protect us from terrorism, rather than using it as a tool to create fear and manipulate people as the Bush administration has done. Kerry, he believes will strengthen the economy, environment and scientific research. He will lead us back to being the UNITED States of America.

[For a copy of Tom’s writing and other similar essays written by members of RepublicansForKerry04.org group contact media@republicansforkerry04.org]

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