Winter Sinusitis May Have Finally Met Its Match Thanks To Hot Pepper Nasal Spray

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With cold & flu season fast approaching, many yearly sufferers are hoping to get a much needed reprieve from this winter’s “sinus woes” thanks to the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray. In less than a year, “Sinus Buster” all natural pepper nasal spray has built a phenomenal reputation with hundreds of doctors, and thousands of their patients who suffer from chronic sinus and headache symptoms, but the manufacturer claims their unique pepper formula is also extremely effective for flushing away acute sinus infections.

The active ingredient in the Sinus Buster formula is “Capsaicin”, the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers. Though Sinus Buster has been hailed by thousands as a true breakthrough in sinus and headache relief, the product wasn’t widely available until last March – just after the peak “cold & flu” season. A spokesman for SiCap Industries, makers of Sinus Buster, says their all natural hot pepper formula can help knock out most stubborn sinus infections within five days of regular use.

“Last winter, only a couple hundred people were using the sinus buster, but today we have tens of thousands of regular users. So this winter we’re going to have the chance to market sinus buster throughout the entire cold and flu season. And believe me, this formula blows away stubborn sinus infections for most people within three to five days,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

SiCap’s Sinus Buster formula is being increasingly recommended by ENTs, and family practitioners around the country as an added supplement to the normal treatment regimens prescribed for severe sinus infections. Many physicians are recommending Sinus Buster in place of the usual prescription nasal sprays to accompany effective antibiotic treatments.

“It works especially well when combined with a physician’s prescribed treatment regimen. Of course you have use it at least three times a day, and once you feel it’s cleared up the infection, you need to continue using it for at least another two weeks since sinus infections are extremely stubborn. That’s why so many people have recurring sinus infections because as soon as your treatment is complete, the (left-overs) of the infection start growing again. So it never really goes away, and some people never beat it all the way so they end up getting sinus infections all year long,” adds Perry.

Sinus infections also known as “Sinusitis,” can be caused by chronic allergy conditions, but are usually caused by common cold and flu viruses, and bacterial infections that work their way into the sinus cavities. Most physicians treat bacterial Sinusitis with a regimen of antibiotics, decongestants, and various nasal steroid sprays, but unfortunately many of these infections do not disappear completely once the treatment is completed. In many cases, the symptoms may be gone, but the infection may still loom.

On the other hand, many sinus infections are caused by viruses. When a sinus infection is viral, antibiotics are useless, but some of the same treatments used to alleviate bacterial infections can also be used to relieve some of the basic viral symptoms such as nasal; congestion, facial swelling, and pain.

More than 37 million Americans suffer with at least one bout of sinusitis every year, making it a huge problem for physicians since these infections can be so tough to beat. Chronic sinusitis sufferers may have acute symptoms for 12 weeks or more including; facial pain & pressure, facial swelling, nasal obstruction, thick nasal discharge, discolored post-nasal drainage, and even a fever. Some people may also experience persistent headaches, chronic bad breath, and fatigue. Indeed, the symptoms of an acute sinus infection can make most people miserable, dramatically affecting their overall health and quality of life.

Although sinus infections can attack year round, the winter months appear to be more hazardous for sinus sufferers since people spend more time indoors with dry heat, and without proper ventilation. Preventing winter sinus infections consists of following the same basic hygiene precautions used to keep from catching a cold - Good hand washing practices and staying clear of people who are knowingly sick. Of course there are a few other things you can do to help prevent reoccurring sinus infections such as avoiding cigarette smoke, dry winter heat, and frequently blowing your nose to get rid of nasal discharge.

Chronic sinus congestion that can lead to sinusitis can also be caused by allergens, polyps, and other underlying factors that tend to promote a friendly environment for the growth of bacteria. For this reason, many doctors recommend a vaporizer or steam from a pan of boiled water (removed from the heat of course) to provide a moist breathing environment to help keep the nasal passages clear – especially while sleeping. Humidifiers can also work, but they often spread bacteria and fungal spores into the air when the filter is allowed to get dirty, and the filters tend to get dirty very quickly. Warm compresses are yet another useful way to relieve the pain and congestion associated with sick sinus symptoms, and saline nose drops are also helpful for moisturizing the nasal passages.

Aside from the basics, perhaps the best prevention could be a daily dose of Sinus Buster to help keep bacteria in check. The active ingredients in Sinus Buster each have powerful anti-microbial properties that work together with the capsaicin to flush out pockets of nasal discharge where many bacteria could be hiding. Sinus Buster also reduces pain and swelling throughout the sinuses and along the “Trigeminal” nerve network which controls much of the headache pain and overall swelling that can lead to chronic congestion. Sinus Buster also uses pure “Aloe Vera Gel” to help moisturize the nasal passages leaving the user with a fresh clean feeling. Best of all, the Sinus Buster formula is all natural and safe to “as needed” on a daily basis.

To find out more about the world’s first “Capsaicin” hot pepper nasal spray, visit the company website at ( Media kits and product samples are available for qualified medical and media personnel upon request.

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