How To Be Rich, Nigga Author goes from making millions to BEING HOMELESS to signing $100 Million Contract and selling new book to large retailers.

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Gerard Spinks, the writer and publisher of his popular How To Be Rich, Nigga book series, has gone from making millions of dollars in the Silicon Valley in the dot com era, to battling homelessness in Atlanta, GA, to becoming a best selling author since 2002 and signing a $100 Million Contract.

Gerard Spinks, author of the popular selling book, How To Be Rich, Nigga has literally taken his own book advice and changed his life from one of wealth, to homelessness, to wealth once again. From 1996-2000, Gerard Spinks made millions of dollars from his technology consulting business based in the Silicon Valley in Northern California. An African-American technology business leader, he sold niche-consulting services to companies including Apple Computer, Lucas Arts and Entertainment, Oracle Corporation, SEGA, and Logitech Corporation.

His company specializes in an important niche in technology called Electronic Data Interchange of which there are only a handful of people in the world who know this technology. After years of specializing in this niche, the dot com era approached and Gerard Spinks, one of the only African-Americans in the Silicon Valley to capitalize on the rise of the dot coms, negotiated his company to become the building blocks of two high profile companies that built B2B Server technology – webMethods and Iona Technologies, then Netfish. Netfish had raised $50 million in three months to power the development of the application, but couldn’t do it without Gerard Spinks’ business expertise.

Netfish and webMethods found Gerard Spinks and began negotiating to buy out his company for 400,000 shares of preferred stock. WebM went public at nearly $300 per share, Netfish never made it to their IPO. Gerard ended up still making millions from the deal and due to the unfortunate bombings of the World Trade Towers and the downslide of the economy; he lost nearly his entire fortune.

Gerard went from making over $100,000 per month to making nothing for a period of 3 years. He battled to stay on top with his wife and child and continued to keep hope alive and look for work. He relocated to Atlanta, GA and attempted to make the business work there. In Atlanta, nothing worked. Gerard tried launching two different companies in Atlanta in order to make ends meet and feed his family and keep a roof over their heads.

After two years, from 2001-2003, nothing had changed. The U.S. went to war and this didn’t fuel Gerard’s economy the way Bush said it would. Gerard and his family ended up having to get evicted from their rental home in Lithonia, GA and were forced to nearly stay on the streets until they found enough money to stay in a hotel in Atlanta, GA.

Gerard says, “We had absolutely nothing. I had my wife and my child depending upon me and I could barely keep income coming in after living real big in Cali. We drove around Atlanta in the ghettos looking for cheap hotels that had a kitchenette so that my baby daughter would be able to eat and we could warm her bottles of milk. Life absolutely sucked at that time. I kept believing and working and dreaming and striving for a plan to come up. I kept praying. I believed that I could do something to change my reality. I kept my dreams alive and decided to never give up despite the funky condition that we were all in at the time. I tapped into my inner strength and my inner God power to know that I was still smart, still a good businessman, and still a great father, regardless of my condition.”

This is when it hit Gerard to share his story and write it down. Always an avid reader and writer, he broke open his laptop and started writing. He started writing about the hardship and what it would take to counteract the condition and the lack of income. The result is “How To Be Rich, Nigga”. The book, although possessing a controversial title, has resulted in over 110,000 e-book downloads from Gerard’s website and orders from Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble as well as Black Bookstores across the world.

Gerard says “The book is on fire and I praise God for this. Without God, family, and friends, I would have not been able to write and share this story. I also thank my baby daughter for her resiliency and her unconscious belief that everything was okay and that we were all right. Thank God she was too young to know what was happening and would play and laugh regardless of what happened. She actually kept my spirits alive. I want people to know this story, to know that there is hope, and know that they can survive extremely difficult situations that we are all put in. We can survive this economic holocaust and re-build our lives.”

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