A Clear and Simple Plan For Getting Out of This Idiot War in Iraq

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We should clearly and simply GET OUT. Immediately. Beginning today and ending as soon as we possibly can, certainly within the next month or two.

We never should have invaded Iraq in the first place. Our invasion was a disaster, based on illusion, supported by fantasy, sustained by false ideology, enhanced by wishful thinking, justified by deliberate lies. There never were any weapons of mass destruction. There never was any tie between Saddam and anti-American terrorism. (Yes, Saddam did support local anti-Israel terrorism, but that is certainly no reason for the USA to start a war with Iraq. Israel hates its neighbors; they hate Israel in return. It's their feud, not ours. We should never have gotten dragged into it like we have been.)

And sure, Saddam was a bad guy, and if you opposed him you were in big trouble. So what? That's life in all dictatorships, including the many that we have always supported. That's no reason to start a war.

There never was any actual threat to the USA from Saddam. He was completely under control, stifled by the UN investigators. His earlier Weapons of Mass Destruction had all been destroyed, and all he had left were dreams and vague plans: no actual WMD. We could have kept him safely under control forever. But, NO! We had to invade and screw things up completely, for no good reason. Disaster. And it's not over yet. And it will never be over until we get ourselves out of Iraq, the same way we got ourselves out of our previous fiasco, Viet Nam: by simply GETTING OUT. Picking up and leaving.

Our military needs to leave; our contractors need to leave; our other workers need to leave. Our diplomats need to leave. Our presence needs to be reduced to almost zero, just like it was before George W. Bush started this idiot war for no good reason whatsoever.

We will also need to bring our main collaborators with us, resettling them here, just like we did in Viet Nam, or else they will be killed as soon as we leave.

Only then can the Iraqis sort things out for themselves. They don't need our help. In fact, our presence there now prevents them from solving their problems! With us gone, their problems can disappear. With us there, their problems will continue forever, getting worse every day.

When we leave, the anti-US resistance will cease, because the resistors will have nothing more to fight against. Oil production can resume. Oil money can start flowing in, enough for the Iraqis to rebuild everything they need, without our taxpayer help. Americans will stop being killed and injured; Iraqis will stop being killed and injured; American taxpayers will get true tax relief - no more paying for an endless, idiot war.

And the Iraqis can then establish their own moderate Islamic government, based on these five principles, previously set forth:

     1. Iraq for the Iraqis!

     2. No foreign fighters!

     3. Peace and prosperity for all!

     4. Justice and fairness for all!

     5. Do not exceed the limits set by Allah!

But if we do not leave, here's what happens: the violence continues to get worse; thousands more innocent Iraqis die, plus thousands more Americans; instability continues; suffering continues, with no end in sight; oil production remains near zero; nothing gets rebuilt, because it is impossible to rebuild anything while you are under attack; allies continue to avoid the hopeless mess; elections will not be held, because they cannot be made secure; therefore, the puppet government continues;American expenses continue to increase, with no end in sight; Iraqi misery continues to increase, with no end in sight. And anti-US sentiment continues to build around the world, creating more and more anti-US terrorists from the unlimited potential supply.

But some people will say, "We can't do that! We can't just leave!" And then they will present some reason or another why they don't think we should pull out of Iraq.

To these people, I reply, "Yes, we can leave now, and we should leave now, because it is better to leave sooner rather than later. In every case, our continued presence there does nothing but make things worse for us and for the Iraqis. Always. Every day, things become worse for both of us. There is no good reason for staying, just as there was no good reason for invading in the first place."

So the choice is clear to anyone who has the courage to see it: we need to get out of Iraq immediately, without delay. The sooner we leave, the better everything will be. The longer we delay, the worse everything will become. There is no advantage whatsoever in staying there even one day longer. Tomorrow is worse than today; the day after tomorrow is worse than tomorrow.

And finally, we need to make sure we never do anything this stupid ever again. For a start, we must replace the failed President who got us into this mess: our arrogant, delusional, misguided, ignorant President, George W. Bush. And all of the dual loyalists and ideologues who surround and advise him, leading him blindly down all the wrong paths.

Blessings to you. May God help us all.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director    



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