Swedish model 'raises' eyebrows

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Swedish model launches innovative website to raise funds for breast implants. Donators go in draw to win a shoot with her and a pro photographer wherever they be in the world!

In contrary to 'Inga from Sweden' style, it appears as if Swedish models do actually have some sense... even business sense. Amazing Linda Peacegrove, as she is known to the international part-time modelling world, has launched an innovative website http://www.getmeboobies.com to raise funds for implants - and, she has an alluring twist! One (very lucky) donator will be randomly selected and will be visited by Ms Peacegrove and a professional photographer in his/her home town. The winner and Ms Peacegrove will be photographed together after she has had the implant operation.

"I would like the shoot to be very classy," she said. "The pictures will be touched up and airbrushed as they would in a magazine-style shoot. The winner and I will look great together. Believe me, the graphics programmes available are amazing. It will be something the winner will be able to brag about and show off. I hope, even be proud of."

The 30-year-old Swedish bombshell lost her breast tissue following dramatic weight loss after suffering from Graves' Disease (hyperthyroidism). She subsequently had her thyroid gland removed by what she discribes as a lack-lustre Swedish healthcare system.

"Here's a recent example of our health care system. I scheduled a trip to Florida and managed to get enough shoots to cover my plane ticket. It's called trade-for-prints (TFP) where we don't make any money - enough to cover expenses - but we can build up a portfolio to try and eventually do so. While I was there I was bitten by a dog. I felt woozy two weeks after that and went to a Government-funded hospital. They said I'd be fine and sent me home. It got worse so I went to a private doctor who was in disbelief at the previous assessment and gave me every shot under the sun. Would you have trust in that kind of health care system?"

"They took my thyroid gland out because hyperthyroidism ran in my family. I've since found that most surgeons only remove the sick part of the gland yet in the state hospital I was advised to remove it all as it could come back. It would mean another surgery. I now wonder if it was the cost of another surgery to the state that was the actual driving force behind the advice," said the gorgeous getmeboobies.com girl. "I could go on the waiting list for implants paid for by the state - about two years - but obviously I just don't trust the system anymore. Daily hormones keep my metabolism stable but are a constant reminder of the level of health care we receive here."

"I simply cannot raise the money myself for the operation," said the solo-mother. "The economy is terrible in Sweden at the moment. So many people are on Government funding, I decided to try and do something about it myself and therefore came up with the Web site idea and shoot. I decided to help myself."

But, Ms Peacegrove assured that there is no Swedish Massage associated with the prize.

"No way. I also don't want the Hollywood 'Barbie Doll' version, if you know what I mean. I just want my breasts back. I often see other women have and just feel incomplete. My self esteem has been shattered but I've learnt that you just have to keep going...keep trying. Just because a woman looks beautiful doesn't mean she feels beautiful."

"You would not believe how many models out there aren't happy with the way they look. I'm sure people will roll their eyes at that, but they don't understand. It's a profession to these people and they are being brutally scrutinized every minute, of every day. If they have imperfections they are quickly told about them and there is nothing subtle about the way they are told."

"The site will be by application and only those worthy of help will be accepted. I won't accept someone because they simply want changes. They must have a reason to want to change. Imagine a model who was stunning...really going places. Then imagine a car accident. The scarring would be deeper on the inside than the outside. It's these sort of people I want to help."

And people have begun to give her a hand. Internationally-acclaimed New York artist, Kenneth Hari, has offered one of his sculptures to Ms Peacegrove's cause. The beautiful bust "Beatrice," which is being sold for up to $US12,000 and takes pride of place in numerous celebrity homes, is up for auction on the site. Ms. Peacegrove is hoping the kindness of strangers will perk her up in more ways than one.

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