Declaration of War on Propaganda

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The Information Revolution is sparking a war on the propaganda model, and bloggers are at the front line.

Since the 16th century, propaganda has been a dark veil pulled over the mass media. Only now, in the throws of the Information Revolution, are we able to expose reality and begin to combat propaganda. Herman and Chomsky outline the major players in the propaganda model: advertisers, publishers, and the government; in their book "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media", and the solution to the model is upon us. The supreme court has protected the individual's freedom of speech, and the web has provided blind advertising and a publishing medium for the individual. Only now, in the ashes of the Internet Boom, can a battle with propaganda properly be fought.

The theory presented by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, termed the "propaganda model", clearly describes how the mass media naturally bias their content to serve the government and advertisers. The government is the major source of news for the mass media publishers, generally large corporations. In an effort to sustain a constant flow of news and revenue, the content provided is censored and slanted to serve the interests of these groups. What develops is a mass media full of propaganda. To combat this phenomenon, the public needs a publishing vehicle free of advertiser interests, and a news source free of government favor.

Historically the mass media publishers have been large companies, due to the financial investment needed to reach a large audience. Technology and public infrastructure has been developed that changes this dramatically. The availability of computers and Internet connectivity has created a distribution medium so inexpensive that an individual can publish to millions with no investment needed. Writers used to submit articles to publishers and editors, now they submit on a web page, and instantly their words are available to an international audience.

Capitalism as it is, competition for commercial advertising on these electronic publications has developed. Self help advertising tools have emerged and created an auction for links on web pages, and that competition is sparking a revolution. Some call it the blogging, we call it the "Information Revolution".

At the heart of the change is that advertising interest no longer influence the content of publications, and the news comes from individuals, instead of the government. Our freedom of speech, and the Supreme Courts rulings, defend our ability to publish freely. The availability and competition of advertisers is funding this inexpensive publishing medium, and the battle against propaganda has begun. The front line is the blogger, and this will develop into a whole army of freelance journalists and writers, funded but not influenced by commercial advertising. In the end, we as a society will have earned a propaganda free news source, and progressed down the path of knowledge.

Join the ranks of the freelance writers, and do your part in the revolution. Communities and tools have developed that arm you to publish today. Publish your stories, proverbs, advice, recipes, objections, and views. Many companies are doing a part by offering publishing communities, where an individual can freely reach millions. Commercial opportunities are emerging allowing companies and individuals to finance more communities, and recognize a significant return.

You are doing your part, just by reading this. Every page, every visit, every product purchased online gives strength and financing to this battle against propaganda. Participation in the war against propaganda is as simple as turning off your television, putting down the paper, and reading a blog.

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