ACSA predicts the details of 'likely' Terror Attack preceding the US Elections of 2004.

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As indicated in its Advances Magazine, the ACSA ( predicted on Friday September 24, 2004 what it felt were Â?very possible dates for Terror Attacks on Continental USA aimed specifically at altering the US Election outcome: October 6 and 7th, 2004Â? along with other such details. A spokesperson said ACSA expects 6 or more jetliner hijackings, ground bombings and poisonings may be launched in the days before and including October 6 and 7, initiated by a release of public information by Al Qaeda, possibly a tape authored by Bin Laden, that is yet to be aired by Al Jazeera: Â?a noted outlet for terrorist utilitarian messagesÂ?.

The ACSA’s “Thought Share on Terrorism” (TSoT) Team issued an elevated Terror Threat Alert to it’s 9.5 million regular and associate members today, after the study group issued a statement predicting an upcoming, election-shaking Terror Attack “with details”.

The ACSA (American Computer Scientists Association | indicated it felt October 6 and 7th were very likely “Al Qaeda Profiled” days for such an attack to occur. It also stated that any such attack could be delayed to occur closer to the actual US Elections, but for the Democratic Party to seize an opportunity to try and topple the Bush Campaign, it would probably require four weeks of concerted, coordinated efforts, for it to blame Bush for the anticipated attack sufficiently to muster support for it’s failing campaign, as indicated by recent drops in support for Kerry in the polls.

ACSA felt that Al Qaeda would more likely pull off an attack sooner, on October 6 or 7, so as to give Democratic Party hopefuls more time to realize and then take advantage of the opportunity. Apparently, Al Qaeda expects the Kerry campaign to then (after such an attack) focus its efforts to use such an attack and muster support against President Bush. ACSA stated it “half expected” Kerry’s campaign to appear to be trying to appease terrorist groups so as to appeal to fearfulness in the general population by suggesting attacks will be over ‘if only we treat the terrorists more sensitively…”.

The TSoT Team was careful to warn the public against assuming the threat was nonexistent.

“We believe that it is likely that October 6 and 7 best fit the kind of drama program the Al Qaedans like to use. For one, the 6th is the actual anniversary of the Palestinian takeover of the Cruise Liner Achille Lauro in 1985 ( in the Mediterranean, an incident which heralded the hijacking and highly public murder of a Jewish American man, a handicapped 69 year old individual, Leon Klinghoffer, who needed a wheelchair to get around. Klinghoffer, a resident of New York, was shot in his wheelchair during the hijack and thrown overboard by then Palestinian leader Mohammad Abbas' men."

"The 7th of October is the actual anniversary of the 1973 attack during Yom Kippur on Israel, and the actual anniversary of the United States – British combined operation to invade Afghanistan two to three years ago after 911.”

“We also feel that Al Qaeda resorts to more basic symbolism. Just as the term ‘911’ refers to ‘calling the emergency number’ in telephone communications terminology: 10-6 and 10-7 have distinct meaning to the ham radio and signal communications arena,” stated an ACSA TSoT Team Spokesperson.

“When speaking on radio frequencies, enthusiasts, military and other operators of communications equipment use so-called ’10-Codes’. 10-6 means ‘busy, stand by’. Perhaps such would suggest that if an attack were launched on 10-6-2004, the 10-6 activities by Al Qaeda might be aimed at ‘bystanders’. Such might include suicide bombings, and maritime assaults, even poisonings or anthrax-like attacks. These activities might also have the secondary effect of ‘busying out’ our homeland defense personnel."

"In communications, 10-7 means ‘out of service, off the air’, which in 'Al Qaeda' symbolism might be a euphemism for some kind of airborne attack, something like a 9/11 type of airliner attack. In other words: airliners are taken out of service and fell from the air into targets like the Pentagon and WTC” she added, “Our team is analyzing obtuse attributes of the Al Qaedans and other terrorists, fitting them to possible scenarios. This sad likelihood is what we’ve come up with. One way or another, some kind of global go-code will have to be issued before hand.”

“In further analysis, we ascertained that the likelihood of an attack, using a dirty bomb, or other weapon from a plane or truck, would be in the minds of the Terrorists best timed to do anything which might help the Democrats unseat President Bush, whose aggressive war on Terrorism is a threat to the Terrorists. ACSA believes they would believe they should time such an attack long enough in advance of the election to give left-wing press, the Democrats and Kerry chance to try and turn public opinion against the President, by causing him to be thought of as incompetent or negligent, despite the fact that there is not a very strong likelihood that a Terrorist attack could be easily interdicted by anyone.”

“Thirty (30) days in advance of the November 5th, 2004 elections is long enough, anything less would not give the suffering and pain stories enough time to sink in. If not given a whole month, the press could not, on the left, sustain wide enough coverage and opinion manipulation to try and trigger a backlash against President Bush. The Terrorists would want to leverage the rise of outrage, much as did Dan Rather, and Michael Moore, to try and leverage a temporary swing to the left in an effort to gain strong support for Kerry, even though all three were fraudulently based gains. Clearly, Al Qaeda has realized that Americans left of center inevitably tend to blame the President when something like this happens, and the press can expand that to a plurality for an opposing candidate like Kerry, for a limited period of time, using bias in the press coverage of the incidents to make it look like it’s the current administration’s fault.”

“One of our key thinkers has picked six possible jetliner targets: two universities, the Empire State Building or Citicorp Center, the Sears Tower, Los Angeles International Airport, and one of three targets in Washington: the White House, the Capitol Senate Office Building complex, or the Pentagon. Because President Bush is a graduate of Yale and Harvard, the Al Qaedans might hit out at those universities just to create animosity among alumni and students and faculty against the President.”

“We have considered the various likelihoods, and conclude and expect the entire thing, if it happens, to be preceded by deadly attacks on Israel, Iraq and the United Kingdom, possibly even an open attack on some facility near 10 Downing or Parliament. The dramatic effect of a crescendo of attacks, busying us all out and delivering death to many innocent bystanders, would likely catch us in motion to reinforce ground facilities just as the air attacks began on American cities by hijacked jetliners, a kind of one-two punch, with the dates picked not only for the anniversaries they represent, but for the significance of the 10-codes, and inevitably, some ancient legend that will surface and be equated to such a probable attack much as the 'Nostradamus' legend was played by Al Qaeda regarding the Twin Towers.”

“There are other significances of the sort the Al Qaedans might like to leverage. For example: the Normandy Invasion of Operation Overloard attacked five beaches simultaneously on the French Coast, while a sixth arm, a so-called ‘phantom army’ kept 19 divisions pinned down in Calais and Bologne for 19 weeks. Six primary points of attack, one at the place where they were expected to, was actually a shadow operation to keep the Germans busy from June 6 on in 1944, 40 years and 4 months earlier than October 6, 2004.”

”The date of the Yom Kippur War attack on Israel, in 1973, fell on this day of the year.”

”Anwar Al-Sadat, head of Egypt, was assassinated on this day of the year in 1981.”

“The French Tanker, Limburg, was attacked off the coast of Yemen by terrorists in 2002.”

“Hafez Al Assad, late president of Syria was born on this date in 1930.”

In elevating the ACSA Terror Threat Assessment Level for continental USA, to it’s highest level “5+”, ACSA has cautioned:

a) Personnel working in the aforementioned buildings and areas should be prepared to evacuate those facilities in an orderly fashion at the first sign of trouble. Remaining in a building attacked by a jetliner is not appropriate.

b) Workers in the Power Industry should be prepared for possible sabotage intended to trigger another major power outage which could be used to camouflage attacks on continental USA (Conus). Such included “First Energy in Ohio, a perennial possible weak point and source for a reverse surge loop around the Lake Erie Grid that could blind Chicago on the face of an attack on the Sears Tower, altogether, along with dozens of other states in Central, Eastern and North Eastern America, as happened a year ago.” And “Power Outages triggered by attacks on reactor piles in California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, which would cripple governmental response to attacks and which could lead to widespread chaos.”

c) Universities should be doubly careful as they are vulnerable as could be to the kind of attacks undertaken by remote control bombers on Hebrew University.

ACSA has asked the local emergency workers, representatives of DHS and the Justice Department to issue an elevated threat alert, accompanied with a message to the international investigators: “Given the rising use of portable memory devices and difficult to decode encryption tools, I would not hold my breath waiting around and expecting the Terrorists to be so sloppy again as to leave another computer technician with laptop, covered with prospective targets in it, around for anyone to read, they have already changed their tactics more than likely and there will no longer be decodable target information found on such computers if captured, unfortunately.”

ACSA asked for enhanced security measures around targets it had identified, and numerous others and indicated it had received “reasonable assurances that intelligence chatter had pretty much alerted the Authorities to the attack, and that such steps were already well underway, without much fanfare”, suggesting that the factor of ‘surprise’ had pretty much been eliminated in terms of it’s effectiveness with countering Homeland Defender’s mechanisms of defense.

ACSA indicated it hoped that as public awareness of the possible attack's details emerged beforehand, such might serve to strengthen America's defenses and serve as a powerful deterrent. It indicated it's TSoT Team was working around the clock, analyzing factual data to further refine it's publication of what it feels such an attack would 'take the form of, where and when.'

ACSA had originally organized a program, "Computer Companies United Against Terrorism" ( on 9/12/2001, in response to the 9/11 attacks. Subsequent studies and programs of public awareness and readiness on the subject emerged from volunteerism that arose in response to the renewed threat of Terror attacks on continental USA after 9/11.

ACSA, a membership oriented private research foundation, which maintains several 'Thought Sharing' Teams (which are analogous to Think Tanks) operates from simple office facilities provided at no charge by member organizations with extra space. It sustains its research on the volunteerism of it’s members, from a minimal budget. For more information, please contact the association or visit it’s website at .

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