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American moms are supporting John Kerry because he offers us both national security as well as a comprehensive plan for addressing the issues right here at home, including our health care, education, environment, social security, the economy, women's rights and a smart foreign policy. Millions of American moms are turning to Kerry and Edwards because they offer a vision of hope, prosperity and safety for all Americans - not special interest give-aways for big donors. George Bush would scare us into voting for him while John Kerry inspires us to vote for him with his plan for our kids, our communities and our country. The "security moms" of America know that John Kerry will address the challenges facing our country and will make our country stronger and safer by dealing proactively with potential threats -- threats that George Bush still hasn't even addressed. American Moms are supporting John Kerry - because our kids and our country deserve better than Bush's failed policies and lackluster leadership.

While pollsters and strategists speculate on how American women will vote and pundits debate the likely voting of married vs. unmarried women and security moms vs. waitress moms, a group of American mothers is planning nationwide rallies in small towns and big cities from California to Connecticut.

Moms for Kerry, a grassroots group of mothers supporting John Kerry and John Edwards, is coordinating a national Rally Day on Saturday, October 30 at 3:00 pm EDT. The rallies will take place all over the country at the same hour on the same day. American mothers will gather together and unite hands and hearts as they take a stand and speak out for America’s children and their futures.

“We want to send a message to American mothers – and anyone who cares about America’s kids – that this election is too important to sit on the sidelines,” commented Heidi Wanken, the group’s founder. “We believe that John Kerry is the best candidate and offers the best plan for our kids, our communities and our country.”

There are more than 50 rallies currently scheduled in cities across the country, including Columbus, Philadelphia, New York City, Portland, Dallas and St. Louis. Moms for Kerry anticipates nationwide participation on Rally Day and is currently finalizing rallies in other cities.

“We have been overwhelmed by the response from moms all over the country. We hear all this talk about security moms voting for Bush, but based on anecdotal evidence, many American moms are turning to John Kerry in this election,” reported Wanken. “Time and again, they cite Kerry’s leadership, his intelligence and, most importantly, his comprehensive plan for our country. They appreciate Bush’s efforts over the last four years, but they believe that we can and should do better for our families and our country.”

Moms for Kerry is also coordinating a massive get out the vote post card initiative to reach undecided voters in the final weeks of the campaign as well as to remind supporters to vote on Election Day. The group produced post cards that busy moms can simply fill out and send to friends, family members, associates and neighbors in order to show their support for John Kerry and encourage the recipients to research the issues of the campaign, especially as they relate to America’s children and families.

“We support John Kerry because we believe that he has the leadership and experience to guide our country through these difficult times while also addressing the critical needs right here at home. He has been through a war and has a thorough understanding of foreign policy and security issues. Kerry and Edwards have a plan to improve our national security – a plan that addresses many of our concerns that Bush has yet to confront,” Wanken commented.

“Bush would scare us into voting for him. Kerry inspires us to vote for him. He has a detailed plan for our country, especially for creating a better tomorrow for all Americans – from the economy to the environment, education to health care, social security to national security,” said Wanken.

Moms for Kerry formed in November 2003 as a core group of mothers determined to make a difference in the 2004 election through grassroots organizing. Following the Bush policies of the last few years that have abandoned America’s children in favor of special interests, the group felt the need to take action and get involved in the political process to make their voices heard. There are more than 100 million mothers in this country and they make up a large and committed voting bloc.

“American moms will be supporting John Kerry and John Edwards on November 2 because they understand the issues that concern us and will make our country stronger and safer. We support John Kerry because we believe American children and American families deserve better than this administration’s misstatements, misrepresentations and mistakes on virtually every issue. It is time for change right here at home,” Wanken concluded.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY:    A representative from Moms for Kerry is available for interviews to discuss and debate the issues of the 2004 campaign as they relate to American mothers. Please call 972/562-1614 for more information.

Additional information about the organization and upcoming events is available on our website at


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