"Earn $97,645 in the next 7 months fixing up only 4 cheap little houses"

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Dr.Phil Speer has written an enlightening program for real estate investing that includes an extensive collection of innovative books and reports.

Profitability from real estate investing is a well-established fact with extensive documentation. More millionaires have created fortunes from real estate investments than from any other endeavor. Enterprising entrepreneurs have placed high priority on this preferred business opportunity venue since the 1960s when Al Lowry, Nick Nickerson and Mark Haroldsen began teaching real estate investing techniques. Real estate investing books, courses, seminars and infomercials have proliferated since Robert Allen initiated the Nothing Down Real Estate Movement of the 1980s. More recently, Carlton Sheets, Ron LeGrand and John Beck have extensively publicized the profitability of real estate investing with investment seminars and infomercials. Fixing up properties and flipping houses for resale produces significant profits. However, the cost of learning these skills and techniques has become prohibitive. Real estate investing seminars usually demand $3000 or more, and coaching can cost as much as $25,000.

Dr.Phil Speer began a real estate investing career 25 years ago. He purchased $1 million in fixer-up properties during his first year in the business. Broke from a previous business failure, he had no cash and no credit, so he learned a unique technique of purchasing real estate with a meager $10 bill. He learned how to legally assume non-assumable mortgages. He discovered the criteria of fix up essentials. He pioneered techniques crucial in quickly selling remodeled properties. Within 3 years, he had become a multi-millionaire in real estate, and in 4 years owned $10 million in real estate. Dr. Speer was recognized in a Wall Street Journal editorial as one of the top investors in the Nothing Down Real Estate Movement. Dr.Speer differs from many instructors of real estate investing seminars in that he continues to currently invest in real estate.

Dr.Speer conducted regional real estate investing seminars for years and helped thousands of real estate investors start their real estate investing careers. Now from his vast experience, he has assembled an inexpensive collection of books and reports on the critical aspects of real estate investing. This real estate investing program is only available online, and may be examined at http://www.real-estate-0.com/realestateinvest.html . Most important to the void of learning this profitable profession inexpensively, this real estate investing guide is available for less than $100.

Dr.Speer’s free investing Newsletter and informative web site describes many of the unique real estate investing techniques responsible for his investing success.

Now, profitable investing skills can be learned inexpensively.

Dr.Phil Speer




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