3D Group Bridges the Gap in 360-Degree Assessment: Firm expands Leadership Navigator suite to offer an assessment tool specifically designed for vice-president level executives

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To complete their extensive suite of 360 degree feedback assessments, 3D Group researchers identified a need for a survey to reflect the specific roles of employees more senior than middle managers, but below the chief officer level Â? employees who most often hold a vice president or senior vice president title.

3D Group, industrial/organizational psychologists specializing in 360-degree assessments, today announced the launch of Leadership Navigatorsm for Executives. This new survey tool completes the range of assessment methodologies in their acclaimed Leadership Navigator(sm) series by meeting the needs of a significant population: Corporate executives at the vice president level.

The new offering reflects 3D Group’s expertise in making 360-degree assessments succeed. According to Dale Rose, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder of 3D Group, “For a 360-degree assessment program to be successful, the survey must closely match the actual tasks and challenges faced on the job. We’ve found that the precise organizational level of the feedback recipient is a key factor in developing an effective survey tool. It is essential that these leaders get performance feedback that they find to be relevant and useful.”

In analyzing the experiences of their clients and the academic literature, 3D Group researchers identified a need for a feedback survey to reflect the specific roles of employees more senior than middle managers, but below the chief officer level – employees who most often hold a vice president or senior vice president title.

“Vice presidents have some leadership skills in common with both chief officers and less-senior managers, so they really needed a survey that blended aspects from both jobs.” Dr. Rose explains. “Like presidents and chief executive officers vice presidents often have significant decision-making power, and contribute to developing high-level strategy. However, they are also responsible for implementing these objectives and managing a variety of operational issues, making their jobs similar to those of other managers.” Taken together, the organizational roles of these executives require a unique profile of competencies – and one that is surprisingly consistent across different job duties and industries.

To create a new, specialized tool, 3D Group conducted research that included their clients, the current academic literature, and ongoing analysis and validation of data from their suite of existing 360-degree assessment tools. The resulting Leadership Navigator(sm) survey for Executives includes appropriate material from existing surveys in the Leadership Navigator(sm) suite as well as new content.

This new offering provides in-depth, actionable feedback on many aspects of a leader’s workplace behavior. Using an array of 72 questions designed to be both comprehensive and manageable, it groups related skill areas into larger competencies. Competencies are further divided into two broad classes – 'leading people' and 'organizational leadership'. 3D Group’s approach is based in part on the tradition of research developed from the Ohio State Leadership studies, which introduced two dimensions of leadership: 'consideration of employee needs' and 'structuring work' as two distinct concepts. Both are required for effective leadership.

The new Leadership Navigator(sm) for Executives complements 3D Group’s existing offerings, which include Leadership Navigator(sm) for Senior Executives, designed for chief officers at the highest level of authority, and Leadership Navigator(sm) for Corporate Leaders, which is intended for respondents in middle-management positions. 3D Group’s series of surveys also includes assessment tools for retail managers, individual contributors, and executive directors of nonprofit organizations.

3D Group believes that by serving this segment of executives, their new survey enhances their competitiveness in the market for assessment methodologies. “It’s clear to us that the most successful assessments are those which most closely reflect the workplace challenges faced by their subjects. By tailoring a new assessment tool to this important employee segment, we hope to give them higher-quality feedback, contribute to their success, and thus make an impact on the success of their organizations.” says Dr. Rose.

3D Group’s 360-Degree Leadership Navigator(sm) series is also available through other accredited channels such as the Society for Human Resource Management, (SHRM: http://www.shrm.org/assessment/products/3DGroup/3dgroup.asp) and Performance Assessment Network (PAN http://www.pantesting.com/products/3D/360_navigator.asp)

Available for interviews: Dale Rose, Ph.D., President and Co-Founder of 3D Group.

To schedule an interview contact: Donna Lehman 510-525-1474 or dlehman@market-up.com

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3D Group specializes in 360-degree feedback and other employee assessment tools. They use their expertise in psychometrics — the specialized discipline of psychological testing and measurement — to deliver a wealth of objective, reliable, and easy to understand data that can be utilized in a variety of ways to improve manager and company performance. 3D Group is dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes increase the effectiveness of their people and programs. 3D Group researchers have authored numerous publications related to employee assessment, including the “Benchmark Study of North American 360-Degree Feedback Practices, 2002 Study” and “Current Trends in 360-Degree Feedback.”

More information can be found at: http://www.3dgroup.net

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