As Bush and Kerry Square Off to Debate, Political Playing Cards Distributed by Activists Identify 108 Reasons to Vote Against the President and Other Republican Candidates.

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Controversial Political Playing Cards Distributed by Activists to Educate Voters Before the November Elections

As presidential candidates Bush and Kerry prepare to debate Thursday evening, a husband and wife activist team have compiled their own playing card decks identifying 54 reasons to vote against the President and the the top 54 politicians and pundits who dodged military service while hypocritically rallying for war. Known as the “House of Cards: Deck of Bush” and the "Deck of Republican Chickenhawks", over 7,500 decks have been distributed through website sales, college bookstores and retail outlets like Tower Records.

“The cards are especially popular on college campuses where young people are getting more involved in the political process because they know whoever wins this upcoming election will directly effect their futures” says co-creator Jerry Vasilatos.

While the “Deck of Bush” features the failed policies and crony corporate politics of the Bush Administration, the “Deck of Republican Chickenhawks” feature administration players like Ace of Spades Dick Cheney (who is quoted as having had “other priorities” during Vietnam) to Joker card George W. Bush himself who is listed as having avoided Vietnam by joining the Texas Air National guard and then going AWOL. Other “chickenhawks” represented include Iraq policy makers Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, to pundits Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and internet bottom feeder Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report. The controversial cards were featured in TIME Magazine last year.

“We released the “Republican Chickenhawk” decks last year during the start of the Iraq war to spotlight the hypocrisy of Republicans and conservatives who rallied for war, but avoided serving their country themselves, hence the nickname “chickenhawks” explains Lisa Vasilatos, who researched the deck with her husband. The couple updated the decks last month with new information and quotes for their second printing (their first printing sold out). They followed up the popularity of their “chickenhawk” decks with the “Deck of Bush” cards earlier this year.

Jerry and his Lisa have also started donating a portion of online sales to the Armed Forces Relief Trust, in an effort to aid veterans and their families.

“While both of our card decks are satirical they are also completely factual” Jerry says. “When people review the facts we’ve compiled, we hope it inspires them to get out and vote in November for Senator Kerry because our country cannot afford the reckless direction we are being led in by the current administration.”

The “House of Cards: Deck of Bush” are available at: The “Deck of Republican Chickenhawks” are available at:

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