5 Sure-Fire "tactics" John Kerry needs to snag from Dr. Phil and Madonna to survive the media, his critics and the debates.

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"When it comes to working the media and staying on-message," Media Coach and Author Gayl Murphy explains, "the two savviest marketers in town are Dr. Phil and Madonna.

One is the Queen of Reinvention, and the other you'd trust your kids to. They talk on-message, succinctly and wrap it up. When they talk, people listen – and on their terms! People feel like they know them.

"And how they garner this kind of trust," says Murphy, "is they have media tactics that sell their message and themselves."

So where does John Kerry fit into this scenario? According to Murphy, former ABC News correspondent, Media Coach, and Author of the book, Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered, "It's precisely Dr. Phil and Madonna's targeted, on-message tactics that John Kerry supporters have been urging him to utilize. Supporters and pundits alike say he's stiff, not personal enough and they just don't feel him. I say, borrow from the best. Watch how Dr. Phil connects with people - you never doubt for a second where he's coming from. It's this kind of ‘real guy’ connection that Kerry hasn’t been using."

She concludes, "Policy aside, if John Kerry incorporates these media tactics now, I guarantee he’ll get instant results!"

1.    Start by talking to his audience in a more personal and pragmatic way. This tactic is about imagining having a conversation with just one person. In my opinion, if you can’t tell your story to just one person, you can't tell it to 20,000. (Watch George Bush, he’s really good at this.)

2.    Loosen up his body language and let it do some of the talking. By doing this, when he's compelled to make a point using his hands, it will happen automatically and authentically. This will make him look more inclusive.

3.    Bring more intonation and energy into his voice to sound less preachy. He also tends to ramble, so he’s got to get to the point quicker and stay there! By making these adjustments, he’ll sound less like a stuffy professor and more like someone who has "been there" and walked in their shoes, he'll connect to in a more genuine way.

4.    Show he's happy to be there, "fighting the good fight!" He needs to add more expression to his face and smile more. He's got a great smile when he uses it. This tactic creates commonality and will reveal an "inner-view" of who he is. It will humanize him more

5. Work on not looking so uncomfortable up there. He can do this by staying with the positive aspects of his message and reflecting how it will ultimately affect people in a constructive and profound way. This is sort of like "thinking yourself comfortable."

Gayl Murphy is a former ABC News Correspondent of 17-years and 12,000 interviews. She's also reported for the BBC, E!, Australian Broadcasting Co., Canadian Broadcasting Co. and SKY News among others. Murphy continues to cover entertainment for a variety of outlets including, BBC, Sirius and AP Radio. She also writes "Spotlight on Hollywood" in the UK.

Gayl's is the author of "Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered! The Insider's Guide to Giving a Killer Interview!"

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