Only 92 Days Left in 2004 to Stop Needlessly Overpaying Income Taxes

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The Constellation Group builds world-wide, world-class specialty Teams which act as an Â? Income Tax hospital,Â? prescribing Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection solutions for business owners and physicians anywhere in the world.

Income taxes are the largest single expense in life. Whether it’s your working years or your retirement years, American citizens pay Income Taxes every day. After death, an estate will file a final Income Tax return. Income Taxes are the largest single variable business cost for entrepreneurs and physicians. Income Taxes are annual, and Income Taxes are forever.

Paying one’s fair share of Income Taxes is the law. But needlessly overpaying one’s Income Taxes is literally throwing big money away, every year. “ It’s really astounding that business-owners and physicians don’t pay more attention to proactively managing Income Taxes, which are their largest single variable business cost. Business-owners and physicians work very hard every day, and then they just throw the money away by overpaying their Income Taxes. It’s bad business, and a good way to work oneself into an early grave, “ said Fraser Allport, founder of The Constellation Group in Miami Beach, Florida.

“ Overpaying annual Income Taxes is like a wound that won’t heal,” Allport continued. “ Income Taxes are ‘ The Forever Bill ‘. What Constellation does is build an Income Tax and Asset Protection ‘ hospital ‘, complete with a skilled and knowledgeable world-class Team to first triage and then heal the ‘ wound ’.”

A Constellation Team will include a client’s existing and highly trusted Advisors -- the Attorney, the Accountant, the Family Advisor, the Power Realtor, and the Private Banker. These Advisors reach out for Constellation’s assistance with their clients’ large Income Tax and Asset Protection problems. The existing Advisors are an integral part of the “ surgical ” Team.

“ Teams have the specialization and the worldwide resources to give the client diverse Choices. And clients rightfully want Choices. Existing Advisors become even more valuable to a client when they solve these large Income Tax and Asset Protection problems, " said Allport.

This Constellation “ hospital ” includes a three-step process to provide clients with multiple Income Tax and Asset Protection solutions, all of which are grounded in Congressional laws, Court decisions, and the IRS Code itself. The first of these three steps is “ Triage ”, in which Constellation’s world-class Team quantifies the client’s pain, learning the client’s problems, goals, and priorities relating to Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection. “ We quantify how much a person is overpaying their Income Taxes, and where they are exposed on Asset Protection. That’s how we establish a baseline. CPAs and Attorneys love working with us because of our process and precision,” said Allport.

Next, The Constellation Group will Diagnose exactly what is causing the Pain—Income Tax Reduction or Asset Protection, and discuss how Constellation can help. The client will be given a detailed “ Pro Forma ”, which mathematically quantifies the Income Tax and Asset Protection problems. Constellation needs to establish the client’s baseline to determine their “ Before versus After ” situation. This is how Constellation is able to give the client clear and quantifiable Results.

Finally, The Constellation Group will Prescribe multiple Income Tax and Asset Protection solutions from around the world. If the strategy is legal and economically viable, Constellation will present it to the client. “ We explain the pros and cons of each solution, and construct an integrated, holistic architecture for the client,” said Allport. “Our motto is simple — neither overpay nor underpay your Income Taxes. Pay the correct amount.” That’s what Constellation does —they help the existing Advisors quantify the correct amount of Income Taxes for a client’s situation, and where the Asset Protection vulnerabilities are.

Once the Constellation Team has begun to heal the wound of needlessly overpaying Income Taxes, The Constellation Group continues collaborating with the existing Advisors to bandage and protect the client’s wealth from lawsuits. The Constellation Team uses a small fraction of the business owner’s new-found Income Tax savings to secure world-class Asset Protection for them. Constellation’s philosophy on Asset Protection is Deterrence. “ The goal is not about winning in court. The goal is to never get to court in the first place, ” said Allport. “ Superior fortifications can often deter attacks from ever occurring at all. Deterrence is the best Asset Protection. ”

For the entrepreneur business owner and their close Advisors, the message is clear, according to Allport. “ Tick-tock. There are only 92 days remaining in 2004 for a business-owner and their Advisors to initiate Income Tax Reduction. Don’t do it all alone. Just get it started. Get proactive. Use The Power of Teams and you will get IRS compliance and Results. We business-owners work too hard to burn money by needlessly over-paying an already-large annual Income Tax bill."

The Constellation Group offers a written Money-Back guarantee: Within six (6) months of the date of signing Constellation’s Written Guarantee, The Constellation Group, LLC must provide the client with at least two (2) IRS-compliant and economically profitable solutions for Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection. If Constellation is unable to accomplish this, then the client will receive a complete refund of their retainer with Constellation. A 100 % refund - Happily, immediately, professionally and politely. “ We have the ultimate Value Proposition - Constellation works on a single Success Fee. We only get paid for quantifiable Results. No one else sub-specializes like us, works in Teams with existing Advisors like us, provides multiple compliant solutions like us, and works only on a Success Fee like us. Our Business Model is truly unique. We have no competition, “ said Allport.

To learn more about how The Constellation Group practices Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection, visit Constellation online at .

Advisors and their clients can also call Constellation at their Miami Beach Headquarters at 305–532–1231 or 1–800–752–7971 to schedule a Free 30-minute Phone Consultation with Fraser Allport.

About The Constellation Group

The Constellation Group has become a clearinghouse for the finding and sharing of global knowledge about Income Tax Reduction and Asset Protection. Constellation is dedicated heart and soul to providing Service like it used to be. They are romantics when it comes to the eternal ideal of what “ Service ” should be. That is why The Constellation Concierge was born, Group’s sister company,

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