Savannah, Georgia based Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc.'s toy Racing Car selected as one of Dr. Toy's "10 Best Toys for 2004"

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Mic-O-Mic Americas have now won TWO MORE Awards from Dr. Toy, one of the world's top toy gurus. The Awards are for their toy Racing Car (a construction toy): Dr. Toy's 10 Best Toys for 2004 and Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products for 2004.

Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc., based in Savannah, Georgia, are the Distributor for Mic-O-Mic construction toys which are made in Germany to the highest European safety and durability standards.

They won 5 Toy Awards from Dr. Toy's competition for her Best Children's Vacation Products for 2004. Those awards were for their Small Car with 2 Figurines, their Jeep/Land Rover, their Three-wheeled Truck, their Large Biplane and their Locomotive. That particular competition only allows submission of 5 products and Mic-O-Mic won 5 out of 5 Awards.

More information may be found on their website including pictures of all the toys.

Dr. Toy (Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.) is one of the world’s top toy gurus and her website,, is a source of an immense amount of information about play, toys, games and other children’s products and subjects. She does this work as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented and stimulating toys and products for children. She has been a a childhood specialist for over 35 years and developed her on-line magazine, Dr. Toy’s Guide, based on her extensive experience and knowledge of children and play. Her book, “Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys” has just been revised and reissued - it is a “must” for parents and educators alike.

“We are absolutely over the moon about the recognition given to our range of toys by Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy) and her team. We knew that, when we introduced these to North America earlier this year, people would love them but to get such incredible, unbridled enthusiasm from one of the world’s top toy gurus has made us confident that these toys will be a huge success over here. Some of the most famous toy stores have already picked up on them and we anticipate that it will not be too long before the demand will be overwhelming.”

Among the specialty toy stores selling Mic-O-Mic toys will be the world-famous FAO SCHWARZ who will reopen their fabulous Fifth Avenue and Las Vegas stores in time for Christmas. Mic-O-Mic toys also will be sold via FAO's website.

Sandy Cameron was an avid collector of Mic-O-Mic toys when he lived in Scotland. He was looking to buy some more, found the Mic-O-Mic website and e-mailed Mic-O-Mic. His totally unsolicited comments now may be seen on the Testimonials page of He now lives in Friday Harbor, Washington and loves the toys so much that he decided to open a business selling Mic-O-Mic in the Pacific Northwest.

Information about the toys:

Mic-O-Mic construction toys are designed to look good, feel good, be colorful and present a challenge to the inquiring mind. They also are ideal for those with autism disorders and those with hand and finger injuries and disorders as they present a challenge to, and help develop, children’s fine motor and cognitive skills - there are no written instructions, just a few pictures showing what the model should look like as the construction progresses. Some people describe them as being akin to 3-D puzzles.

They are for 6 year olds and up because of some small parts, although the larger models present a greater challenge that is more appropriate for older children - even adults (there are many avid adult collectors around the world).

First introduced to North America earlier this year, until now Mic-O-Mic toys could only have been found in Duty Free shops, airport shops at international terminals and on board international air carriers and the like. During this limited market era over 2,000,000 Mic-O-Mic toys were sold, mostly in Europe, the Middle and Far East and Australasia.

There are 22 different models in the range offered at present. There may be other models introduced in the coming years and companies are invited to contact Mic-O-Mic Americas if they wish to have a special toy designed for promotional or other purposes or if they wish to utilize existing toys for similar purposes. The colors will always be the same, the quality will always be the same, the assembly method will always be the same - these are the hallmarks of Mic-O-Mic toys.

The assembly method is patented and employs plugs and flexible clips. These are so well engineered that the plugs are almost impossible to remove without the use of a patented plug extractor, one of which is supplied with every toy. Also, there are no written assembly instructions, just a few pictures to show how the toys should look at various stages of construction. This helps develop cognitive and fine motor skills. The larger, more complex toys may require help or advice from adults or friends, thereby developing interpersonal skills.

These construction toys are designed and manufactured in Germany, except for the figurines which are manufactured in Portugal, to the strictest EC safety and durability standards and carry the CE Mark. They are made of the highest European quality plastics, are nontoxic and extremely durable (the company knows of at least one person in the UK who has had one of the toys for eighteen years - it survived three children playing with it over the years). They have also complied with the flammability test requirements of CFR 1500.3(c)(6)(vi), “Flammable solid” (FHSA regulations).

The colors and textures are unique! Mic-O-Mic Americas’ website,, shows the models and colors with immense accuracy.

Information about the company:

Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc. was formed in February, 2004 by Tony Cross and Debbie Addy. Debbie is a Speech and Language Pathologist working with children and the speech challenged to improve and enhance their speech, swallowing and language skills. Tony had been an Insurance Broker at Lloyd’s of London for over thirty years and traveled extensively throughout North America on business. He also was an Underwriting Member of Lloyd’s for many years. He retired after the Lloyd’s problems of the early 90’s and moved to the United States where he started a safety company preventing children's fingers from being amputated in doors. He retired from that in September, 2003, although he remains a substantial stockholder. After about three months of watching the grass grow, he became extremely bored and looked for new opportunities.

He recalled having bought, nine or ten years previously, in the UK, some Mic-O-Mic toys and decided to contact Klaus Micklitz, the designer, in Germany to see if he would be interested in selling in North America. Herr Micklitz is an architect, artist, interior designer and, more importantly for Mic-O-Mic Americas and kids around the world, the designer of Mic-O-Mic toys. These were first conceived in the early 80’s and the first toys were introduced to Europe in late 1985.

Over Sw. Francs 5,000,000 was invested in making the injection molding tools and molds for these toys - they presented a challenge to the injection molding industry because the thickness, quality, colors and surface textures required by Herr Micklitz were totally new to the industry.

The rest is history, albeit a short history of just about six months since Mic-O-Mic Americas was formed and about three months since they began to actively promote Mic-O-Mic toys in North America. Klaus Micklitz granted Mic-O-Mic Americas the exclusive Distributorship for the USA, Canada and the Caribbean plus first Option for Central and South America. Mic-O-Mic Americas also are permitted to sell worldwide with a view to setting up a worldwide distribution system.

The toys already are selling well in North America and have been ordered by some of the top names in American toy stores for their Holiday Collections, several specialty toy stores are stocking Mic-O-Mic, Fine Arts Museums have expressed considerable interest in these toys with a view to exhibiting them and also selling them in their Gift Shops. At least one of the largest toy catalog companies in America will have Mic-O-Mic toys in their Spring catalog.

These toys also may be bought online through the website .

Mic-O-Mic Americas is new, dynamic and already in receipt of the prestigious Dr. Toy awards. The company is hoping to receive more Awards for their toys as time goes by. Watch this space!

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