Hello World is Launching on January 1, 2005. Move over boring text only search engines... Get ready for the next level in online communications and portals with Hello World.

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VMdirect will soon launch Hello World! This is the first complete system on the market that has actually integrated video with a complete groupware e-mail system. In other words, the HelloWorld portal is a one-stop solution for everything from integrated email and video email to calendars, sports, news and more. We have also partnered with major record labels so that people can compete for a record deal using our video products! Products include: Video chat, video email, video conferencing, video auto-responders, video blog and the ability to post videos on your website.

"Any Online Marketer involved in an Affiliate Program needs to add this to their list of companies they are promoting. If you are a Network Marketer (MLM)- this is a no-brainer. Not many programs offer a residual income like this!" -RH

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of Hello World! This announcement is a major step towards the final release of all “V4” products and services. Hello World (http://www.helloworld.ws) will open a whole new world of opportunity for the VMdirect Affiliate Network.

What is Hello World?

Hello World is positioned as an exclusive, premier portal. This means that to become a part of “the World” and make money from the "world:, an individual must be invited and enrolled through a VMdirect Affiliate.

This is the first complete system on the market that has actually integrated video with a complete groupware e-mail system. In other words, the HelloWorld portal is a one-stop solution for everything from integrated email and video email to calendars, sports, news and more. The functionality and offerings through the World are rich, indeed. This offering is going to challenge even the most recognizable of the established companies, such as AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Become a part of Hello World!

To think – you can be a part of this incredible event! It’s like being on the ground floor of other Internet and technology-based companies such as Microsoft, Dell, AOL, and Google! And just like the people who were involved with those opportunities, you can also be set to profit nicely by being in at this stage of VMdirect’s evolution! We're set to launch Hello World on January 1st, 2005.

When you think about it, you’re actually set to profit better than anyone involved in those other opportunities, because the VM Direct compensation plan allows you to profit now AND to continue to profit years down the road – continuing to be rewarded in the future for your efforts today.

Everything that you see right now- will be changing for the better!

From the beginning, VMdirect provided a product offering that was unavailable anywhere else. Over the past year-and-a-half, VMdirect has been focusing on improving their offerings, while keeping ahead of the competition. With the launch of Hello World, all VMdirect Affiliates will find themselves in a much stronger position – offering the best that the industry has to offer at very competitive rates. Coupled with the planned improvements to the compensation plan, VMdirect Affiliates who take advantage of this evolution now are going to see their success rate in recruiting and retailing sky-rocket!

To give you an example of just one of the compensation plan enhancements, VMdirect is offering an Annual Bonus of $250,000.00 for an individual reaching the Ambassador level in the compensation plan.

Why should you join right now?

Before VMdirect launches their new services, we are giving everyone the opportunity to join VMdirect at the current Affiliate entry levels. Once we launch our new services, those who didn’t get in during the pre-launch will have to pay thousands of dollars for what they are able to get now for just a few hundred dollars.

There’s no doubt – the time to build your organization is now. Once we’ve launched Hello World and the new compensation plan, you’ll be able to maximize your income at lightning speed, if you prepare now. Not to mention that we will be launching the opportunities in several other countries in 2005.

It’s bound to happen – at one point or another, EVERYONE will be part of the World. Improve the World today by introducing everyone you know to VMdirect and Hello World!

Additional Information

VMdirect will be launching an entire suite of products available for anyone to market and earn residual commissions from. Some of the products/ enhancements include:

  • Larger Videos (3 to 4 times larger than what you see now. PLUS the ability to view videos FULL SCREEN.)
  • Videos will play on MULTIPLE formats- not just Java (Example: Real Player, Quick Time, Java, Windows Media Player and Flash, etc.) This will allow us to reach anyone connected to the internet- whether on dial-up or on a high-speed connection. Anyone will be able to view your videos!
  • A new program that will know within milliseconds what players someone has installed on their computer and what speed both their computer and Internet connection is. This will determine which player to use when playing a video. (This is all done in the background even before the video starts to play. It is seamless!)
  • Enhanced Compensation Plan that will pay us MORE!
  • New Affiliate Business Kits! All we can say is that this kit will be used for several purposes.
  • A New ANNUAL $250,000.00 Bonus when an Affiliate reaches the Ambassador position in the compensation plan and hold that position for 12 months!
  • The HelloWorld video e-mail/ text e-mail portal. The world's first!
  • Zero uploading time videos. Just click "record" and "send". Done. (This will completely change what we have now and make recording and sending videos 1000 times faster- speeds will now be determined by how fast you can click the stop and send button!)
  • No delays in viewing the videos either on a website or in an e-mail.
  • Ability to UPLOAD your own videos from your digital camcorder. (Send grandma the video of your son's first home run at the baseball game today or if you own a business and have a commercial that you created for television, you can upload and send that commercial to your e-mail newsletter subscribers or post the video on your website.)
  • Live video conferencing that can be recorded and posted on websites for future viewing and/ or training. You can broadcast a LIVE conference, event or training to up to 1000 viewers! (Just think of all of the businesses and other Network Marketing companies that will be flocking to VMdirect Affiliates for this one!)
  • Video chat- The ability to talk one on one with someone and see them live. Itll be nothing like youve seen or used before.
  • Completely updated and brand new VMdirect websites from A to Z to showcase the new look and feel of the company. (This includes all company provided websites and marketing material.)
  • Super-enhanced marketing tools to build and grow your VMdirect business such as brand new never before seen marketing tools that we can pass out to people that will really make them say, "WOW!"
  • Later in 2005: We're going Wireless, baby! We cannot say too much about this... This one alone will create a tidal wave. How many people do you know that own a Palm Pilot, cell phone or any other device that has access to the wireless Internet? Think about it.
  • We're expanding globally in 2005. If you've been in Network Marketing for awhile and have seen what happens to a Network Marketing company go into momentum and expand globally- we really don't have to tell you what this means for the Affiliates. One word: Money.
  • Many other products and services are going to be added soon!

Pricing of products:

With the new pricing that will be launching within the next 30 days, individuals and companies can have UNLIMITED video e-mail minutes for $200 per month. Packages start at just $9.95 per month.

Business Opportunity Presentations:

We currently have VMdirect business opportunity presentations going on in Hotels all around the country in cities like: Baltimore, New York City, Washington DC, Houston, Las Vegas, L.A., Atlanta, etc. Please contact Rob Hawthorne below for additional information.

About VMdirect:

VMdirect is a Network Marketing (MLM) company based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is in excellent standing with the BBB- Better Business Bureau. Over the last 18 months, VMdirect has enrolled thousands Video e-mail customers and thousands of Affiliates who work this business opportunity either part-time or full-time from home. VMdirect owns their own products and technologies and is already profitable. The company has invested over $45 Million dollars into video streaming technologies over the last few years.

For additional information about VM Direct, please visit: http://www.robert-hawthorne.com or you can watch the business opportunity presentation on: http://cr1000.vmopportunity.com/

Currently, individuals in the United States and Canada can become a VMdirect Affiliate. For additional information about the VMdirect business opportunity and Hello World, please visit: http://www.robert-hawthorne.com/pages/vmdirect-hello-world.html

About Rob Hawthorne:

Rob Hawthorne of Houston, Texas is 26 years old, and has been an Affiliate of VMdirect since company launch. He also works his VMdirect business full-time from home. In this month's issue of Networking Times (Available at Barnes and Noble and Borders), Rob was featured in, and wrote 2 articles about the younger generation in Network Marketing.

Currently, Rob Hawthorne is seeking individuals interested in marketing VMdirect's products now and in the future. The VMdirect business opportunity is perfect for anyone looking to generate a steady part-time or even a full-time income from home.

Rob is also seeking to partner with the worlds top on and off-line marketing companies to launch campaigns to market the Hello World portal, as well as VMdirect's future products and services.

To learn more about the opportunity with Hello World, please visit: http://www.helloworld.ws or http://www.razorseek.com/HelloWorld

To learn more about Rob Hawthorne, please visit: http://www.robert-hawthorne.com

To learn more about the VM Direct business opportunity, please visit: http://cr1000.vmopportunity.com

If you are interested in being trained by the WORLDS BEST (MLM) Network Marketers and top money earners (most earning 7-figures + per year) please visit: http://www.mastersevent.com (Network Marketing MLM Mastermind Event.)

Anyone interested in, or have questions about this business opportunity, please contact Rob Hawthorne directly on his website.

For PROOF that Online Video is an emergine market set to explode within the next 12 months, please go to: http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?1002982


Hello World: http://www.helloworld.ws
Hello World: http://www.razorseek.com/helloworld
VMdirect: http://www.vmdirect.com/cr1000
VMdirect: http://www.robert-hawthorne.com

Rob Hawthorne is an Independent Affiliate of VMdirect and Hello World.

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