Water Purifier and Ionizer by AllOrganic Recognized as Revolutionary Technology for 2004

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After passing the test for world environment quality, AllOrganicÂ?s new MicroLiteÂ? and MelodyÂ? alkaline water purifiers are selling in the United States and Canada, Europe, Asia, and beyond. These water purifiers have features that make them the most advanced electric ionizing purifiers in ten years.

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AllOrganic, an international business with offices in Hawaii, California, and Connecticut holds great promise in 2004. Recently, they announced the new series of water purifiers using infrared technology. This technology, developed by Jupiter Science, a trusted name in water purification for twenty years, allows the harmful elements in water to be filtered out and minerals that make the water healthier to remain. This process begins with the BioStone Far Infrared filter, and the new MicroLite™ and Melody™ are the first water purifiers in the world to have it.

This is revolutionary technology for water purifiers, because these latest models can purify, ionize, and add essential minerals while creating healthy, alkaline water. Acidic water, especially when it also contains bacteria, waste, and phenols, can cause disease. Now with the new addition of coral calcium and tourmaline in the filter, this is certainly not your traditional water purifier. And because this technology is patented research developed in partnership with Toyo Industries in Japan, it is truly unique.

Director of AllOrganic David Forsyth says, “The problem with city water is that it is a contributing factor in robbing the body of essential minerals—it has become a chemical cocktail. It promotes a toxic acid waste build up in our bodies, which is the root cause of many of the diseases we face each day. Alkaline water purifiers help to reverse the tissue acid waste process. Water quality is getting worse with older plumbing, more chemicals, and increases in pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Both the MicroLite and Melody allow families to regain control of their own water. There are tremendous, endless benefits from drinking ionized water from these new water purifiers.“

IonLife, an authority in the water purifier and ionization industry, says these new MicroLite and Melody water purifiers are “the first quantum leap in electronic water ionizer design for a decade.“

Those who drink ionized water can attest to the difference; they actually enjoy drinking ionized water from these water purifiers. The MicroLite and Melody water purifiers make the water molecules smaller and allow them to reach the tissues more efficiently. The purifiers also free more electrons in the water so that they can bind to the free oxygen radicals in our bodies that damage healthy tissue. Because the free oxygen radicals bind to the extra electrons and because your mineral and pH balance is corrected, there is an anti-aging, anti-disease benefit to drinking water from the MicroLite and Melody water purifiers.

Dr. Gerry Brady, founder of Progen Industries Ltd., says, “Since using a water purifier, gout has disappeared, I enjoy restful sleep, my energy levels are improved overall, and my grey hair has darkened.“

AllOrganic is now offering a free DVD on the benefits of alkaline water with every order until October 31st. The DVD is a presentation by Sang Whang, author of “Reverse Aging,” which is the original scientific thesis on aging. AllOrganic is also offering a free water purifier replacement filter to the first fifty customers who respond. If you would like to order one of the MicroLite or Melody water purifiers, be sure to mention this offer when placing your order. To find out more about savings on these health-promoting water purifiers or to order today, visit http://www.ionizers.org or call AllOrganic toll free at 1-877-864-4793.

As exclusive importers and exporters, the AllOrganic company can pass along savings to their customers in the U.S. through their own U.S. distribution centers. This saves consumers who want an affordable water purifier from paying state taxes and shipping fees.

The http://www.ionizers.org site contains a wealth of information concerning water and health, with topics ranging from water and aging to how the acid/alkaline imbalance, as mentioned before, can contribute to the development of hundreds of diseases. For a full list of articles, visit their site map page at http://www.ionizers.org/site-map.html .

About AllOrganic

AllOrganic researches, tests, and distributes water purifiers the world over. Their passion for pure water and their belief in its health benefits drives them to provide matchless customer service, with prices and guarantees that are hard to find. Their customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from dealing with the world's most established, innovative, and successful ionizer company. They also distribute a range of air purifiers and work to educate society about the health benefits of using ionizing water purifiers.

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