Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has Failed C.W. Meisterfeld Ph.D. Gives Reasons Why It Failed.

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The American Kennel Club(AKC), American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA), and ASPCA have acknowledged that Breed Specific Legislation does not work. Dr. C.W. Meisterfeld, Americas most experienced professional dog trainer(since 1954), an U.S. judicial certified canine behavioral expert witness explains why the BSL has failed and why the dog attacks are increasing on a global level.

The American Kennel Club,

American Veterinary Association, and ASPCA have acknowledged that BSL does not work.

They list "the top six reasons why"

However they failed to research as to why Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Newfoundlanders, Dachshunds, Yorkshires Terriers, Pomeranian and 23 other pure breed dogs have caused human fatalities. Mainly young children are the victims. United States Center for Disease Control

C.W. Meisterfeld a professional dog trainer, since 1954, who has been specializing in rehabilitating aggressive dogs wrote a documented book, Jelly Bean versus Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, (published 1989) about why the friendly family puppy suddenly becomes a wild and vicious animal, bites the hand that feeds it and attacks their children.

The Dangerous Dog Act (DDA) breed banning (BSL) was originally drafted in America by the Animal Regulation Chief Robert I Rush of the City of Los Angeles California Department of Animal Regulations on Mar 31, 1990. (Los Angeles Times)

This policy was based on the erroneous misconception that pit-bulls, American staffordshire terriers, bull terriers, Akita's and other fighting breeds are genetically born dangerous and should be exterminated. No one questioned or challenged Mr. Rush ethnic cleansing policy. Not even the American Kennel Club. In defending their AKC registered breeds,

Mr. Rush sent a directive to all of Los Angeles city shelters "Shall not sell any pit-bull type dog to any person, period" and within three weeks the shelters exterminated 3,000(three thousand) innocent dogs.

Due to the fact that dog attacks were increasing throughout the United States other U.S. cities and even foreign n countries adopted Rush's policy of canine ethnic cleansing or The Dangerous Dog Act

On July 25, 1991 Britain copied the US Dangerous dog Act, which is still causing pain and suffering to dog owners and their pets.

On Friday August 30 2002 BSL was defeated in historic court ruling the Alabama Supreme Court ruled 7-2 "that there was no genetic evidence that one breed of dog was (born) more dangerous than another simply because of it's breed."

Meisterfeld say's "It's not a breed problem it's a behavioral problem due to alpha dominant training" that's causing dogs to become vicious and attack. "These traumatizing/terrorizing training methods have imprinted a new and vicious behavior in even our once friendly breeds."

The subtitle of Meisterfeld's book - written for the safety of our children and the welfare of our dogs is most appropriate because it serves both camps, and was written purely from his own, pioneering, experience with canine aggression and neurosis.

Also the principle of Meisterfeld's philosophy rehabilitates dogs that have had rage syndromes without any form of negative reinforcement/punishment or drugs are explained in his book.

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