Looking for video submissions for music video rotation for the independent artist in front of 3.5 million viewers and growing!!!!

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New music video showcase for the independent artist or label hosted on channel 26 on comcast cable in Atlanta and surrounding counties and looking to expand to other metropolitan areas!

On september the 27th, 2004 Soul Music Entertainment has just inked a deal with WAEN TV to host a Independent Video Music Show case in the city of Atlanta and all of the surrounding counties. And looks to expand to Washington D.C,Richmond Va,Charlotte NC,Fayetteville NC,New Orleans and Seattle washington.

The station WAEN TV has approximately 3.5 million viewers just in the Atlanta Ga area, and the surrounding counties alone. The owner and founder of Soul Music Entertainment Michelle Brownfield AKA (IsIs) looks to create something that will be set apart from all the rest of the entertainment industry. "No one is doing this" says the 33 year old record exec. I have been doing music off and on for about 10 years and can relate to how much time,effort and hard work is put into a project.

A lot of times most artist's just don't have the money to really get their music out for people to hear. And not only that the bigger labels like Universal,DefJam,Columbia,Sony don't want to hear a independent artist's music unless you have so many soundscan sales,press and radio airplay. And with the way the music industry is changing with the internet,less money is invested in music equipment and artist now have a chance with out having to pay a arm and a leg.

Let's face it there is a heck of a lot more talent out in the world then what you are seeing on TV. You have no idea how many times I have went to clubs in Atlanta and just saw people perform some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. But because of lack of funding they can't get their video on a MTV or BET or VH1. None of those artist can afford 50,000.00 for video rotation and that is just the bottom line. I have had a lot of people tell me that im taking a risk but I don't think so.

I think I may have found a nitch in the music entertainment industry that they have over looked for a very long time. Im here for the little guys. The show will be airing in late november early december. We play all types of music on our show case except for country. I may do a seperate show for that type of music. Soul Music Entertainment has a host of services for the independent artist or label.

From music and video production, to digital and physical distribution. Not to mention putting you in front of millions of viewers with a video showcase. This company proves to be the one stop shop for the independent artist. And not only that they are also reasonably priced for all of their services. The show will be airing on Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm. The company looks to air the show 5 days a week but that will only happen as we continue to gain more sponsors for our show.

This is for the independent labels and artist's that are looking to increase their record sales,and their appearence in the public eye. Even though the show will be basing it's self out of Atlanta GA SMTV looks to satellite to several major cities. The show is not confined to the Atlanta Ga area. So if you are a artist in any of the 48 states you can submit your video to us and it will be aired in all the cities that our show is syndicated on.

If interested in doing a commercial for the show or want to support the company or you have a video to submit go find out more about their services at http://www.SoulMusicEnt.com or call us at 678-913-5856.

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