New Luxury Kitchen Appliance for Paper Towels - Reduces Cross Contamination in the Kitchen

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Introducing the first "no-touch" automatic paper towel dispenser for home use. The Point and Cut is manufactured in stainless steel, mounts under cabinets to save valuable counter space, and reduces cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Point and Cut™ has introduced a unique and innovative “no-touch” stainless steel paper towel dispenser for home use. The designer, Don Bunnell, recognized the need for a cleaner, more germ-free environment in the kitchen. He solved this problem by designing an appliance that allows you to get paper towels without touching anything.

The Point and Cut™ paper towel dispenser is a 100% hands-free operated, fully enclosed dispenser. The Point and Cut™ allows you to get paper towels with one hand, without touching anything. You will never again have to use two hands, contaminate the entire roll of towels with wet or dirty hands, or have the roll fall out of the holder into the sink or onto the floor. It mounts under existing cabinets or can easily be designed into custom cabinetry, either way saving valuable counter space. There is also a wall mount model available.

The Point and Cut™ operates using invisible, harmless infrared technology. Place hand near the right side of the unit and this engages the “unrolling” process. Unroll the amount of paper towel you want, there are no restrictions on length. Then place your hand near the left side of the unit to engage the cutting mechanism. The towel will hang from the unit until you take it away. Consumers will also be glad to learn the Point and Cut™ uses household-style paper towels, the type you buy off the shelf at the supermarket.

Hands can transfer germs from contaminated raw meat, eggs and poultry to other foods or surfaces. Each year close to 79 million people in the U.S. become ill from food-related diseases. This results in an estimated 5000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Poor hygiene, which usually means poorly washed hands, causes many food-related illness outbreaks. “No-touch” towel dispensing eliminates cross contamination during hand washing and drying, which equals safer food. Users touch only the towels they need for hand drying; the rest are kept clean, dry and sanitary enclosed in the dispenser.

The manufacturer has chosen to manufacture the Point and Cut™ “no-touch” paper towel dispenser from stainless steel, as it is durable, hygienic, moisture proof and matches other high-end appliances. There is a greatly increased consumer willingness to invest in the kitchen as a show-off room; designers interviewed regularly see kitchen projects hitting $50,000 or $60,000 with $100,000 projects certainly not un-heard of. The Point and Cut™ is attractively priced at $399.00.

For the “Home Enthusiast” that wants to prevent cross contamination, is tired of contaminating the entire roll of towels to get just one, wants to make it easier for children and the elderly to get a paper towel, or that wants a cool new kitchen appliance, the Point and Cut™ “no-touch” paper towel dispenser is a perfect choice.

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