Bremer’s Pollster Announces Formation of Organization to Get Out the Truth About Iraq. The Truth About to Use Polling Statistics and On the Ground Observations to Counter Myths About Iraq.

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SACRAMENTO Â? Ambassador Paul BremerÂ?s public opinion consultant in Iraq, Steven Moore, today announced the launch of The Truth About, an organization dedicated to highlighting the good news coming out of Iraq and the optimism of the Iraqi people using polling statistics, photos and stories collected from Iraqis during his nine months in the country.

The Truth About is raising money to produce and air television commercials highlighting the differences between what most Americans see on the nightly news and the turbulent but hopeful transition actually taking place in Iraq.

"The people with the most information about Iraq’s prospects for democracy – the Iraqi people – are optimistic." Moore said. "51% of Iraqis think Iraq is on the right track. For perspective, 24% of Californians thought California was on the right track prior to the recall election. This is something that clashes with the beliefs of most Americans."

Moore, who volunteered to go to Iraq after the Coalition Forces deposed Saddam, found upon his return to the United States in May of this year that even his most well-informed, educated friends had startling misconceptions about the situation in Iraq.

"I came back from Iraq to find people asking me questions like ‘Aren’t we just forcing democracy on the Iraqis?’ I started looking closely at major news outlets and realized that that many Americans were not getting the full story about the progress being made in Iraq."

"When I heard Michael Moore call the Iraqi insurgents ‘freedom fighters,’ I just had to do something, Moore (no relation) went on to say. "I started speaking and doing radio and TV at every opportunity."

After appearing on the Michael Medved Show and numerous other radio and TV programs and speaking at forums such as the California Republican Convention, it was while speaking to the board of the Club for Growth that Moore realized he needed to expand his reach.

"About 7.5 million people watched CBS News on an average night this year," Moore observed. "Fahrenheit 9/11 has sold something on the order of 13 million tickets. I can speak to groups all day every day from now until November and not reach a fraction of the people who watch Dan Rather."

"The only way to compete with that quantity of disinformation is on television, so I formed The Truth About to raise money to buy airtime to try to get the good news about Iraq on the airwaves."

"It is important to let Americans know they can be proud of what we are doing there, and I am fortunate to be in a unique position to prove it statistically."

Other myths about Iraq, which Moore counters, include:

We are Forcing Democracy on the Iraqis.

  • Almost 80% of Iraqis say they want to vote for their leaders, rather than have the clerics appoint them.

Iraqis want an Islamic theocracy.

  • When asked to choose the type of party ideology they identified with, only 20% of Iraqis chose an extreme religious based party. Most Iraqis chose secular ideologies or moderate religious parties.

Iraqis want the Coalition Forces to leave immediately.

-Only 6.2% of Iraqis polled list "departure of coalition forces" as their most pressing issue.

The insurgency in Iraq is a popular uprising.

  • 86% of Iraqis surveyed say that the attacks against the Coalition Forces and Iraq police are an attempt to divide Iraq and incite civil war.

The Truth About is a 527 organization dedicated to educating people about the strides toward democracy and stability in Iraq, and giving Americans a reason to be proud of efforts there.

Steven Moore, founder of The Truth About spent nine months in Iraq conducting public opinion research and advising Ambassador Bremer on more than 10 surveys and 70 focus groups in 13 cities. During his time in Iraq, Moore worked with hundreds of Iraqi democracy and civil society activists.

Moore is currently a Sacramento-based political consultant. He has worked with the leaders of five countries with Islamic extremist movements. Additionally, he was part of the team of American consultants that secretly consulted to Boris Yeltsin’s campaign in Russia in 1996.

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