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The economic potential of entrepreneurship remains huge. Today, with traditional employment opportunities shrinking, and very limited new resources available to foster non-traditional occupations, the economy continues to stagnate. Many people sink deeper into poverty versus successful self-sufficiency and the abilities to create mutually beneficial employment opportunities. The four major projects: “Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship: Overcoming the Glass Ceiling, Entrepreneurial Murder, and Murderous Entrepreneurial------” tackle the huge problems this “Entrepreneurial Glass Ceiling” nightmare inflicts: offering blameless constructive criticism. This focus raises the awareness level for effective change. Both democrats and republicans, conservatives and liberals need to work together to promote entrepreneurship and fund self-sufficiency versus poverty dependency. Time to stop sweeping entrepreneurship under the rug and start growing the economy

Entrepreneurial accomplishments and their attainments remain shrouded in mystery. The banking system does not want entrepreneurship to flourish because then they could not charge usurious interest and keep millions of people burdened by debt. Why would the collection agencies want to see their case loads drop.

Consequently, entrepreneurship remains stagnant and held back. Now, four projects aimed at positively solving this Entrepreneurial “cycle of terror” injects new life into the entrepreneurial subject and forges a new opportunity to move from social assistance dependency to self-sufficiency, employment creation and wealth building. By focusing on real entrepreneurship (not get rich quick schemes, pyramid ploys or other cons), this allows needed trust building to occur ultimately leading to injections of badly needed funding into the economy. This also begins building new sources of funding capital.

“Entrepreneurs”—a reality show involving 5 American and 5 Canadian would be entrepreneurs, focuses on creating 10 successful businesses. Through teamwork, technology, sales contacts, and determination, these 10 individuals (at different points of growing their companies)rise above the glass ceiling, which currently haunts entrepreneurs. After the first season, these 10 entrepreneurs form the advisory committee and assist the next group of 10 future business leaders to reinforce a powerful network. As a result, this pumps many millions of dollars of new income into both the US and Canadian economies.

“Entrepreneurship: Overcoming the Glass Ceiling” looks at the systemic problems and the new economy. Many of the traditional employment opportunities no longer exist. So what prevents the new economy from reaching its full revved up status? The documentary examines the huge benefits to society with a successfully thriving entrepreneurial economy as well as consequences when not achieving this dynamic.

“Entrepreneurial Murder” offers a fictitious story that implicates both the financial community and the government in destroying entrepreneurship. Here, an international scandal exists preventing policies that would promote entrepreneurship. Instead, continuous social assistance dependency with high credit card debt at usurious interest rates reigns. A group of entrepreneurs denied for funding delve deeper into the conspiracy to find an internationally sophisticated network that kills any pro-entrepreneurial individuals and groups to avoid any chance of the majority of the population becoming self-sufficient. When they uncover that the banking system could lose untold billions and save the taxpayers countless billions more, they go on their own mission to shut down the scandal permanently while the "system" attempts to eradicate them.

“Murderous Entrepreneurial ------” focuses on a group of high powered supercharged assassins put in place by the financial community, the education system and the government to kill high powered entrepreneurs who vow to break through the glass ceiling. In order to hide their secrets, the assassins must reach a supercharged ------ in order for their “mind control” to activate. One of these assassins becomes captured and reprogrammed and creates a game of “Turbo ------ versus Turbo ------” to uncover the truth. The fate of entrepreneurship hangs in the balance.

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