ACSA points to new Bin Laden (Dr. al-Zawahari) audio tape played by Al Jazeera on October 1, 2004 as a "Terrorism Go Code" for attempted attack on the US Mainland

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ACSA points to Bin Laden-al-Zawahari Tape on October 1, 2004: says it is a "Terrorism Go Code" for an attempted attack on the US mainland. Cites the presence of American Military in Iraq: "severely hampers Bin Laden's ability to deliver on his promised attacks on Continental USA. Before the war, all terrorists passed through central camps on the Iraq, Iran border with the blessings and logistical support of Saddam on their way to becominging sleepers in America. Now they can't, thanks to the rise of a Democratic Government in Iraq."

American Computer Science Association ( sends a "terror is immanent" alert warning to continental US. ACSA observed that a diabolical terrorist attack may be in progress, as evidenced by the release of a long predicted "Terror Go Code" from Bin Laden. Played on Al Jazeera on 10/1/2004, the "Attack Infidel Americans Everywhere, Even After We are Gone!" audio has chilled the intelligence community. ACSA had previously predicted that this tape would be released on September 30th or October 1, and that an attack on US mainland would follow on or about October 6 or 7, 2004.

The "go code" was issued by Bin Laden's lieutenant “Dr. Al Zawahari".

"The reason for using the lieutenant is to start the ball in motion prior to what may be an immanent Bin Laden Video, so the attack can occur immediately thereafter, or to counter our intelligence predictions by creating a sense of uncertainty about whether or not this is THE go code, or just another empty threat," stated Dr. Milton Abrahamson, ACSA's decryption expert, adding "That means Al Qaeda knows we have (and the government has) developed a way to directly monitor their activities, so they are trying to obscure their efforts further. If they don't scare off, America can expect attempted Terror Attacks abroad and on the Continental US within a week to 10 days (by the 15th). We believe most will be intercepted and quelled."

ACSA stated that Al Qaeda, backed tacitly by a (not that well known to the public) Pakistani-Chinese hardliner military alliance, allied to a certain oil empire in the USA (with an interest in maintaining it's oil presence in these countries and India), is engaging in a last ditch effort to prevent the completion of Democratic Transition in Iraq and in a last ditch effort to unseat President Bush, whose aggressive response to terrorism has stymied Al Qaeda in recent years.

Recently, Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda connected groups have graduated from suicide attacks on civilians to the mass slaughter of innocent children in Iraq as in Beslan!

ACSA indicated it believes the trend line indicates now that cowardly Al Qaeda animals will try to sneak into the USA and target school children & Universities here. For more information, click "Red Alert!" on the ACSA website

Prior to the US forced regime change in Iraq, training camps in the east of Iraq were the final launch point and "finishing center" for most Islamist terrorists trained in Pakistani and Afghani Terror Training Camps, a sort of "finishing school" before they launched themselves on American or other targets, where they could use land connections in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to reach the West, with the tacit support of Saddam Hussein's Regime.

On return legs, most were debriefed and then secretly transferred to Pakistan from Iraq by their common border, if they were unable to return to Afghanistan or Pakistan directly. This transport was provided by covert "terror railroads" maintained by Hussein and his two sons.

The death of the sons and dethroning of Saddam Hussein, coupled to the de-Taliban-ization of Afghanistan, and the "surrounding" of Pakistan’s covert anti-American terror programs with anti-Terror investigations involving the FBI, has undermined Al Qaeda's ability to move as quickly and as accurately as it had during the Clinton Administration, in preparing to attack the USA. During the Clinton Administration, liberal policies had made it surprisingly easy for Al Qaeda to place sleeper cells inside of the USA. Among other things, the more recent adoption of the Patriot Act, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the stricting up of immigration in the USA, during the Bush Administration, along with other security measures, has had a deep cutting effect on Al Qaeda's ability to infiltrate US shores.

Previously a function of "greenie railroads", Al Qaeda has had to "stretch" it's capabilities just to get small sleeper groups into the US in the past three years since 9/11.

Similar "terrorism trafficking railroads" have existed for a very long time between Iraq and Pakistan.

Pakistan is the WORLD'S CAPITAL of HEROIN REFINING. It buys most of it's raw opiates from poppy growers in Central and Western China, along with other amounts Miramar, Kashmir, and in some cases, from Afghanistan, who provides about 15% of it's crop. For over a century, Iraq has provided an outlet to Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, by use of various trading and oil vessels as "Heroin Pack Mules". Iran, which had also been involved in this effort, was disarmed of its ability to profit by distributing Pakistani Heroin when the Shah was deposed 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, the most recent war between Iraq and Iran was fueled by Iran's anger over influx of Iraqi distributed Pakistani Heroin in Iran, and Iraq's huge oil reserves, which are not equaled by Iran's own. It was also fueled by Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, believing he could conquer Iran, and become the leader of a vast territory rivaling that of nearby Saudi Arabia.

As a result of America refusing to back Saddam Hussein, he had started commissioning terror training facilities in Northern and Eastern Iraq, for the purposes of repressing uprisings among his own people, graduating during the war with Iran, to using trained Pakistani terror cells which antedated Al Qaeda to fuel attacks in Israel and Western Nations.

Eventually, Saddam developed a special relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah, two terror groups developed by Pakistan and it's neighboring Iran and Syria, for use against Israel, and Saddam funded a vast number of suicide attacks against Israel, over the years, supporting Yassir Arafat and the El Fattah single handedly for over a decade.

Prior to 9/11, Saddam sought "any taker" who could help him increase the value of his own oil reserves, by interceding in both Opec sales to India and China, and blocking American assistance to Russia to run pipelines to India for Indian and Japanese customers.

He found a ready interested partner in America's Chase Bank ownership, the Rockefellers, who had faced grave difficulties in expanding their own position in international oil, with supplies beginning to dwindle in certain countries.

So, the Chase / Standard Oil family took it upon itself to offer a number of concessions to Saddam, including for a 1/3 interest in his country's oil reserves, promises of military and logistical support from key Chase / Standard Oil related businesses in France, Germany, Belgium and Russia. It also introduced Saddam to the network of black marketers in Nuclear Components operated at the time by A. Q. Khan of Pakistan, and it provided a Bulgarian source to intermediary for France's Cogema, a Uranium supplier who obtains most of it's materials in Niger, to provide through the Bulgarian middleman, enough nuclear material to fuel bombs to be supplied by AQ Khan.

While at the time, Saddam promised he would not use the bombs "on anyone but Israel", which represented one of the smallest customers of the Rockefeller's oil and banking enterprises, it was not a problem for the Rockefeller's, to accept the losses. So, they agreed to supply the components for 4-7 nuclear weapons to Saddam, though black market conduits.

But as Jay Rockefeller lobbied in Congress for 4 years about Saddam's "stockpiles of WMDs" and increasing Nuclear Capacity, something only he and his family would have been aware of, since they had arranged for it, another event occured in the American law enforcement community that led to the present standoff between the Bush Administration and the Standard Oil family. The Bush Administration learned of the "Uranium/Pakistani Nukes for Oil" trade.

It quite suddenly became clear from intelligence gathered by a domestic Arabic-Islamist sleeper turned by the FBI into a presumed “double agent” who returned to Iraq, that nuclear materials were already being transported to Saddam Hussein, and that a project to use terrorists to transport two bombs, one to NYC and one to Washington, to be set off this year during the US Elections, was well underway, in fact Saddam had named each of the bombs, one “Uday” and the other “Qusay”, after his two sons.

That the "terrorist turned FBI double agent", "Tariq Muhammed" (partially assumed name) had ultimately died of exposure to radioactive materials he personally oversaw the transport of from Pakistan to one of Saddam's Republican Palaces, was quite a revelation. The FBI later learned that those materials were pilfered and transported to Lebanon at the outbreak of war between the USA and Iraq, worsened by Tariq's deathbed revelation that while acting as 'a double agent' for the FBI during the Clinton Administration, he'd used the FBI’s money to travel to Iraq, and then to Pakistan and back, and had been party to the transport of nuclear materials back to Iraq, shortly before his death.

This revelation has rocked the intelligence community, yet remained a confidential and classified secret to this very day, code level clearance having been applied by anguished FBI personnel in it's C-10/C-20 units to protect the pre-9/11 FBI’s reputation. The FBI took steps to prevent any such backfiring behavior from 9/11 on and has since not repeated this mistake.

The subsequent invasion of Iraq, intended to simply bring about an end to Saddam's plan to bomb Washington and NYC with his then newfound nuclear capabilities, which would have born fruit around this time in history, during these elections, has since severely hampered the "terrorists railroad" running from Pakistan and Afghanistan, through Iraq by way of the various secretive overland means between them.

ACSA believes and it is felt by the Intelligence Community, that the impending attack by Al Qaeda has been hastily implemented after a number of years planning that were disrupted by the Afghanistan and Pakistan invasions.

Accordingly, since the "go code" appears to have been given by Dr. Al Zawahari on October 1, it appears that any time in the next two weeks an attack could take place. ACSA believes any attack too close to the elections, will result in a backlash that might reelect President Bush by an even more resounding margin than it appears he will be re-elected by at this moment.

ACSA therefore is sending out alerts warning of "immanent terror attack against Continental USA" of hopes that greater diligence will interfere with the "surprise factor" usually leveraged by terrorists', thereby undermining their ability to implement and deploy it and achieve the desired result.

Even if it is not possible to interdict, by providing some degree of elimination of the surprise factor, ACSA believes a better aware America will be able to both comprehend the true dangers facing us all, will be able to ignore the political rhetoric passing along the election trail from those who think they could better cope with terrorism by "obtaining a global test" (In response to recent comments by the Kerry Campaign, ACSA had indicated "that is not a standing policy of America, Mr. Kerry, you're very incorrect: look at our reluctance to enter WWII - we had to be attacked by both parties, and look at our invasion of China during the Korean incident, and look at President Johnson's invention of the Tonkin incident to get us into Vietnam, just a few examples of how wrong you actually are...") and "holding a Summit to bring our Allies more strongly into this" (again, responding to Kerry's recent debate comments: "they are involved, Mr. Kerry! You just don't seem to notice those with huge Islamic populations have a gun pointed at their heads not to assist with the war on terrorism... something that no amount of 'global testing' is going to secure, without first considering the 'willingness factor'").

Again, ACSA stressed that it could not support the political rhetoric of the John Kerry Campaign as, during the 1st presidential debate, it learned Kerry had "absolutely no plans for anything" and "merely slammed President Bush over and over again to win approval, without proving any claim, Kerry was incorrect over and over, yet still retained the support of certain left wing press..."

ACSA's 9 million members, when polled on the subjects of National Security and the possibility of terror attack, domestic and tax issues, have indicated that the nearly 25 million voters in ACSA members' households are nearly (99.5%) unilaterally in support of President Bush and his administration and will vote for President Bush in the upcoming election.

Most strongly felt were the opinion that John Kerry was coining alleged plans that would cost every taxpayer in the country an additional 15-20% or more of their annual earnings for increased tax programs that make it possible for the traditionally "Tax Raising" and "Government Spending Increasing" Democrats to sit in the White House, with no return on the taxes for anyone paying them. Furthermore, most felt that any offer of a tax or war plan by Kerry "reeked of childishness - you can't just raise taxes on the Rich, they have loopholes that can't be penetrated, like 'corporate existences' and 'beneficial tax trusts' - and his ideas about Iraq and Terror are simply the wrong message to send - back to the days of Clinton which served as absolutely no deterrent whatsoever."

Please visit our website at and click the "Red Alert" link for more details.

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