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Advice and information for brokers and real estate agents that want to increase sales and listings. A must read for all agents and brokers. With Zaga Studios TV advertising.

As a real estate agent that has been in the biz for over 20 years, I have to say that the toughest part of staying afloat is the process of getting listings. You know, someone was referred to you by a friend of a friend that wanted to look good to their new friend so when the new friend mentions they want to sell their house, the other friend says, “hey, I know a guy!” Then you get the call. You’re excited at first but when you get to the potential listings house, you realize that they’ve already talked to two other agents, you’re the third and there are three more scheduled right behind you. It’s brutal! We are all saying practically the same thing. We offer a free home evaluation so that they will have an idea of what their house is worth and what it could sell for. When they ask the agents how we intend on bringing in sellers, once again, we all say the same thing, “well my office will forward me leads and I’ll bring potential buyers in that way, I will also run ads in the Sunday paper as well as all of the local real estate magazines, blah, blah, blah”. So after the customer realizes that we are all saying the same thing the ‘points’ game starts. We are expected to take less commission and in the end, the sucker that offers to work his butt of for the least amount of money wins the listing!

Does this story sound familiar? I use to run into the same thing until I realized that TV was a cheap aggressive…….way to not only get all the listings I was competing for, but I noticed that when using TV to market, I don’t have to settle for less money. I saw a friends TV commercial on night when I was watching HGTV. It was beautiful, it showed 4 of her listings with high quality sound and picture quality. I knew that she worked out of her house but the way the TV commercial looked, one would think that she was this million dollar a month agent out of NYC or something. So I called her and asked her about advertising on TV. She let me in on her secret, “I can buy airtime on premium stations like MTV, VH1, Fox News, CNN etc. for about $8 per spot. When I go into a potential listing, I make sure that they have already talked to all of my competition and then I say, ‘I will advertise your house everywhere that the other agents will but one thing that will help me sell your house faster and for more money, is that I will put your house on my TV commercial. 1,000’s of people will see your home every time the commercial comes on. Your house will sell faster and we’ll get top price for it!”

She went on to tell me that she wins 95% of the listings she competes for and that she has more listings than she can handle and the customers love to see their houses on TV, “it makes them think I’m working extra hard for them”. My next question was about producing her commercials, the one I saw looked like it cost a fortune to make. “I use a company called Zaga Studios and I can get a new commercial each month for under $2,000, I make my money back and then some on the sale of just one house, they are awesome and they pretty much do everything for me. I give them pictures of my houses and in about a week them send me my commercial on a video tape, it’s very simple”. The next day I called my cable company to get prices on advertising in my local area. She was right, it was dirt cheap to advertise on all the top cable channels. My next step was to find a production company that produced high quality commercials for a minimal investment. I took her advice and went to I talked to a rep and in about a week I had a bright and flashy commercial of my own. Now, I can go into any new listing with confidence and all I have to do is say, “To sell your home, I’ll place ads in all of the same publications as all the other realtors you already talked to but I also have an extremely powerful tool that my competitors don’t use…Television! I will put your home on my commercial that I update with my premium listings each month and not only will it sell faster but since so many people will see your house, we’ll start a bidding war and we’ll get more for your house!” that’s it . . . Done Deal!

By Shannon Grace

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