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Â?DannyÂ? was the typical high school jock who loved the adrenaline rush his game gave him. After spending sometime in different social circle, experimenting with different substances, and a 7 year jail stint this young man confronted his demons and made it back to a normal, drug free life through an effective drug rehab program. This is his story.

I love playing tennis, and if you’ll allow me to toot my own horn for a second- I’m pretty damn good at it. By the time I was 16 I was a National Tennis Champion. By the time I was 18, I was on the U.S. Juniors Davis Cup Team. I played tennis all through college and I only stopped around the age of 21 because I had a pretty serious shoulder injury. I suppose one of the main reasons I enjoyed tennis so much, was because of the rush I felt when playing. It made me feel great, totally alive and after I stopped playing, I really missed feeling that rush.

After I graduated from college I started working at Lorimar Television in New Port Beach, California. Working in the entertainment industry was great; I got to meet a lot of movie stars and go to all the hip parties. I guess you could say I was introduced to the fast life… what an awesome trip. Of course, as is the case with any club worth joining, there is a necessary inauguration ceremony. Depending on what group you decide to join, the act is slightly different but the same idea remains- something “cool” needs to be done to fit into the in crowd. Having said this, when I was offered my first hit of cocaine I wasn’t too shocked. There was an extra bonus to this induction ceremony -that rush I loved- it was back! Addiction had reared its ugly face.

So, the feeling had returned, but inevitably, like all good things, me drugging with no consequence had to come to an end. And so, it did- I woke up from this wonderfully deep sleep…I had the strangest feeling something had happened, but what was it? Well, I found out when the judge sentenced me to a 7.5 year vacation at in a state prison. Apparently I had had a car accident and the other driver had been hurt. When my lawyer asked what my plea would be I said guilty. I mean, I figured I should at least be honest, I knew something had happened…exactly what that was, I don’t know, but I did know I had been high and had totally blacked out. As for my time inside, I dropped acid once and that was enough to convince me, it wasn’t my bag.

Suburbia can be a beautiful sight. And at the age of 33, after three years of perfect parole, I had settled down there. I had the whole package- wife, good job, and the last thing essential in this formula- a kid. My wife had a c-section and to combat the pain of the birth, the doctor had prescribed vicoden. I started experiencing shoulder pain from my tennis playing days and started taking it as well. There was no problem at the beginning; I just used it as needed. That was, until my wife introduced me to a combination of wine and vicoden that made me feel great.

Things slowly progressed from there until I was taking both methadone and heroine. I decided to go into a treatment center and even though a good friend of mine overdosed by drinking a bottle of vodka, I relapsed anyway. My marriage had ended and I was pretty much a mess. I went to three more treatment centers and nothing really worked. I pretty much had things under control when I met my new girlfriend and moved in with her. She had a pretty cool business- I guess you could say she was a dog trainer to the stars. I worked with her and got to meet people like Carol King, Henry Winkler (the Fonz),Dionne Worwick, Judith Kranz, Barbara Eoen (I Dream of Jeannie), and I even met Tom Cruise’s beagle.

My girlfriend and I had a lot going, but when her dog died we both started using again. We got into a fight one night and the police were involved. So, I had an option. It was either two weeks in jail or six months of rehab. I was ready to pick jail, after all it was a much shorter sentence, if you will, and I knew treatment wasn’t going work. I had pretty much made up my mind when I spoke to my step-father. He convinced me to go to treatment one more time and made me promise to make a real effort at it, if not for myself, for my family’s peace of mind.

So, almost a year later here I am, drug free and still in a program. See, after speaking to some friends and from my own experience, I realized that a one month program wasn’t going to do it for me. I needed more. More to stabilize, more to build my life up again, I also found that I needed something that was a little bit less than conventional. Something I hated about the other treatment centers I had gone to was the therapist’s incessant need to make me talk about my feelings all day. I mean, I’m not saying talking about what’s bothering you isn’t a good idea- it is- but I needed a little bit more. So, I picked Holistic. I have found this program to be a good mix between eastern and western approaches to addiction treatment, not to mention I’m not in a sterile environment- which is something that drove me crazy in the other treatment centers. Here we’re encouraged to get out there in the world and interact with real people. I even get to work at the center. I truly believe in the techniques that are used here- I guess that’s why I stuck it out.

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