Diogenes Analytical Laboratories to Address Objective Product Review Gap

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Customer demand drives creation for independent objective analyst firm.

– In response to the unmet need for unbiased, lab-tested product information, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories, Inc. has been created to provide IT organizations with truly unbiased, lab-tested product information to assist these organizations in making an informed purchase decision.

The company’s products include in-depth product reviews, vendor negotiation assistance and competitive “bake-offs” between vendors. The company’s initial focus will be directed toward computer storage products.

In a industry characterized by rapid technology development and confusing product claims, IT buyers often look to product reports as a source of information. Too often, these reports may be biased by a hidden vendor sponsorship that can compromise the analytical objectivity.

“Our objective is to create an informed IT consumer,” said Phil Goodwin, President and founder of Diogenes. “Our reports cut through the hype and hyperbole, and are based on actual product tests rather than raw opinion and anecdotes. Within two minutes, users of our reports can determine whether or not a product is suitable for their situation and understand its strengths and weaknesses. Within 15-20 minutes, the users will have detailed information about the product’s operation. Setting up such a test environment themselves would take most IT organizations more than a month, if such an in-house test is even practical at all.”

Founded by industry veterans from research firms, customers, and vendors, Diogenes was created to address the gap left by existing contemporary firms that claim to provide these services but lack the ability to be truly objective since they receive monies from vendor firms. “Diogenes has a very strict ethics policy that precludes vendors as clients. Employees are prohibited from accepting any vendor merchandise or gratuity. Furthermore, employees may not own stock in any vendor. This completely eliminates the conflict-of-interest clearly seen in other firms,” said Goodwin. “Customers can be assured there will be no vendor-sponsored whitepapers or review and that our reviews and reports will be fair, unbiased, and truly objective.”

Daniel Delshad, Chairman of the Association of Storage Networking Professionals (ANSP), a worldwide association dedicated to storage networking end-users comments, “The ASNP and Diogenes share a common interest in assisting organizations to more effectively deploy storage technology by providing resources to educate the user and their company. The ASNP looks forward to the unbiased information that Diogenes will provide to the users and the industry.”

About Diogenes Analytical Laboratories

Diogenes Analytical Laboratories, Inc., based in Colorado, was founded to help IT buyers reduce the inherent risk and uncertainty associated with technology purchases. Working exclusively with IT organization, Diogenes provides objective research, whitepapers, and product and technology review free of vendor conflict of interest. Research is based on actual experiences, not a collection of anecdotes. More information about the company can be obtained at http://www.diogeneslab.com

Who was Diogenes?

Many people ask about the name “Diogenes,” where it comes from and why the company chose to use it. Diogenes of Sinope was a Greek philosopher who lived in the 4th century B.C.E.; he was not a mythic figure as some people assume. Although a contemporary of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, he did not subscribe to these more famous schools of philosophy. Instead, he was known as a “Cynic” philosopher. Cynic philosophy was not a true school of philosophy and looked askance at traditional philosophy, believing that learning was not reserved for the enlightened few.

Rather, Cynics believed that the common man was capable of learning all that was necessary. Cynics further differed from the formal schools by emphasizing practical, rather than theoretical, philosophy. Moreover, Cynics taught self-reliance and fostered a certain against-the-grain attitude that did not always endear them to mainstream society. The story of Diogenes is often associated with his search through Grecian streets and alleyways carrying a lantern “looking for an honest man.” The people of Diogenes Analytical Laboratories, Inc. believe this legend characterizes their own philosophy quite nicely.


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