Mixing Dating and Politics: First Dates are like First Debates

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Similar to first debates; first dates are about making great first impressions using the right body language moves. Politicians can attract more votes the same way singles can succeed on a first date. With over 100 million singles in the U.S. today, let Liz H. Kelly, relationship expert and author of SMART Man Hunting, entertain and educate your audience with fun and timely dating tips for how to send out the right signals.

What can singles learn from the first debate between Kerry and Bush that can increase their odds of attracting the right mate? While it might be against the rules to talk politics on first dates, there is a positive for singles in this political picture. Let Liz H. Kelly, Dating Coach and Author, share tips for how to mix politics and dating with 5 powerful body language tactics.

The key to a successful first debate or first date strategy is knowing how to engage your audience to want more. It really doesn't matter who you are voting for in November, singles can gain valuable insights from observing these success keys for first debates and first dates. How can you get your date or debate audience to focus on you and your messages?

5 Body Language Tactics for First Debates and First Dates:

1. Direct Eye Contact vs. Wandering Eyes

2. Confident Tone vs. Hesitation

3. Friendly Facial Expressions vs. Grimaces

4. Complementary Hand Motions vs. Banging on Tables

5. Dress for the Occasion vs. the Bedroom

1. Direct Eye Contact vs. Wandering Eyes - If you want to get to a second date or debate, you need to look your audience straight in the eye. Bush did a better job than Kerry by looking directly into the camera. Kerry forgot to focus on the primary TV audience and instead gave his eye contact to the Miami University crowd. What would a date think if you were checking out other singles in a coffee shop on a first date?

2. Confident Tone vs. Hesitation - If you can project a confident tone of voice, you will win big points at the debates and attract more second dates. Kerry's tone was calm, peaceful and animated. Bush's tone was hesitant with an edge of hostility. Which guy would you want to see again? Singles can win by thinking about something that makes them feel good inside while on a date. Sing your favorite song out loud before going to a date to help you project a positive tone.

3. Friendly Facial Expressions vs. Grimaces - Friendly facial expressions will make you win more dates and debates every time. How you say something often matters more than what you say. Kerry came across with a genuine and friendly presentation. Bush's grimaces and downward glances made him look unapproachable. Who would you want to invite to have coffee?

4. Complementary Hand Motions vs. Banging on Tables - Complement your messages with dynamic hand motions. Kerry's swift hand gestures accented his passions and key points. Bush's banging on the podium and pen waiving made him come across as awkward and uncomfortable. Again, who would you want to date? If you are telling a story on a first date, use your complementary hand motions to make a more powerful presentation.

5. Dress for the Occasion vs. the Bedroom - Both Bush and Kerry did a great job dressing for success by wearing their best suits and colorful ties to match the debate occasion. So what should singles wear to coffee dates? to a dinner date? Guys say women should avoid dressing like they want to go to bed with them on a first date. Women say they watch a guy's shoes and fingernails. Singles need to know their colors and ask friends for first date dress advice.

And for the 50 million online daters, here are some campaign strategies for you.

Making Great First Impressions Online

Daters can position themselves for success online with these campaign tactics. Add a unique marketing spin to your internet dating profile to attract the dates that you desire. How can you stand out amongst 50 million internet daters?

Profile Marketing Makeovers - Every campaign has marketing messages. Singles can succeed by defining their top 3 key attributes to include in a dating profile. Instead of listing 20 favorite things, focus on your top 3 and share specifics and stories to invite conversations. Do you like to bike along 17-mile drive in Monterey, CA, or kick back and watch the Los Angeles Lakers?

Put Your Best Image Online - Do you think Kerry or Bush would use a family snapshot as an official campaign photo? Consider taking a ton of pictures to get a great shot or hire a professional photographer from Lookbetteronline.com to put your best face online.

To learn more about how singles can send the right body language signals, contact Liz now for a fun and entertaining interview.

AUTHOR BIO: Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach, Author of SMART Man Hunting and corporate photographer. Her book and work have been featured on shows such as FOX News, Dick Clark’s “The Other Half,” Lifetime’s “Speaking of Women’s Health,” BBC Radio and in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, MSN Dating & Personals, Match.com, Yahoo! Personals and The Chicago Tribune.

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