eDigitalResearch Assists Figleaves.com Assured Marketing strategy

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Figleaves.com, the leading one-stop online shop for lingerie, men's underwear, hosiery, swimwear and activewear, is seeing the benefits of employing eDigitalResearch.com, the leader in online market research.

Figleaves.com, the leading one-stop online shop for lingerie, men's underwear, hosiery, swimwear and activewear, is seeing the benefits of employing eDigitalResearch.com, the leader in online market research.

Figleaves applies survey results provided by eDigitalResearch as an aid to mapping its dynamic marketing strategy. Bronwen Burton, Head of UK Sales at Figleaves, comments: “We move forward so quickly that it’s not always easy to take stock, so informed planning is absolutely key, and thorough market research is integral to that planning.”

Before employing eDigitalResearch, Figleaves explored ideas for conducting unsolicited, ad hoc surveys. Now, eDigitalResearch provides Figleaves with a comprehensive, bespoke service, giving instant feedback on customer opinions, habits and needs. In addition to conducting surveys online, surveys can be included in the promotional newsletters emailed to opted-in customers, which they can choose to receive on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The demographic picture at Figleaves’ disposal is now so accurate (right down to its customers’ favourite magazines) that very specific groups of customers can be emailed for particular surveys, for example, customers returning purchases have been canvassed to identify their reasons for doing so.

With a very loyal customer base, which is expanding all the time, survey response rates are high. Customers feel part of the Figleaves success story, and the ability to express opinions that will improve their online retail experience involves them even more. Figleaves has also strengthened relationships with brands represented on its website by commissioning eDigitalResearch surveys on their behalf.

Although the majority of customers and survey respondents are female, the male contingent is growing, both from shopping in the men’s sections and shopping for partners – sidestepping those awkward lingerie section shop assistant encounters.

eDigitalResearch also conduct surveys on Figleaves’ US website. The prospects are exciting, but rather than simply overlaying the template for Figleaves’ UK success onto the US market, Bronwen says best practice is defined by drawing from both experiences.

“We obviously don’t meet our customers face to face, but eDigitalResearch has given us the opportunity to learn more about their opinions, habits and needs than any major high street retailer could, and our customers appreciate that their feedback is shaping the future of Figleaves,” Bronwen sums up.

Background to eDigitalResearch.com

Outline:    Since 1999 eDigitalResearch.com (eDR) has been a leading provider of online market research. eDR has developed a package of integrated web based research tools that provide immediate feedback and measurement of user opinions, customer satisfaction, loyalty and website usability.

Working closely with Sky News, eDR has also developed a web based omnibus research tool providing clients with immediate data allowing them to make informed decisions in the fast moving, competitive business economy.

eDigitalResearch.com has designed and developed 3 proprietary online research tools:-

eMysteryShopper.com™ (eMS) specialises in the in-depth and structured study of website usability, functionality, supporting logistics and customer service through our unique panel of profiled Internet users. eMS enables our clients to benchmark their own site against their competitors and identify the key drivers of loyalty and customer satisfaction.

eMS provides detailed moderated reporting and recommendations for increasing online conversion rates, greater usage and improved loyalty.

eCustomerOpinions™ (eCos) delivers fast and inexpensive real time research and feedback direct from site visitors and opt-in email contacts. eCos enables our clients to understand real user opinions, monitor service performance, profile users and track the impact of site developments. eCos provides immediate unmoderated online reporting with the ability for trending, data filtering and benchmarking.

eGlobalPanel™ (eGP) provides a panel of digital users who can be researched on any subject and on any digital communication medium. Segmented by geography or demographic profile they provide an ideal base of opinion for any PR research or product related issues. This technology is also being utilised with the Sky News ePanel.

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